Nick Lachey has high standards

*nick_lachey_thumb3.jpgNick Lachey is narrowing down his search for a new woman after his split from Jessica Simpson. Speaking to Elle magazine, Lachey says, “Jessica Alba’s beautiful. So is Eva Mendes.” But he also wants his new woman to be chaste. Sorta. “I’m all for 10 (sexual partners) and under, but, of course, as you get older, that number becomes less realistic.” Even more unrealistic is his expectation that she’ll like his music: “I hope that she’ll at least respect my music. If she didn’t like it, I could live with that.” The interview apparently broke down at this point as the reporter was seized with a fit of giggles.

But let’s summarize here: a girl who looks like Jessica Alba, has a limited sexual history, and likes his music. The only girl I can come up with is some sort of beautifully retarded nun. Or Jessica Simpson. Hmmm, maybe that whole ‘divorce’ thing wasn’t such a great idea.