Nick Lachey has a pathetic house

In Touch magazine reports that Nick Lachey bought a $300,000 house in Cincinnati with his father just before Christmas, and the two of them plan to spend time renovating it together.

Considering the California home he’s been living in was just sold to Justin Berfield, it’s nice to know that Nick won’t be completely homeless. Although compared to Jessica Simpson’s new $3 million home, he might as well be. I don’t know what kind of house you can buy for $300,000 in today’s market, but I doubt it consists of much more than four planks of wood and maybe a plastic tarp. Even the used refrigerator box I bought from the hobo down the street cost me $250,000, and that bad boy has a hole for me to pee out of. I don’t even have to leave the comfort of the box. It’s amazing!