Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo sex pictures

July 5th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Famous magazine has the first pictures (pretty SFW) from Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s sex romp in Mexico and they’re extremely disappointing. Last week pictures came out of Nick and Vanessa running around naked in Mexico, and then word leaked that there were also hardcore sex pictures. Nick confirmed the existence of the sex pictures to OK! magazine, saying:

“Where’s the scandal? I was in Mexico with my girlfriend of a year, celebrating our anniversary on a private vacation. It’s not like I was caught with a Mexican hooker. We’ve all gone out and had a few too many and done something stupid. We’ve all made mistakes.”

The pictures are pretty tame as these things go, since all the action is hidden behind a giant wall. For all we know they could be playing a rowdy game of Monopoly back there. And I don’t understand what all the controversy is about. Having sex with your girlfriend in your hotel room isn’t exactly scandalous. The only shocking thing here is that anybody is willing to have sex with Nick Lachey. I took a survey of 100 women and 99 of them said they’d rather do it with a running lawn mower.

Thanks to Ryan for the scan, who I hear is so manly he sweats beer.

UPDATE: Aww, Nick and Vanessa’s lawyer made me take it down.


  1. There’s nothing wrong with having sex on a porch or balcony. Me and Jimbo and George Clooney had a wonderful time doing it outside. Those guys are so much fun. They are nothing like those stupid girlfriends of their’s they always talk about.

  2. Yes, George, you remember those footlongs we did at our other job we had? Stop acting like you hate American’s. You know you love to suck that American dick. Stop playin with me. I have pictures to prove it. Silly boy.

  3. These two look like two mexican apes.

  4. MeatSack

    Check Pic #3. “uhhhhhhh” …gonna give it to her betta than Jessica!

  5. George


    I too did not know they were not married, so you mean that they are shacking up!

    That’s even more disturbing.

    They will both burn in Hell for this.

  6. my comment

    get a life.

  7. sassy

    I want answers about that foot- someone do some fucking research!

  8. dana

    Gee what a shock! Nick and VAnessa doing something in public to get attention and then whining that their privacy is violated. When two people have no real talent to speak of – Like Nick and Jessica and now Nick and Vanessa, they need any attention they can get!

    How can they sue when they are outside???

    He is such a no talent scuzzball so is his ex wife.

    They only now how to get attention for their personal lives and then whine when they are given the attention they need.

  9. J. Ryan

    Nick Lachey has a super tiny wiener.

  10. Rick McComb

    Yeah, its an invasion, but I am looking for the photos I admit. Now I gotta say, both are good looking people, Obviously. Now we get all the Nick bashing, but no logical reasons or credible statements are given by anyone who criticizes him. Yeah, he not the BESt in the world, but why deny talent when that just lacks and merit. 98Degrees was always noted as the boy band with talent. Nick, the man, has manages to achieve solo success, more than any othe former member. People see a handsome talented man, with a solid frame, bash him, when in truth work is required for both the body and the career. I gotta stick up for this man, out of admiration. I will be the first to admit, that I am =also first looking for the real photos online and they are hot.

  11. Mandy

    #64 It appears to me that she has her leg on his shoulder. It’s a very VERY satisfying position. Try it. You’ll like it.

  12. Bobby Ewing

    Well, there are a few pics at the link in this post that will tide you over – heh heh heh

  13. mark

    Nick is aging. That is why his ass is sooo flat! have you seen his double chins! lol

  14. LL

    1) Nick Lachey always seemed kinda douchey to me. He’s not attractive in the least.
    2) Public sex; as someone above pointed out, very classy. I guess if you can’t get people to pay attention to you for a real reason, you hump in public like a couple of stray dogs. Dignified.
    3) I have never been in a hot tub and I never will. Just the thought skeevs me out. Christ, I think I’d rather reuse a hypodermic needle I found on the bathroom floor of a gay bar.

    And I’m out…

  15. both of theze freakz
    R fatt hogz and I’ll
    bet hiz dick iz zuper
    zmall..probably Y Jezz
    left him…
    In high zchool, the big
    football playerz all had
    zmall dickz and no, I didn’t
    zee them, nor did I want to..
    but I know alot of cheerleaderz
    who did..and thoze bitchez had
    a fuckin field day about it??????

  16. LTD

    Oh please, they’re hot and you can tell that this isn’t a set up..they are into it. The expressions on their faces are priceless.

  17. encycD

    They did it for the lulz!

  18. kitty_kat

    Wow! I didn’t know Vanessa Milano was THIS desperate to be famous.

  19. hobieluv83

    In the third photo on the bottom left where they’re doing it upright dog style, vanessa looks really bored.

  20. amelia

    Nick is hot…i would do him in a hot minute! But seriously this is so not news….a couple having sex – yet we cannot see anything. Oh and to all you haters Vanessa is gorgeous!

  21. DanaScully

    Nothin’ like fucking your own shadow!


  22. iren33

    Damn!I thought their relationships is platonic!

  23. These two have a relationship with Satan. He told me that because they have no talent and that they are ugly and fat that they both made deals with him, he told them to start having sex in public and that it would give them the bad reputation they needed to make money. There is no other way for them to make any money.

  24. BEA


  25. CountDrunkulaXxX

    Shut up Bea. People bang in public. Its fun.

    Although, I must say, I wouldnt soo readily fornicate in public knowing that my ever move (For some reason) is being captured on film.

  26. john

    Well, this “scandal” is going to be big.

    A video slideshow of these Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo pictures and more has already been posted on (NSFW).

    Supposedly the hardcore version will be up in a day or two.

    How could these two be so dumb?

  27. john

    I just noticed that this site (thesuperficial) was forced to take down the photos.

    I just checked again, and (NSFW) does still have the video. Although it appears someone (lawyer) is trying to get them off all the sites.

    Good luck.

  28. Elliot

    Who cares if they took it down? All you could see anyways was his dopey face and like, a foot in the air.

  29. Strizz

    All I wanna know is blade up or blade down

  30. I don’t know if it is really a big deal. But they know they are famous and that someone is going to leak a pic and snap a few and so they should think about that, so in a way they wanted it to be seen. Then again, just b/c you’re famous should you lock yourself in a closet…a lot to think about.

  31. blakezey

    NICK LACHEY!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm tasty, would fuck the shiiiiat outta him

  32. Jen


  33. they R both
    ugly fattazz=z
    thatz Y they R
    with each other
    no one elze wantz
    thoze lozerz?

  34. scarlett

    The old leg up on the guy’s shoulder position…I know that one well.

  35. Lisa

    If anyone saved the pics can u please PLEASE send them to me? I want to see them!! My email is I would be VERY grateful!

  36. Lisa

    Was the one of Nick’s ass ever “uncensored” ? If anyone has the uncensored pics please send them to my email. thanks

  37. Paris

    They deserve it and are total morons if they think noone would notice two has-beens bumpin uglies outside in a bacteria infested hole.Sorry but Ive never seen anything above average in Minillo and as for Nick lackee(as hes referred to on Vegas radio)hes over and done with.He needs to go open up a filipino restaurant in lame ass Ohio where he’s from.

  38. Nikki


  39. krissy snow

    Imagine a tag team session with Nick,Vanessa,Jessica and John Mayer-now thats what you call SICK!Jessica and Nick both seem to have bad taste in picking new F*ck buddies.Vanessa is nothing but a tv host and always will be,maybe now a,literally.Jessica and her bad ass breath and now bugged out eyeballs.She’s looking a little cock-eyed these days and last but not least,super midget-Nick and his efforts to be the Ohio tourism poster boy.I got really sick of hearing about him ranting and raving over Ohio.Ive been there and it is lame.I almost forgot,John Mayer,with his lame ass songs and by the way,where is he now anyway?I think he’s filling in for Igor in the Young Frankenstein Play.

  40. Jason

    If anyone has the pics please send them becoz they are removed plz send them to me at or

  41. Jason

    Please! Anyone who has saved the pics please send them to me at or because i really want to seee them! Much Appreciated!

  42. Me too. If anyone has the uncensored pics, please send them to me. I want to see them too. It would be so wonderful. My e-mail is Yep, I play guitar.

  43. chopper

    hi if anyone has some uncensored pics of them can you please send then to me at i really want to see her naked

  44. pasi toppari

    I’ll like fuck my empoyees

  45. pasi toppari

    I’ll like fuck my employees

  46. Ganesh

    I am Ganesh !

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