Brooke Hogan: Nick’s ‘spirit is broken’ from being in prison

July 30th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Brooke Hogan, like any big brother, is concerned about the well-being of her little brother Nick. She spoke to People about Nick’s poor fragile spirit that has me convinced he pees sitting down:

“They had broken his spirit,” Brooke Hogan, 20, tells PEOPLE. “When they put him in solitary, he was on the outs. I was worried about him, and his safety, and his well-being.”
“We get to visit him three times a week like everybody else, but it sucks,” she says. “I can’t just walk over to his room and give him a hug, or talk to him, or confide in him. … At least he’s not locked in hell, basically. And his personality is slowly coming back. I bring that out of him.”

“His personality is coming back. I bring that out of him.” Christ, this family is jam-packed with ego. Seriously, there’s a simple explanation to all this: Nick is surrounded by dudes 24/7 and has long given up any inhibitions about staring at his sister’s rack. I mean, it’s technically not incest if they were put there by science. That’s in The Bible.

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  1. Pecolin


  2. Mark

    wow he doesn’t like prison. who would of thought

  3. sixpack

    Spirit as in “rectum”.

  4. dan

    Where’s Hulk!?

  5. it's me Fuckers!

    ‘his spirit is broken’ from being in prison. His victim’s fucking HEAD is broken from being in a car with this self-centered asshole! Boo-fucking-hoo for the Hogans. Stupid cunts need to hide from the media for a few decades.

  6. bebop

    holy crap! i’m 3rd! wow, highest i’ve ever been!!
    nicky boy can’t hang with the men.. obvious.
    brooke is starting to look too much like her mother… all manly like..

  7. niccii

    type-o Brooke Hogan like any big brother. Need to reread.

  8. caljenna66

    @7 – it’s called sarcasm, look it up…

  9. Rinioa

    I think “big brother” was intended – not a mistake.

  10. Ferdinand Narcos

    What you gonna do when the penis is in you,BROTHER!?!

  11. POP

    His spirit’s not all that’s been broken from his time in the pokey.

    (hint: it’s his anal hymen, his butt cherry, his ass flower)

  12. Lindsays

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  13. Sport

    It’s fucking PRISON. That’s the idea – to be punished for your crime and lose the freedoms you enjoy.

    Breaking his spirit?
    Sounds like they are doing their job.

    He is probably down because he only is visited by men that look like him.

  14. Deechronic

    his spirit supose to be broken in jail… its no a fucking vacation

  15. Does she get conjugal visits with him?

  16. BigJim

    That boy is gonna come out of there with a bad case of TMJ to boot.

  17. Deacon Jones

    I’d hit it

  18. dude_on

    He may be depressed because he is only going for a pack of smokes. If you were once a superstar on the rise and now reduced to acts of desperation, while your reality tv show was put on hold, you too might feel a little down yourself.

  19. Is this all there is?

  20. Cattyluo

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  21. people: THIS IS A TRICK FROM brooke AND hulk FOR GETTING SYMPATHY for this ASSHOLE’S action!!
    nick MUST HANG!!!

  22. asshat

    comment #3 by “sixpack” FTW!

  23. Satchmo

    Poor Nick, solitary confinement!!! They should all shut the hell up and think of the type of Solitary Confinement his victam is in, atleast Nick will eventally get out of his prison.

  24. noneyobeezwax

    # 5 – exactly. this assholes asshole may be ripped to shreds, but at least the fucker has the front 1/3 of his fucking brain still intact. even though i doubt he would miss it if it were gone.

  25. Katt

    She is worried about his safety? Um…doesn’t solitary mean alone? Or is that just prison jargon for ‘a room with a dozen ass-raping monkeys’? Now that shit I would pay to see!!! He’s a dick and should have had a harsher sentences…

  26. Jake

    “Like any big brother.” LMFAO!!!!

  27. Giomon_Rocks

    I hope all the Hogans suffer a horrific and brutal death.

  28. BeanBag

    I want to see Brook’s ball sack. I bet she has big ones that hang low.

  29. Mid America

    Okay – first of all fish – The name “Hogan” is ficticious. It’s the “Bollea” family,.!and it’s sites like this that keeps them thinking their name really IS Hogan.
    Secondly, who gives a freaking shit if Nick Bollea don’t like jail.
    He’s not supposed to.
    Last but certainly not the least -
    How much responsibility has the Bollea family held “little Nicky” accountable for his destroying another human beings life ? They don’t even care. That’s how much

    Back to “Titties-N-Beer” fish !!!
    This family blows a fat goats ass

  30. aero

    …Nick’s pooter is broken from being in prison.

  31. question

    where did she get that dress? i really like it!

  32. question

    where did she get that dress? i really like it!

  33. Harry Ballzack

    #12 – #20 – She’s actually a morphadite and she goes to the same web site as you because she thinks lesbians are cool and rich-n-famous

    If only the supposed justice handed down to this prick were actually in the form of “justice” and not the apeasment of the public. 8 mos. for destroying another humans life is FAR from justice served. He may as well have gone ahead and killed someone. A veg. isn’t that much further from it

  34. Ted from LA

    I wouldn’t. I’d be afraid she’d hit me back….. Down goes Frasier, Down goes Frasier.

  35. Tavern Guy

    Look at those mitts. Check out those hooves. I’m telling you, Brooke Hogan is a man.

  36. redsonja1313


  37. Clem

    Finally, after having been inside for over 15 years they finally broke his spirit…what’s that? Oh – he’s only been in for two weeks.


  38. sharpeidude


    Your brother’s spirit isn’t the only that’s broken. I’m sure the tendons around his “little brown zero” have taken a WWE-sized pounding and are on the verge of collapse too!

    By him some comic books that he can read while Boogaloo Jones and Tyrone the Bone inspect his colon. That should brighten up his day!

  39. lou

    I can’t believe some bubba has not taken him in as his new girl friend yet, Think about it! Tell you what Nikki, I’ll watch out for yah and keep your little ass a virgin for a grand a week,
    Through a wig on him and pretend it’s his sister
    These people need a serious bitch slap

  40. bootlips

    Awwwwww, his spirit is broken. His friend’s head is broken.

  41. I’d hit it … with a shovel.

  42. She confuses my penis, too.

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  44. washington

    #30, obvious but true.

  45. Snap into a Slim-Jim

    Hey little Nicky it’s Macho-Man and Booker-T from cell block F. Bringing it to you tag-team style you little Hulkster. We gonna run you right up the cock-pole and tear you a brand new tar-hole, Oooh-Yeeaah…

  46. ~~~

    here’s a funny tid bit. i work over at the Apple Store in Orlando, and Nick Hogan came in with Aaron Carter to buy iphones. no prison guards nothing. bitch isn’t even IN JAIL! we have is receitps on file. also….aaron couldn’t pay the subsidized price and couldn’t afford the actual $500 price of the phone….wow…gotta love the media.

  47. PeachPie

    Awww,,,, isn’t that wonderful! His personality is coming back.
    His “I killed a vet pal and blamed him for it, rich spoiled piece of shit, don’t give a damn about laws cause they don’t apply to me…don’t you know who I AM” personality?

    Wow, that’s great, Brooke. I’m loosing faith in God. If here’s a God, her comments would be more like “OMG, he got fucked by Billy Ray!:”

  48. Nick is REAPING

    That’s laughable..

    Anytime Nick doesn’t like/can’t handle.. the way things ARE..

    Brooke should have him trade places with John Graziano.

    Keep REAPING what you have SOWN..Brother!

  49. sharpeidude

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    This big fucking dumbass Herman Munster-type bitch is all sad because her fucking piece of shit sibling is getting his shit pushed in before breakfast every day! BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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