Nick Hogan transferred out of solitary, now has roomies! (WHEE!)

June 6th, 2008 // 41 Comments

Nick Hogan was transferred out of solitary yesterday and moved into a cell with three other juvenile roommates. For the record, the decision was not made because of Nick’s lawyers bitching to get him out on Tuesday, but because of routine assessment of inmates’ living situations, according to the AP:

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Cecilia Barreda says housing assignments are routinely reviewed because the jail’s population constantly changes. That created an opportunity to house juveniles together.

I guess someone’s missing his fortress of masturbation-tude now. Oh, you don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone. But, in all seriousness, Nick’s very happy now. I hear there’s nothing quite like spooning at shiv point. It’s breathtaking almost.


  1. Babaloo


  2. Kingsley Amis

    He’ll be shaved hairless from the eyebrows down and married by sundown.

  3. Prison love is the purest kind of love

  4. havoc

    Its not so bad. Lots of guys have tits tattooed on their backs.



  5. sissy

    hohoo, I am not that surprised at all. I saw his profile on the celebrities/rich men seeking affairs site ^^^Sugar daddy connect. c o m last week. It said he is interested in seeking a beautiful man for sugar baby on that site!

  6. Barack Obama

    Cabinet Posting #1

    Seckiturrry a State – Louis Furrrrakon

    Depputty: Jurrramyah Right

  7. Babaloo

    Let’s see…

    Douchebag for a father running around with a questionable South Florida bleached blonde half his age…
    Tranny for a mother with fake boobs, nails, hair and running around with a boy half her age…
    Reckless, talentless, non-celebrity, crybaby, little bitch in jail…

    Looks like Brooke was the winner of the gene pool sweepstakes!

  8. Just Sayin

    The whole Bolea family (Hulkster included) are so focused on themselves they fail to see they have become Hollywoods new laughing stock.
    They’re being rated right up there with the Lohans – Spears – Cyrus and the rest of Hollywoods celebretards. The little pig wants to make his jail experience a reality TV show – Daddy said he would produce it for him ….
    (for a price of course – musn’t forget about “ME” )

  9. Jackson'shole

    Why does he look 29 when he’s 17? Brooke looks 37 and she’s like 19 or 20. WTF is wrong with these kids?

  10. Denny

    The Hogans can rott in H-E double hockey sticks!!!!!

  11. mike

    There is nothing better than man love. I would love to be locked up in a cell with Nick. I could teach him how to make love to a man. I have had a lot of practice with young boys. Maybe I should become a catholic priest.

  12. devilsrain

    Toilet wine

  13. havoc

    Toilet wine and Ramen Noodle Soup.

    These guys have it made……


  14. coffeebean

    Where is the justice? This is Nick’s first offense and he gets prison time? How about letting him get house arrest and use his space to put some black drug dealers behind bars instead of turning them loose on the streets time after time?

  15. Hilary Clitoris

    So Barack,

    Can I suck your dizzzick like a good little White broad??

  16. I would love to taste his manhood

  17. I would love to taste his manhood

  18. Barack Obama


    Weeze gettin’ reddy to make dat law, know I’m sayin’. An’ you may uh dun dat las’ night in dat meetin’. But let us not be crass or vulgar.

    It also be legal to STILL from Whitey (emphusis mine).

    I woot like to announcerate my token Whitey fo’ my administration:

    Col. Sanders as head uh duh FDA.

  19. Barak Obama

    Funny Barack, but you need a more original name.

    I hope lil ol Nick likes getting his shit pushed in.

  20. @ #15: Only after you’ve watched my latest campaign video! I give John McCain a real smackdown, fo’ shizzle!

  21. gotmilk?

    what, no one picked up on the Cinderella lyrics Fish?

  22. Hucky Ducky

    I am making the funny Barak Obama comments.

  23. KD

    I hear Shilinger is looking after lil Nick.

  24. jMo

    Where’s the link to the cell webcam? Prison sex is hawt!

  25. HuckyDucky

    F— you troll.

  26. Yesterday I exposed me for the pussy I am. I responded to someone making fun of my Barak comments. I forgot to change my nickname from Hucky Ducky back to Barak. I immediately made another comment claiming it was a troll to cover my tracks.

  27. venkatesh of new dehli

    he big crybaby!

  28. NY Ted

    Nick went in with an A-Hole…and he’ll come out with a MAN-Hole!

    Bend over in the shower Nick you sick loser…It is time to play hide the big black salami…!

  29. Stuey

    he is a minor and I am 32 and he looks 5 years older than I do. can I get a WOAHHH TANNING?

  30. Kevin


    Nick received jail time due to the fact (I live in the same area that he does/did) he was stopped for speeding countless times but let off the hook because of who he is. There is pliant of fault to go around in this situation, lack of parenting, the police should have given him tickets instead of letting him off but Nick knows that he should not have been racing on a wet city street which is against the law. If Nick wanted to race he should have saved it for the racetrack, he and John were on the same race team.

    What does Nick going to jail for a short period of time considering the condition it left his friend in (for the rest of his life) have to do with black drug dealers going to jail? Do you truly believe that only black people sell drugs? You need to grow up and stop hating, there is enough hate already, we as a human race really need to come together and treat each other with a lot more respect.

  31. bootlips

    Nick is a loser wigga who deserves to have his skull bashed in.

  32. 1 MILF Hunter

    Slick Nick is getting boned in the ass even as we speak.

  33. You know an ASS-LOCKER?
    be sure: BUY THE SUCKER!!

  34. …………………………..NAIL THE FAGGOT!!!


    Put the little shit and all of his family in prison for the remainder of their lives, I mean really, who is gonna miss them??

  36. They seems to want to kiss each other!

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