Nick Hogan to remain in solitary confinement

June 3rd, 2008 // 48 Comments

A Florida judge has ruled that Nick Hogan will remain segregated from other inmates while serving his 8-month sentence after he pleaded no contest to a crash that left his friend John Graziano in a coma. The AP reports:

A judge on Tuesday denied Nick Bollea’s request to change the conditions of his jail sentence because solitary confinement is causing him “unbearable anxiety.”
Officials say he is segregated from other inmates in the county jail in Clearwater because he is a minor, even though he was convicted in adult court.

So, in legal terms, Nick’s lawyers claimed he’s suffering from “unbearable anxiety” to which the judge responded, “How bout he grow a pair?” God willing, this ruling has set a legal precedent for all future cases of bitch-assing.


  1. Jackson

    You deserve it you bastard!

  2. Juan


  3. not frist!


  4. snarky

    aaahh-haaa, serves you right you big ninny

  5. Igottabemeeee

    Nick, you sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

    No! I don’t wanna!

    You’ll do what you’re told young man! Any more lip out of you and I’m going to take away your Game Boy Too!

  6. Aw, poor Nick has to stay in a 12×8 room all by himself in air conditioning. Poor thing. He should be thankful they haven’t put him in general population. He’d have a prolapsed anus by now.

  7. More time in solitary=
    More time to masturbate.

  8. Randal

    Good, let him rot.

    Anyone who gets behind the wheel after drinking as much as he did shouldn’t even be let out. The damage that drinking and driving not only does to ones self but to other families of those who happen to get killed, or in John’s case, a coma, should be more than enough to make them stay behind bars forever.

    One Hogan down, two more to go.


  9. Too bad brother

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Since Nick isn’t going to be released into the general prison population the Aryan Brotherhood’s welcome to the club party is scrapped..

  11. aerophyte


    GO POWER BOTTOM! You’re almost 18!


    In a perfect world, he will just practice stretching his man chooch out, get rent by several black and mexican men in prision, then he will be able to get out of this with a decent gay porn career.

  12. havoc

    Aww….poor little rich boy.


  13. MassGrrl

    I know he’s a little prick and all, but it seems odd to keep someone in solitary for 8 months.

  14. L dubba

    #2. First, huh? Guess not, dumbass. Anyway,

    They should have thrown Papa Hogan in the slammer for wearing a doo-rag in court.

  15. It's me Fuckers

    Little prick deserves to be let into general population. Turn his asshole into a manhole. Fuck I wish someone would get near him and put a shank in him. Not kill him but leave him in the same condition as his friend. Everyone should bombard VH1 with emails to get them to yank the fucking Hogans from the air.

  16. Igottabemeeee

    I heard his taped conversation with Hulk about lining up his reality show the second he gets out, because he needs money. Let’s hope no one will buy their stupid reality bullshit show. It is incredibly unfair that these people should continue to profit from their greed and stupidity, while they work to keep every penny they can away from his “friend” in a coma and his family. Poop on them, I say. Poopfffththpphh.

  17. nipolian

    The funny thing is that he will be 18 this July……..He gets the best of both prison experiences……first they fuck with his mind by putting him in solitary confinement for a couple of months…..then they let him have his 18th B-Day party with the Brothas…..have fun “Squeaky”. Hollywood justice might finally get served.

  18. butterfly

    Sorry Nicky boy…you play, you pay. You still have it better off than your friend. 8 months? Try the rest of your life.

  19. Anonymous

    Whiny ass little pussy is all he is.

    I sincerely hope his family members (especially his sister) read these comments and realize what people truly think of them. Ol’ Brooke will probably rant on her website again about how unfair this all is.

    Fucking SKANK, you and your entire family should burn for all your greed and self-absorbed antics.

  20. ???

    What a pole smoker. Serves him right. What a disgrace to Hulkamania. Fuckin fag.

  21. Alex

    Much as I like to mock quasi-celebrities, I would point out that solitary-confinement is a particularly nasty treatment – one that I wouldn’t even wish on Tori Spelling.

  22. veggi

    I’m just glad he managed to bring a little justice to a killer of innocent Iraqi women and children.

  23. Julie

    I think the judge should have said since he didnt want to be in solitary they would let him mingle with the other prisoners. Im sure he could have made all kinds of new friends and maybe he could get it through his spoiled retarded head that he is in there for PUNISHMENT! If the other prisoners can keep his mouth full, then we wont have to listen to his whining!

  24. weirdo

    I think we should throw Nick and #22 veggi in with the general population and let them both get their ignorant asses fucked off!

  25. joho777

    If Nick doesn’t like being in solitary, then they ought to let him out into the general pop right now..

    A couple of brothers from Liberty City will turn his teenage ass out. He can get his own 55-gal drum to bend over, and he’ll see what being a princess in prison is really like.

    Hey, he’ll be 18 in a month or two, and he’ll be transferred to the gen pop then, anyway. I think that he’ll find he’ll make many new friends.

    His father should get him a giant-size jar of KY jelly, because he’ll need it.

    And he’ll have learned a new career when he finally gets out. And he’ll be able to make all the money he wants.

  26. ???

    Hey #22 (I am thinking you are veggi’s troll),

    What you just said is just about as bad as if the guy really was a killer of innocent Iraqi women and childerd. You are an idiot. Pull your head out of your ass.

  27. Frisbee

    Why don’t you grow a pair!

    Looks like the little Hulkamaniac needs to eat his vitamins.

    General population would chew up this douchebag.

  28. ???

    children. Anyways, you know what I meant.

  29. TJ

    General population would take turns barebacking his asshole into oblivion…all the while making him eat their tossed salad.

    Get that visual?

  30. Prof

    Jail is suppose to cause you anxiety, especially solitary confinement. Now unbearable anxiety would be him wondering when the large cons running a train on him will knock out his teeth for the bj portion of their midnight wrestlemania. I don’t hate the guy but he needs to man it the hell up!

  31. big jimmy

    Nic: Dad there are real black people in here,and there not like the rap people at the award shows.
    Hulk:That’s the real world bubba.
    Nic:But dad they know the names of the streets in compton.
    Hulk:That’s cause they lived there bubba.
    Nic:Dad it stinks in here.
    Hulk: Get use to it bubba.

  32. MonkeyHelper

    Hmm… Clearly I’m in the minority here but I just can’t get that worked up about a kid being upset about being in jail and wanting out. Who can blame him? I also just can’t get upset about “the innocent victim,” who couldn’t be bothered to fasten his seat-belt when he got into a car. Moral of the story: Jail sucks a lot so don’t drink and drive and comas suck a whole bunch too so don’t forget to buckle up. Next.

  33. Nudgie

    He is only in solitary until her turns 18 in July – then he goes into minimum security general population.

    I only pray someone doesn’t offer to pay someone to get pics of him losing his cherry — that would be WRONG ;)

  34. Susanna

    What a ^%$&$%$ man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The magazine SEEKING GOSSIP reported him joined the rich man seeking sugar babies site”S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” and he is mentioned to find his sugar girl
    there! the magazine foolx he????????????or fools us????

  35. Bruce

    # 22 you douche bag…..Go fuck a tree, eat your soy, kiss your same sex wife and fuck off. I never killed women and children. I think I am going to knock someone up and have them get an abortion in your honor. How many stickers do you ave on your gaymobile…I mean your Subaru you rainbow sticker homo.

  36. What's his problem?

    What’s his problem? Solitary is better than general anyday. If I had to be imprisoned and I had a choice, I’d pick solitary. What is solitary supposed to do that’s so bad? I’d just sleep and dream, meditate, think deep thoughts about math and physics problems, and come out refreshed and happy. What the heck, that’s what I like to do anyway!

    I kid you not; it’s the honest truth!

    He must have rocks in his noggin’ to want to be in with the general population.

  37. Spanky McFish

    He sure is tan for being confined to solitary. Must be those permatan Hogan genes.

  38. HuckyDucky

    I hope you’re joking veggi.

  39. He looks pretty 34 for 17.

  40. sophia

    yeah seriously, veggi that better be a joke and if it is, to shame

    it’s funny how this is all happening to Nick and his parents are out partying and finding young new lovers. maybe the parents should be thrown in there too for being part of the problem

  41. lalala

    8 MONTHS!?!?!?!

    You’ve got to be kidding, any normal person would get 15 years for this..

  42. kim sorry your in this situatian.i hope your friend makes it prayers goes out to both families.god bless

  43. kim sorry your in this situatian.i hope your friend makes it prayers goes out to both families.god bless

  44. kim sorry your in this situatian.i hope your friend makes it prayers goes out to both families.god bless

  45. godsmack

    people who say some mean shit are real pussy and and fuck them self in the ass with a dildo….just have no class you redneck fuck

  46. It is good!
    I think he’s just dumb or high enough to have let the truth slip to impress his crush Jimmy Kimmel.

  47. I have started reading this book and love it so far! I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back.

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