Nick Hogan released after 166 days in jail

October 21st, 2008 // 68 Comments

Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County jail early this morning after serving only 166 days in jail. He was sentenced to eight months for a felony charge of reckless driving that left his friend John Graziano in a permanent vegetative state. In the meantime, Nick’s big sister Brooke couldn’t wait for him to get out and blogged about it on her MySpace page yesterday. I’m going to assume she typed this with her chin because I’m awesome:

Hey you guys…as you all know, my brothers gettin out tomorrow…I cant even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me! Nick and I are like best friends…and i cant believe how long Ive gone without him…. Not seeing him for 6 months has been really really hard. He always knows how to make me feel better or make me smile when I need it, and its been tough without having him there to hug me just at the right time, or crack a joke when im havin a bad day.
There have been a lot of supporters and a lot of haters that have come up to me and said things that have helped and things that made me feel like I couldn’t make it through another day… Some people wish terrible terrible things on us and say the the most nasty comments that I can’t even repeat on here… It really hurts. I understand people have their own opinion, but most of the people that come up to us don’t know the whole story, or how much we really really love John. Its really sad, because were not bad people….were just going through a really hard time, and so is John’s family. I feel sorry for the people who are misinformed because all they have to go off of is the media, which lets just face it, is NEVER a reliable source. Even the news, when that should be the most accurate…its probably the most far off. I didn’t come on here to vent, and I know this still wont change peoples opinion or what they think about my family. But I know that you never really know, until you actually walk in someones shoes. And that goes in all directions. All I ask, is instead of making this harder, and putting evil things out there, you pray for John and for us, and leave words of inspiration. I know- like I know -like I know- John is gonna walk out of that hospital and things will be ok again. I know his strength and I know he can do it with our prayers…… To all the people who have been supportive- It has helped MORE than you will ever know. I can not thank you enough…..Please pray for my brothers safety too… this is a really tough time he has gone through and I know all he wants to do is show you, John and his family how much he cares and understands.
ok. Back to the happy stuff! …….I just can’t wait to see my Nicky! Im gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! Hes been living on bread an potatoes so far and I know some mac’n'cheese is gonna hit the spot! LOL Thanks so much for listening and keep praying! Every day will be better and better and better. God bless you! Have a safe day!
Love you guys!

Aww. That’s adorable. You know what would make this a really happy ending? If John Graziano woke up from his coma and shoved Nick into a moving bus. Hurray! XOXOXO <3 <3

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  1. BM

    I agree with #23…

    Stop hating on Nick..when it was BOTH their fault! What they both did was very very foolish and now they have to pay for the consequences.. Nick did his time and yeah it may have been a bit short but was it his fault that John got into the car and that he did not wear a seatbelt? Was it his fault John was most likely egging him on on race even though he was older? I don’t think so. I’d say it was about equal.

  2. Insert name here

    Was the first place they hit up after his release Best Buy? Publicity shots in front of the LCD wall. What a bunch of douches. He’s such a smug little prick. I doubt he feels an ounce of remorse. Yeah, they were both making bad choices that night, but come on, to talk shit about the guy and blame everything on him while he’s sitting in a hospital with half a head. Have some class you fucker.

  3. Screaming Lord Such...

    I still do not know about this…is this bloke a twat and he wrecked a friends head or the bloke with the caved in bonce should have had a restraining device on in the car, then I think…I would never get in a car with this twat Hogan anyway…confusion abounds it seems.

  4. Vince Lombardi

    Hello??? Is this thing on???

    Folks, look at picture number 4. There’s Nick, Brooke, Linda, and Hulk. What two things are missing? Riiiight…. the knife in Linda’s hand to stick into the eyes of the Hulkster… AND the chains and ropes around Hulk’s waist so he doesn’t strangle her in public!

    That’s because they are GETTING A DIVORCE and she’s trying to take all his money. So THAT means, these are what we call “file photos.” They could be from any time in any place and are not relevant to the story underneath.

    All your outrage over the smiling relaxed look on Nick’s face is misplaced because these photos are not contemporaneous with the story!

  5. HELLO

    WHERE ARE BROOKE’S BOOBS??????????????

  6. Just Saying

    Andrio…I bet you smell like old vegetables and feet.

  7. And the winner is...

    Just Saying!

  8. Tony Stark

    How sentimental. Nick and Brooke share a “special” love that gives the creeps to most brother- sister siblings.

    Of course you have to consider that Brooke received her first blow job from Nick and Brooke obtained pussy eating experience by going down on Nick.

    Something very weird and creepy about the “Hogan” family. As in incest.

  9. Ron Jeremy

    That entire family is disgusting!

    It’s about time for the doofus hulk hogan to explain to the paparazzi how Grazianos misfortune was gods plan. Again. And his own fault because he is a year or so older than Nick and should have bailed out of the car when Nick started to race hulk, er, I mean race some random stranger. Not hulk. He would never do anything like that. He’s more interested in intercourse with his daughter after rubbing her ass cheek in public.

    and did I already say they are all creepy and disgusting? That’s being polite.

  10. Jamie's Uterus

    I wonder how many times he got fucked by an inmate? 166 days, maybe once a day?

  11. sameshitdifferentyear

    How can Terry tell which of his kids is which?

    Oh yes, one has thick, bulging biceps, broad shoulders and a square masculine ass.

    And the other one is Nick.

  12. javajunkie

    the fact that really has everyone so pissed off is that this guy after being at least 50% responsible for what has happened to John and his family, is going to return to his d list celebritism, continue being the stupid idiot that he is receiving income from a reality show that credits him for being the average ,dumb teenager that he is. And who do we have to blame? ourselves.

  13. grim reaper

    Brooke jacks off onto Genesis and Nick wipes it up with Revelation. Hulk Hogan says it was g0ds will that the victim is now in a vegetative state.

    Fuck the fuck out of this douchebag shitstain spermguzzling so-called family.

    They should just fade away into obscurity, where they belong. They suck outloud and probably really do have those family orgies that have been rumored.

  14. be sure: HIS ANUS IS TWICE AS BIG, folks!! (at least)

  15. ben

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  16. cd

    Nick Hogan is a piece of shit along with the rest of his family. He is a spoiled cock sucker who should never have had car like the one he crashed and pretty much has killed his friend. The idiot Hulk Hogan should feel a since of regret but only cares about making his idiot son money. If I was in the same room with both Hulk and Nick I would kick Hulk in the balls and nick in the face.

  17. LiLo For V-Prez 2008

    Wow! What a happy ending! I’m at peace knowing that things are FINALLY getting better for Nick in these difficult times.
    Wouldn’t it be so cool now if that cavern Nick put in John Grazianos brain healed up?

  18. shat ap!

    My sister is a victim of a vehicular accident that has caused her to be in a permanent vegetative state for slightly more than 6 years to the month. Personally, as someone who is NOT objective to the situation, 166 days in jail does not assuage the pain that his family must be suffering every single day. NOTHING WILL, of course, but some justice could suffice. Not to mention John being incapable of living his every day life; imagine that. I agree with the fact that John willingly put himself in the situation, without considering consequences, but Nick reckless driving was his decision as well. Unfortunately, he shall live unharmed and guilt free.

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