Hulk Hogan really, REALLY shouldn’t have made the whole ‘God’s will’ comment about John Graziano

June 20th, 2008 // 322 Comments

The Graziano family has released video footage of John Graziano’s daily rehabilitation in the hospital. We’ve all known he’s been in a coma and has a hole in a head, but no one mentioned how freaking huge the hole is. The footage appeared on Nancy Grace midweek with the hole pixelated and, well, uh, I just saw the unpixelated version. It’s goddamn insane and really puts Hulk Hogan’s “God wants John in a coma to make him a better person” comment in a whole other light. A bright, bleached, asinine “Wow, what a dick” light. No wonder the Hulk got death threats from John’s brother. In fact, I’m about to give him a death threat:

Terry… you cocksucka… I will pee in your moustache… all your money won’t help you now… unless you buy a moustache shield… um… sucker of cocks, Luke, I’m your father.

Go easy on me. It’s my first time.

WARNING: Uncensored video after the jump contains disturbing images unless you’re the sort of person who finds gaping head wounds divine.

Thanks to The Builder for the tip. I hope those permits come through.


  1. Kumquat

    Someone should pirate a messege over Hulks show on tv. I saw it was on the other day. Watching it just makes you realize what a douche he is anyways. They need to pirate what he said over it and then show the video. He is just so f-ing stupid. What happened to john, and the condition he is in, is not “God wants John in a coma to make him a better person” . The only way i would not feel sorry for someone in his condition, is if he were a serial child rapist. So bitch about the death threats all you want, you f-ing deserved them.

  2. Fasc(ion)ist(a)


    Enjoy whatever ride you’re getting off the Hogan family for as long as you can. They are now bigger pariahs than OJ, and for you to defend the moronic spoiled teen instead of the American hero who was responsible enough NOT to drive drunk warrants you a date with a telephone pole yourselves.

  3. Grunion

    I hope Hulk gets cancer of the mustache and winds up with a crater in his fucking head. One we can all take turns spitting in.

  4. Mike Oxbhig's Boyfriend

    Darling why do you talk such mean sillys about liberals? I always liberally lubricate your sweet pucker before we go fistys don’t I deary?

    Bunny Sweet

  5. Tom

    I won’t watch this, in light of the comments here. Honestly, the picture is all I need to see. Man, that poor kid!

    In this case, both kids (Hogan and Graziano) acted like idiots.

    Seriously, you just don’t do the stuff that they did. Hogan is an obvious idiot, but the blame needs to go to Graziano too. Anyone that rides in a car being driven be a drunk, spoiled, immature teenager is just asking to die. It’s true.

  6. NotBlonde

    For those saying “ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT” and other such things: FUCKING DUH!

    Beside that, people aren’t really pissed because of the accident, people are pissed because of how the Hogans are acting after the accident. Nick is trying to get himself as much money as possible after he gets out of jail with a reality show, Hulk Hogan is talking about how the accident will make John a better person when John isn’t even really a person anymore and the mother is talking about how she cared about John more than anyone else and blah blah blah. People are pissed that this group of individuals is acting like the kid they considered family, apparently, doesn’t have half of his head missing.

    Sorry, but “wear your seatbelt” echos hollowly when the person who was wearing the seatbelt is such an incredibly douche.

  7. Mugato

    Hulk Hogan payed the other “driver” off to say he was the other driver when it was Terry himself who was driving the other car.

  8. Tasha

    I totally think Nick needs to have live feed in his cell so he HAS to watch that boy.

  9. lulu

    AMEN, ALLY! (#49)

    Hulk Jr. deserves 20 yrs in prison! He practically murdered the guy!

  10. Monica

    Amen ally!!!!!

    Spanky, are you some kind of retard?

  11. Sunflower

    #106, you mirror my thoughts…. thanks. Accidents happen every day, all day long. It’s what happens afterwards that counts.

  12. bartokf

    I work at a hospital that specializes in brain injury. Sad to say that I have worked with patients just like him. Some do ok, others don’t survive long.

  13. Lana

    #106 – Finally somebody said it, I agree.

    #53 Of course it causes people to react emotionally!, why else would you show one of your relatives with half of their head missing!?, the real question is why would somebody not react towards that?, the Hogans seem completely unable to.

  14. Melissa

    Oh my God! What a piece of shit Nick is… If I did that to someone, I’d put a bullet in my head. How can he live with his whining baby ass?????? That is just pure fuckin insanity.

  15. so NIck is 17. there will be no but hole surfing no dropping the soap no death threats from other inmates no nothing, he is a minor he’s not even allowed to be within earhsot of the other inmates. i’m not sure when he will be 18 and they can move him but i’m almost willing to bet money that he won’t hit his special b-day till after he is out and driving his car again. Karma is a real bitch it’ll get cha whether you believe in it or not. and Hulk it goes the same for shit thats been said not just done….. I think after baby nicky poo gets out he should have to do community service at the hospital that John is at. he should have to face him and see what he did and his parents and see what he has put them through….even though his own parents wouldn’t give a shit if it happened to him as long as they got more bleach for their hair.

  16. bootlips

    So if John’s grieving brother kills Nick would that be God’s will?

  17. Randal

    Nick, you have shown remarkable strength and fortitude through this entire process. It was not your fault your friend allowed you to drag race drunk. You are being persecuted by some ignorant fools who feel for your passenger’s plight.

    Shame on everyone, the Bollea family is suffering and all you can do is sympathize for a slickly produced video. What you see here is John waking up. What you don’t see if John asking for Hot Pockets and on his Playstation 3, because if they showed THAT, then no one would care about just another car accident result.

    While John may be suffering, the simple act of buckling his seat belt would have saved him from his current plight.

    Also, I wonder if the media will report that the object responsible for removing that section of John’s skull was actually the steering wheel, seeing as how his face was in Nick’s lap at the time of the accident. Distracting a driver with an illicit tryst while he’s trying to drag race under the influence? I feel so sorry for poor Nick, especially when this comes out.

    - Randal

  18. @ Randal

    WTF!!???? your kidding right? please tell me he’s kidding.

  19. sharpeidude

    Oh man, I really had no idea how messed up the accident left this poor guy; but now I see that Nick Hogan needs to be “shanked” in his jail cell by inmates doing God’s will. And as for his fucking worthless family; I hope and pray that the Graziano’s wipe them out in civil court and leave them in the street where they belong.

  20. Rizzo

    Probably not even doctors know how damaged his brain is, they can’t until he is out of the coma and I believe in most countries it’s considered homicide to no longer assist a person that has any kind of brain activity unless they previously stated differently.
    So if you “pull the plug” people haven’t been in a similar situation there’s no point in judging.

  21. albert

    does anyone think that maybe the Hulkster got one of his meat-head friends to make that threatening tape so the Hogans can get some sympathy from the general public??

  22. trelle

    In some cases the brain can “relocate” some functions from the lost part to the part of the brain that is still there.
    A 14 year old boy got half his head blown of but recoverd after many years.

    John situation is probably not have this happy ending. But you nevr know.

  23. Cindy

    It’s as if this was the first time most commenters had visited the Superfish…I only saw two comments worthy of this site’s history:

    “John Graziano needs Hulk Hogan’s spiritual support like he needs a hole in the head.”


    “Well, in all fairness to Hulk’s comment, John does appear to be holier now.”

    I couldn’t care less if they were written by “trolls” or not. I do know they were written by people who understand the purpose of this site.

  24. mary

    There is no god.

  25. albert

    also, my heart goes out to the Graziano family. what ticked me off was the jailhouse tapes where the Hogans and Nick were pretty much complaining about how Nick is inconvenienced by having to serve 8 months in jail. Take a look at John and what the rest of his life is going to be like you asshole Hogans!!!

  26. Franklin

    The internet has made me a hardened cynic. But, god damn. This is disturbing. This is not a mere “hole” “in” his head — technically, the entire top-left portion of his head is gone, and most of the brain matter inside is gone. This kid is not “alive” anymore. It’s just his brain stem keeping the rest of his physical body alive. I would say this is worse than footage of mangled American soldiers and Iraqi civilians — because those are pictures of dead bodies.

  27. FCS

    Relax people, Randal lost half his brain, a nut and his left nipple but he still gets by pretty well.

  28. Anonymous


    Since when did Randal have nuts? He’s a Tinkerbell.

  29. Grunion

    At the very least, Hulk could have loaned him a bandana.


  30. Good Point Cindy

    It looks like John in thinking really hard about what he’s gonna do when he gets better. Maybe the Catholics will make him a Saint for being so Holey!

  31. Thethyme

    First of all God’s not real… so all the God’s will crap is out the window, Fictional Characters do not have will.

    Hogan is just doing what any of your Dad’s would do which is cover for their kid that’s it. This guy is never going to recover from such a massive wound, no punishment for Nick will change that or make it better. Nick will have to learn to live his life knowing he did this to someone.

    The story is over

  32. Thethyme

    First of all God’s not real… so all the God’s will crap is out the window, Fictional Characters do not have will.

    Hogan is just doing what any of your Dad’s would do which is cover for their kid that’s it. This guy is never going to recover from such a massive wound, no punishment for Nick will change that or make it better. Nick will have to learn to live his life knowing he did this to someone.

    The story is over

  33. Another one

    His head is like Wonderbread. Oh no it’s not. Wonder bread is hole-some & good for you. This, not so much.

  34. Lugh

    This is a fine example of social darwinism.

    getting into a car with an immature, drag-racing teenager
    not wearing a seatbelt

    I’m sorry, but you have to be an idiot not to wear a seatbelt while drag racing. Nick is an idiot too, but let’s not forget that this “victim” should have known better. Wear a fucking seatbelt when you get in the car or else be prepared to accept getting killed.

  35. Igottabemeee

    Speaking of SEATBELTS – it was reported by the paramedics that John had bruising on his chest area indicative of a seatbelt restraint. How do you know if Nick didn’t unbuckle him before they got there? If he didn’t have his seatbelt on, why was he held in his seat and not ejected or thrown around while the car flipped over?? Hmmmm?

  36. Cindy

    There ya go! Bravo #129, 130, 133!

  37. adeliza

    #49 —

  38. adeliza

    #49 —

  39. My god that’s horrible…


    Why did you post that? Did ya have to? It’s a gossipy Hollywood site, I’m not interested in really scary, sad, tragic images! WHY DID YOU POST IT WHY ?!

  41. Thanks Cindy

    If you can’t laugh in the presence of darkness, then what’s the fucking point?
    My ex used to get real pissed when I’d laugh at him trying to fuck me. That’s probably why he hit so hard. But shit, if you can’t laugh about it, it’ll drive you crazy. (But don’t laugh too hard or you’ll end up like Brittney’s crazy ass)

  42. j

    132 and 134, FOR REAL.

    John Graziano is a victim of an accident, not of circumstance. He wasn’t pulled into that car at gunpoint, or handcuffed to the dash before attempting to put on a seatbelt. He’s just another brain-dead meatcake example of what could happen to anyone who makes an idiotic decision — to shotgun a car driven by someone under the influence, and not to wear a seatbelt.

    What if an innocent family of four got killed in that accident? Like anyone would give a shit about John Graziano. He’d be lumped in with Bollea — as he should be — as taking part in a dangerous high-speed event, not sober, and ignoring all safety concerns.

    I’ll grant the premise that Hulk Hogan’s a shitheel and coming off pretty heartless and opportunistic in light of a former family friend’s kid’s head getting sheared in half, but Hulk wasn’t behind the wheel. So he raised a kid who’s an idiot. Yeah, so did the Grazianos.

  43. fred tam

    well i’d feel worse for him if he weren’t part of the whole racing thing. as it is, he was just the one of the bunch that drew the short straw.

  44. Tam

    thats horrible, i cant believe nick hogan is getting off so easy just because hes a celebrity child and has money, retarded.. this poor guy with the hole in his head .. oh my lord.. if he does recover they have reconstructive things that can fill gaps like that but still he will never be the same guy he was before getting in the car with nick, john is paying for getting in the car with nick, but nick isnt paying enough for being the retarded driver…… a few months in jail, that wont teach him a lesson

  45. josue

    i wish that nick gets raped on jail

  46. josue

    i wish that nick gets raped on jail

  47. TheloneusKool

    WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY KEEPING THIS GUY ALIVE?!?! He is already dead, his is just taking him through the motions…its really sad. Also wtf is up that music? totally not fitting

  48. Tyler

    How in the fuck is he not dead?!

  49. Mike

    There’s dual responsibility for this. John for not wearing a seatbelt and Nick for street racing. Nick probably got a correct (legal) punishment given his role. Hulk blaming it completely on 1st John and now God, lieing about his kid not speeding, and trying to profit is fucked up. Linda is just an witch.

  50. Mal Gusto

    109. lulu –
    Hulk Jr. deserves 20 yrs in prison! He practically murdered the guy!

    He did murder this kid. For anyone to say that the vegetable in the video is alive in the “human being” sense of the word is delusional. The doctors should have let the kid die and then Hogan could have been charged with manslaughter.

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