Hulk Hogan really, REALLY shouldn’t have made the whole ‘God’s will’ comment about John Graziano

June 20th, 2008 // 322 Comments

The Graziano family has released video footage of John Graziano’s daily rehabilitation in the hospital. We’ve all known he’s been in a coma and has a hole in a head, but no one mentioned how freaking huge the hole is. The footage appeared on Nancy Grace midweek with the hole pixelated and, well, uh, I just saw the unpixelated version. It’s goddamn insane and really puts Hulk Hogan’s “God wants John in a coma to make him a better person” comment in a whole other light. A bright, bleached, asinine “Wow, what a dick” light. No wonder the Hulk got death threats from John’s brother. In fact, I’m about to give him a death threat:

Terry… you cocksucka… I will pee in your moustache… all your money won’t help you now… unless you buy a moustache shield… um… sucker of cocks, Luke, I’m your father.

Go easy on me. It’s my first time.

WARNING: Uncensored video after the jump contains disturbing images unless you’re the sort of person who finds gaping head wounds divine.

Thanks to The Builder for the tip. I hope those permits come through.


  1. chaoskitty

    This video is absolutely shocking, graphic, sad, and disturbing. My heart goes out to John’s family.

    After seeing this I cannot believe Hulk Hogan would make that sort of comment.

    I’ve always been a huge Hulk Hogan fan growing up, he always seemed to be so positive and such a good role model (hey I’m talking back in the 80′s here)

    This could and would never make ANYONE a better person. I’m just at a loss for words.

  2. chaoskitty

    This video is absolutely shocking, graphic, sad, and disturbing. My heart goes out to John’s family.

    After seeing this I cannot believe Hulk Hogan would make that sort of comment.

    I’ve always been a huge Hulk Hogan fan growing up, he always seemed to be so positive and such a good role model (hey I’m talking back in the 80′s here)

    This could and would never make ANYONE a better person. I’m just at a loss for words.

  3. beefytee

    there would be much less reaction to this if her were just dead

    the images are shocking, sure, but if he had killed the kid in the car wreck, I doubt his sentence would be much more than it currently is. the images of the marine with half a head causes you to react emotionally.

  4. Nunzillabreathesfire

    I agree that John was probably egging Nick on. I mean really, anyone who is such good friends with Nick Hogan (Bollea?) is probably a douchebag. I’m sort of sick of people deifying him. Still, Nick’s comments are heartless, self-absorbed and in remarkably poor taste. And it is a tragedy that this young man’s life is ruined.

  5. Beastman AIDS

    fuck :(

  6. Onyx Blackman

    Fuck those fucking fuckers.

  7. Halle's Berry

    fake footage…c’mon people…you can’t be missing 3/4 of your head and still function.

  8. Ted from LA

    Well, in all fairness to Hulk’s comment, John does appear to be holier now.

  9. @42…shut up you cunt. Typical bullshit from a liberal. Trying to tie politics into a horrible situation. You are a low life sack of shit.

  10. Nunzillabreathesfire

    Touché @ #58

  11. friendlyfires

    A hole? That is beyond a hole – no skull, half of the right lobe is gone – Hogan is beyond a douchebag he should be retired from celebritydom, his whole family income removed and given to a Chaldean Iraqi war widow (that’s Christian, bubba, one million alone in Bahgdad) and he be reduced to bouncing at a gay motorcycle bar in Tampa.

  12. Lin

    It is the duty of each and every human being on this earth to boycott any and all products, endorsements, tv programs, etc. (maybe the superficial can stop even reporting on anything Hogan related) that will benefit the Hogan/Bollea family. How insensitive and sick does a person have to be to make a comment that it is God’s will to make this boy a better person by putting him in a coma and removing half of his face. The only thing the Hogan/Bollea family should be doing is visiting that boy and his family everyday. Nick Bollea should be required by the courts to visit that boy each and every single day for the rest of his natural life. A few months in jail will mean nothing to Nick especially since he was raised by such heartless, insensitve, self-absorbed parents.

    I am sickened for ever knowing that I watched Hogan Knows Best. Hogan Knows Worst.

  13. Jimbo,

    It’s probably just a mother who is sick with grief and can’t let her baby go, so don’t be so harsh. I seriously, seriously doubt that it is what you say.

    Other than that, I don’t know what to say. I used to be against letting people die if they were “alive”. Like when I wanted Terry Schiavo to live. But I have learned since then that there are certain “automatic” brain functions, like being able to track an object across the room with the eyes, that may make you think there is a person in there.

    But there’s really no person there. Like somebody said earlier, with the brainstem only the automatic functions remain. Whatever it was that made up the person is gone. It’s like the soul has left and all that remains is just a breathing shell.

    This is one of the worst videos I have ever seen. Right up there with that beautiful young girl that was burned so badly by the wreck with the drunk kid.

    I don’t know what to say about Nick Hogan. I was a worthless, useless idiot at 17 myself, and it’s only luck that I didn’t injure or kill somebody driving.

  14. Ted from LA

    Very tacky. In fact, I was just getting ready to post that I am not looking at these pictures— it’s none of my business and I don’t think it belongs here. I’ve had close family members suffer brain injuries and there is nothing funny about it.

  15. TJ


    I am sorry about John, but he was old enough to know better to wear a seat belt and to tell Hulk Jr to slow down or else stop the car and let John drive. The adult should take the responsiblity. I have nephews that tried to show off and drive fast and I told them to stop and let me drive or else I am calling 911. Whether I like it or not; Hulk Jr. was a minor and John was the adult. No person deserves to be in John’s condition, but we all know there can be a high price to pay when not wearing your seat belt.

  16. missj

    @ 49

    I do believe in God and I am a Christian but I do believe in a lot of what you are saying. I HATE it when I hear people thanking God for sports events, awards etc. God doesn’t give a crap if you win your stupid game or not so stop asking him about it.

  17. Krik

    oh dear God in Heaven…

    this can’t be real…can it?

    I understand the basic sciences of the human brain…but oh dear god….

    if this is that real, forget him waking from the coma and “becoming a better person.” dammit hulk. if this is real, the John they knew is dead. this is just a shell…

    i think i am going to be sick….

  18. beefytee

    Maybe it IS god’s will…are you familiar with god? And his plan? Do you know that it is NOT god’s will?

    I personally don’t believe in God, so I think Hulk is an ass-hat just for being an ass-hat, but I would think that most Jesus freaks would agree, they all say that everything happens for a reason and it’s all part of God’s plan…so by that token, Ass-hat Hogan isn’t really wrong…just an insensitive ass-hat.

  19. j

    a.) That is so gross.

    b.) That dude was friends with Hulk Jr., so let’s keep that shit in perspective — what are the chances he was the same kind of idiot dillhole Jr. is? Pretty high considering he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and willingly got into a car with an intoxicated driver.

    c.) Hulk needs to shut up, but what do you expect from Jesus freaks, they all follow the same script.

    And d.) What the fuck is wrong with that family? Pull the plug, right now. That’s a disgrace. That kid will never recover, he’s a total veg. Let him go. Is that some kind of sick leverage to get at Hulk’s estate?

    F that. I’m sorry your kid got mangled, but he was old enough to know better. HE chose to get into that car. You do your son no service plastering his drooling face on television, that won’t bring him back. Bury him with what’s left of his dignity.

  20. OK look, am I crazy? Did I miss this? Listen to the jailhouse conversation on my link between Nick and Hulk about a month ago.

    This is insane. Are these real people that are saying this?

    If I was in jail I’d be like “Ohh, what have I done? That poor guy! How am I ever going to get a job? What will happen to me?” This dick is coldly planning a reality show.

  21. Denise

    This video is going to haunt me all weekend. Sincere and genuine Christians do not throw around their faith like Hulk did on Larry King. I hope John’s family continues to have the energy and strength needed to endure this tragedy. I could not eat my breakfast this morning after seeing the video.

  22. Mick

    Is anyone else wondering why they picked that music to play in the video? weird
    That footage seems unreal, almost fake.

  23. Mick

    #69, I agree.

  24. Doomhammer

    Sometimes God sends a mob hitman to your home in the middle of the night to kill your ass with a guitar string, you know, to make you stronger.

  25. drjay

    #71, Denise.

    I totally agree with you. Faith is not something to throw around. Nick Hogan chose to disobey the speed limit laws when driving THAT dangerous. John (poor guy) and maybe be others did nothing to stop the dangerous behavior.

    The thing about god’s will is that humans make the choices that affect their lives. As a Christian, I believe there is a plan for us. But we must choose to follow it.

    speaking of choices, I feel for John’s family…and in no way do I want to belittle their pain right now….

    but was the decision to post the video of their son’s horrific injury a bad decision? bad taste?

    like would he want himself to be displayed to garner disgust and sorrow?

    let him has his digity…

  26. Let me give you this message LOUD and CLEAR:
    Y O U A R E F I N I S H E D, ashole hogan!!

  27. haroof

    HOLE-ly shit!!!

  28. Tee

    Hulk, it’s God’s will that you give up the bronzer and fake blond weave and start looking and acting like a responsible adult. Your action figure looks more realistic than you do these days!!!

    Nick should have to visit his friend every day and take an eight-hour shift tending to his needs. I would watch that reality show, not that stupid bullsh*t that he wants to do now!!! I hope he’s crying like the little spoiled bitch boi that he is in his cell everyday. I hope the other prisoners are helping him dry his tears with their ball sacks…would serve him right. “That’s it, little brotherrrrr, cup ‘em gently while you gag on this!!!”

  29. c

    does anyone else think this graziano guy’s family is just as fucked up as the hogans? i mean really, he’s missing half of his head and u go put out a video.. i hope whatever they were paid for that video was worth exploiting the poor guy

  30. Jon H

    So here’s the thing.

    Sometimes doctors remove part of the skull in order to ease pressure on the brain. There was a girl in Colorado who had this done, and then spent six months or more, going about her life with part of her skull removed because insurance companies didn’t want to pay for the operation to put it back. She said she could feel her brain shift, especially when she got up in the morning after laying down all night. When they remove part of the skull from the head, sometimes it is implanted under the skin of the patient’s belly, so that the bone has a blood supply and stays alive.

    They might have done that to this kid. The angle of the video makes it hard to tell if the head wound is open (unlikely) or if the skin is still intact and covering the brain. In that case it would likely be draping downward into the cavity, rather than being stretched tight across the hole..

    In a hospital, having such a large amount of skull removed wouldn’t be that big of an issue.

    Y’all should read up on Phineas Gage, the guy from the 1800s who was working on a railroad and had a six foot iron tamping rod blown through his frontal lobe and out the top of his head, and survived, albeit with a changed personality.

    People with severe epilepsy sometimes have radical surgery to remove large portions of their brain, to stop their seizures. They can often train the remaining portion of the brain to take over for the missing parts. There have been young children with almost half their brain removed, who have gone on to live normal lives.

    The brain is freaking awesome. That said, the poor kid is clearly badly damaged and unlikely to be as lucky as Phineas Gage.

  31. Spanky

    This is just sick .
    With half his brain gone is he now a woman ???

  32. Spanky

    This is just sick .
    With half his brain gone is he now a woman ???

  33. Kitty

    I’m speechless. That is so incredibly sad.

    How Nick only got 8 months in county jail for that is reprehensible. Not that there is any “acceptable” music to put to the video footage but I really do not understand the soundtrack that was chosen either.

    I hope John is at peace and that his family finds the strength to do what is right for their son. Very tragic. If there is “God’s will” as Hulk put it, he and his family can only suffer for what they have done and said. Shut your useless mouths and let the Graziano’s grieve.

  34. Boston_Freek

    Can someone please remind me never to complain about anything, ever again?

    I can’t even believe what I saw was real. I have no idea how he’s actually even still alive, if you can call it that. Hulk Hogan needs to seriously get his ass kicked. And to think I even thought the guy at one time was pretty cool. What a fucking retarded thing to say. I agree, I think his pussy son should be forced to watch this video 24 hours a day.

  35. tawnya

    All I have to say is AMEN #49. I am a Christian but in now way, shape or form is this God’s will!!! Hogan you are messed up if you think you even know what GODS will is!! He is just full of him self with a big ego to think he knows what even God thinks.

  36. Sunflower

    Wow. No matter what each of us think, the fact remains that is a very sad situation. This poor kid…. though I’ve never been in the same situation where I had to decide whether or not a member of my family “lives” or “dies,” I just can’t imagine how I would react if put in the same position. This poor kid is never going to come back… how can he possibly? As far as placing blame, I think it’s more relevant to look at what is happening NOW after the incident. The Hogan family are a bunch of low class, fake, plastic people. Both women (and I use that term loosely with this family) are whores and money-grubbing douches, and the “men” are just as bad. We can’t lay blame on anyone – who are we to do that? What we can do, however, is criticize the Hogan assholes for their insensitivity and lack of concern for what has happened to this kid since they are CHOOSING to go public with their opinions. Nick can walk… and speak… and go on with his life after he gets out of jail. John can’t do that and the Hogans couldn’t care less. THAT is what is offensive…. not that the accident happened.

  37. nothing creative

    Those little pussies in CA that were told fellow classmates died in drunk driving accidents, should watch this video. Oh, no someone made us feel something bad, that’s not very PC. Neither is this, they should let him die, but why not use him as a PSA first? Although we wouldn’t want little pussy douchebag Californians to feel sadness or responsibility, where would reality tv go? would they have to start getting botox earlier because they frown?

  38. Disgusted


  39. Blade_runner

    I think Nick’s punishment should be to take care of John – to have to face him all day, everyday.

  40. DW

    RE: Brian

    He is alive and breathing on his own b/c of the part of the brain that was removed. He had a frontal lobe injury which is the part of the brain located say behind the forehead that is involved with higher cognitive functioning like planning your multi-tasking for the day or suppressing the urge to say something socially inappropriate when you are in a professional setting. The more basic necessary for survival areas of the brain (e.g. automatic breathing) are evolutionarily older and situated more deeply.
    Obviously (and the video makes this poignantly clear) that is not to say that frontal lobe injuries aren’t very serious. It is a commonly injured area in car/motorcycle/4X4 accidents (your body snaps forward hitting the dashboard say and then snaps back often causing similar damage to the back of the head and other areas of the brain) and bleeeding/bruises in these areas are a HUGE source of long-term disability. The deeper parts of the brain may be what we need to survive, but the frontal lobes and higher structures are crucial to what we think it means to be human- complex thoughts, planning and executing complicated tasks, a lot of personality. I’ve seen patients, often young men, after 4×4 accidents, car-surfing accidents, etc… who have bruises to these areas (so a mild injury compared to Mr. Graziano) and the family is rightly relieved that their loved one is alive, but as a doctor you have to balance their relief with having honest conversations that it will take time to see if their son truly returns to himself or if there are going to be personality changes and subtle limitations that we make him “not quite the same’ for the rest of his life.

    I hope that helps some people understand the medical perspective. I wrote this to be accessible to everyone so it is a little over-simplified, but you could definitely go on webmd or emedicine if you wanted more info on frontal lobe injuries.

  41. Blu

    I feel for every single person involved in this tragedy.

    That includes the Hogans.

    Who has NEVER gotten behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks? This could have happened to anyone that has. And that young man DID make the choice to not wear his seatbelt. Does he deserve THIS? Hell no, nobody does. But did Nick HOgan really think to himself “I just may kill or permanently disable my buddy here, but fuck that, this is fun!” Probably not. He’s a young man, and at that age, feeling invincible is pretty damn common.

    The only hope that can possibly be pulled from this situation is that someone, somewhere will make the choice NOT to get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t.

  42. Giomon_Rocks

    Oh. My. God. That is not a hole in his head; it’s a fucking crater. I never imagined it was that bad. How the hell is he supposed to be a better person? That guy’s life is fucked. Hulk Hogan is a piece of shit and after seeing the head trauma that kid endured makes me think that 8 months in prison for Hulk’s son is not enough…

  43. hunter

    Thats fake!

  44. beefytee

    I think Nicks punishment should be the same that it is for anyone involved in this kind of a situation according to the California Penal code. Whatever the sentence is for vehicular homicide, drunk driving, under age drinking, and reckless driving/driving to endanger is what he should get. No more no less.

  45. pickle

    obviously it is possible to live without a brain, Mr. Hogan and his kin have been doing it for decades now.

  46. Alfonso Rigid

    Dude should wear a hat.

  47. Niki

    To all the people saying it’s Fake… it might not be!
    There was a boy in my highschool class who got his arm caught in some kind of tractor part, and it basically slammed him into the ground over and over until a large (and I mean that large) portion of his head was gone. A few months later tho he was back in school just wearing a special helmet to protect his brain.

  48. Lugh

    I in no way, shape, or form condone reckless driving, but this dude should have really been wearing a seatbelt. I’m not saying that anyone deserves anything, but his injury is as much his own fault as Nick’s. I happen to think Nick is a little douchetard, but let’s not forget that these two were best friends and liked driving like assholes on a regular basis. It’s not like he got into Nick’s car and was like “omg man stop driving so fast this isn’t safe.”

    Both of them recklessly endanger the other people on the road, and it just so happens that John got the shit end of the stick. End of story.

  49. Marina

    I hate the Hulk. Mister T needs to step up and put this foo in his place.

  50. JWM

    Holy Shit. Hulk Hogan should burn in Hell for his comments in light of that kid’s head trauma. WTF happened to you, Terry Hogan? Roids eat your brain?

    And for those that think this is fake, you would do well to see what type of skull damage that reporter from NBC (Bob something?) survived when the IED blew half his head apart. Amazingly, he recuperated and even made it through special retraining where he was able to teach himself just about everything all over again.

    If someone were responsible for this happening to my kid, and then their parents made comments like that, after exacting revenge I’d use their kid’s corpse to beat them to death. The Hulkster should be glad that the legal system is keeping his family safe.

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