Hulk Hogan really, REALLY shouldn’t have made the whole ‘God’s will’ comment about John Graziano

June 20th, 2008 // 322 Comments

The Graziano family has released video footage of John Graziano’s daily rehabilitation in the hospital. We’ve all known he’s been in a coma and has a hole in a head, but no one mentioned how freaking huge the hole is. The footage appeared on Nancy Grace midweek with the hole pixelated and, well, uh, I just saw the unpixelated version. It’s goddamn insane and really puts Hulk Hogan’s “God wants John in a coma to make him a better person” comment in a whole other light. A bright, bleached, asinine “Wow, what a dick” light. No wonder the Hulk got death threats from John’s brother. In fact, I’m about to give him a death threat:

Terry… you cocksucka… I will pee in your moustache… all your money won’t help you now… unless you buy a moustache shield… um… sucker of cocks, Luke, I’m your father.

Go easy on me. It’s my first time.

WARNING: Uncensored video after the jump contains disturbing images unless you’re the sort of person who finds gaping head wounds divine.

Thanks to The Builder for the tip. I hope those permits come through.


  1. Hulk, You Suck, Brother!

  2. kirsten dunst

    he also should try giving up on the color orange. he hasn’t gotten that yet.

  3. .

    How is he still alive? 8(

  4. Alex Cutter

    That’s not a hole. It’s half his fucking head!

    Pull the plug on this poor kid.

  5. Mine

    Is this the real footage? Where is his brain? It does not seem reasonable that someone could be kept alive with such a huge hole in their head.

  6. The Gorgeous One

    Oh sweet Jesus!!!!
    Hulk needs his ass kicked. Cue steve Austin!!!

  7. Lorraine

    omg, that is horrible. i hope nick serves his time well.

  8. kochanski

    WTF?! How the hell is that kid still alive at all!?

  9. Pissed as Hell

    I cannot believe this. It made me cry. How can he still be alive. How can he live like that? Why???!!! Baby Hulk should have been given life in prison or a big giant gapping hole in his head. Hulk should be forced to do the kids therapy and then he can make God comments all he wants!!!Douchebag!!!

  10. Brian

    Seriously (which I know is something that doesn’t happen too often here… but bear with me) does anyone know how it is that he is still alive at all? It looks as if most if not all of the kid’s brain is just missing!

  11. Lola

    useless family….. father is pervert; mother is a cradle-robbing fake boobed, shameless, fat skank; son is an alcoholic dickweed fag and daughter is talentless, midget loving whore….. i hope someone puts a hole in the son’s ass in jail….. preferably a plunger in the ass….

  12. Pissed as Hell

    I cannot believe this. It made me cry. How can he still be alive. How can he live like that? Why???!!! Baby Hulk should have been given life in prison or a big giant gapping hole in his head. Hulk should be forced to do the kids therapy and then he can make God comments all he wants!!!Douchebag!!!

  13. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall of the Graziano family den when they were picking out the SOUNDTRACK to that video. Personally, I would have gone with Enya.

  14. Renee

    As long as the brainstem is in-tact, the body will continue to function. Very sad situation.

  15. Renee

    As long as the brainstem is in-tact, the body will continue to function. Very sad situation.

  16. d

    wow. that almost looks fake. that poor kid.
    i would threaten hogans life too after what he said

  17. OC Dee

    This video is absolutely shocking, graphic, sad, and disturbing. My heart goes out to John’s family.

  18. John Graziano needs Hulk Hogan’s spiritual support like he needs a hole in the head.

  19. havoc

    HOLY SHIT !!!!!

    That’s horrible…….


  20. evianobaby

    #18 too soon man, too soon.

  21. Lori

    That made me naucious watching it – POOR Guy!!!! Hulk’s son needs to pay for what he did to that kid….. they act like it is a joke….. that poor guy!

  22. Deacon Jones

    Not watching it, we’re having a cookout in a half hour

  23. Fluffy Butt

    lmao @ 18. that is just fucking wrong. [lol] funny as all get out .. but wrong.


    John was 23 years old and Hulk Jr. was 17 years old at the time of the crash. John was the responsible adult and failed to wear a seat belt and also failed to tell Hult Jr. to slow down.


  25. Travis Headley

    you can live w/o most of your brain. the parts that control basic functions are located in the brainstem. so as long as that’s intact, he can still breath on his own. the area of his brain that’s missing is the part that controls more “human” abilities like talking, reasoning, etc. he’ll be alive, but probably never normal again.

  26. wtf

    im feel so sorry for the graziano family he was such a good looking man! also im not tryin to be mean but he will never be back to normal nor even close to normal. i think they should just pull the plug. the hogans will get what they derserve!! KARMA IS A BITCH little nick.

  27. veggi

    I do not want to see that.. poor kid..

  28. always wear your seat belt sucks

    #24 is clearly hulk hogan. or an unlikely sympathizer.

    jesus, nobody deserves to live like that–regardless of circumstances. get your head out of your ass.

  29. Lexoka

    Holy fucking shit, that’s one big hole…!

    Even after reading the comment about “how freaking huge the hole is” I wasn’t expecting anything like that!

  30. Complete bummer.

  31. Stacy

    HOLY FREAKIN’ COW! I pray he pulls through.

  32. Kathi

    @24: While John had a responsibility to wear a seatbelt, young Hulk Jr. also had a responsibility to NOT get in his car drunk and then proceed to drag race. Not sure what state you are in, but here, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their passengers are buckled up. Common sense would have dictated that neither of them got in the car or that they put on their seat belts, but when you add alcohol to the mix, there is no common sense. And seriously, if you told your friend or spouse, etc. to slow down while they were driving, do you really think they would?? Come on! My husband would just speed up to piss me off! Nah..he drives like a little girl with a big wheel.

  33. I actually cannot believe this. I showed my husband and initially he thought it was fake.

    Nick should have gotten a harsher punishment. How is it that regular people would have gotten severely punished, and he isn’t really? Did the jury not see any pictures? He’s not even a real celebrity! His dad is a fake wrestler with a stupid mustache and a really bad fake tan. What have they done for society besides ruining a family’s life?

    Show this video to some prisoners he is around, along with their comments about the lack of responsibility and maybe Nick will get some punishment not from our messed up judicial system.

  34. I think it’s disgusting that his mom got guardianship and is keeping him alive over his dad’s wishes to let him die with dignity. I guess she really needs those Marine benefits checks. Heartless bitch.

  35. missj


    that stupid ass hulk kid needs to be tried for attempted murder. I hope they have fun with you in jail hulk fr.

    Night night, keep your butthole tight!

  36. beefytee

    #31 pulls through and what exactly? Becomes a professor at Harvard, brushes his own teeth? remembers anything at all ever?

    Let him die…that’s not a head it’s a fucking punchbowl!

  37. hmmmmm

    They should make that little pussy watch this all day long while he sits in jail whining. Every waking moment he should be forced to watch his “friend, the idiot” as they call him. I hope he will actually begin to feel remorse.

  38. Pissed as hell

    I couldn’t live with my kid like that!!!The entire Hogan family should be suffering!!!Nick!!You should have to watch that everyday. You were driving, you were racing, you were drunk!!!YOU ARE RESPONIBLE FOR THE PEOPLE IN YOUR CAR!!!YOU!!GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!! THE HOGAN’S ARE PRANCING AROUND. DON’T SUPPORT THEM PEOPLE!!!

  39. petal

    good gracious!….this is just a terrible thing to see. i felf sick the entire time, like i was watching some gruesome movie. I feel so much sympathy for these people.

  40. Jen's Opinion

    My skin is crawling right now. That is horrible. All kids should be forced to watch that for the Anti Drinking, Driving and Racing and the Seat Belt causes!

    Shouldn’t they try to keep the area closed up! Doesn’t that present more of a hazard for Staph infection!

  41. Ebon

    That made me feel sick to my stomach.

    Really looks like a lost cause at this point. Do you think they are keeping him alive to prove their point?

    Either way that’s fucking sad.

    While Hogan Jr was driving, I feel they share the responsibility. Shitty things happen all the time. It would be just as bad if he died and that happens all the time. Teen/young kids/young adults get into a car accident and passengers die.

    Tough situation.

  42. Your Mom

    Well thank you, America, for actually watching these douche bag’s on tv and fueling Nick’s monster ego. I blame every single person who watched Meet the Hogan’s or whatever the fuck it was called. You should’ve been able to tell what pieces of shit these people are from the second you laid eyes on them. I’m assuming the same people who watch their show, also voted for Bush twice.

  43. Summer Kat

    So sad! I can’t believe how little jail time Hulk Jr. got!! Heartbreaking…

  44. NK

    Totally agree! The whole damned family should have to watch this every day. That’s just unbelievable that the man’s body is still able to survive.

  45. hellcat1983

    Oh my God, I just can’t believe that! I knew he was in a coma but had no idea it was this bad, imagine what his poor family have to go through over that little shit’s recklessness. How Nick can live with himself after being responsible for this I have no idea. And his parents are worse!

  46. Wow, suddenly we’re all bleeding heart liberals! Did I get redirected to Obama’s website or something?

    Look, I’ve been in John’s situation (before the crash) plenty of times. I guarantee you John was hooting and hollering and egging Nick on during the street racing, and he definitely knew the dangers of not putting on his seat belt and decided not to anyway. We’ll never know for sure, but if he was a true Marine, he would have taken full responsibility for getting injured because they – above all people – know that every man is responsible for his own decisions, especially when they may involve the threat of injury or death. Stop moaning. He’d be ashamed of you.

  47. doug

    Hulk and his family should go to hell. What a bunch of douche bags……
    He serves two tours in Iraq and survived and now his family has to put up with this for the rest of his life.

  48. Lola

    that’s so not fair…. so you’re basically saying this man deserves to have this happen to him because he was the older person and he wasn’t wearing his seat belt? i’m pretty sure whatever anyone would have said to the idiot driving would have fallen on deaf ears…. celebrity kids are spoiled, thoughtless, careless and believe they’re invinsible because their parents’ fame…. so i’m sure nothing would have stopped that peroxide stupid fag… it’s so sad what happened to this young man and for Hulk to have the audacity to go on TV and make the statements he made, how heartless….
    Nick still got off really really easy…. His sentence should have been steeper that he got… He should be in jail for the rest of his worthless life…. There’s no way this family will ever be the same again.. All because of one idiot wanting to drive fast

  49. ally

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people talk about “God’s will.” How the fuck do you have the privilege of knowing God’s will, and how the fuck are you gonna try and tell me that God is so cruel and evil that he would turn someone’s head inside out like that? I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, no one deserves that. And I definitely don’t believe in this angry vengeful God bullshit, like he’s up there plotting this out. If that was the case, why do innocent children die every day and corrupt evil fucks roll in the money? Of course we all like to believe in the idea of karma and fairness, but unfortunately life is not fair, and this is just one more example out of millions that makes me believe there is no God, at least not in the sense we think of it, having some bullshit “will” about who should live a wonderful life and who should suffer and die miserably. I swear the next time I see some stupid bitch receiving an Academy Award and crying and thanking God for blessing them with this honor, I’m gonna throw my TV out the window. Like God really gives two shits about your stupid award, and “blesses” you with it, while ignoring all the screaming crying begging people dying around the world daily? It’s so stupid it’s embarrassing.

  50. lkittenl

    Im with some of you…how did he survive??? The Hogans should have the hell beat out of them, maybe it will make them better people!

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