Nick Hogan: ‘John Graziano wanted to kill homos’

December 10th, 2009 // 122 Comments

Because Hulk’s money’s been bled dry enough as it is, Nick Hogan decided to paint his former friend/victim John Graziano as a deranged psychopath in a court deposition this week. RadarOnline reports:

While giving a deposition, Hogan was probed by lawyers for the plaintiffs about dysfunction and “issues” in the Graziano family. Nick had told the lawyers that there was violence in the Graziano family and the Hogans talked about having his pal John Graziano move in with them.
When a lawyer asked about what type of issues John had Nick told them that John had hatred for some people, a source close to the situation told exclusively.
The lawyer kept probing and asked what type of people. Nick responded: “Homos. He wanted to kill homos.”

Wow. What better way to honor an Iraq vet by removing the front half of his brain in a drunken drag race then justifying it by saying “Eh, he was going to kill a bunch of homos anyway”? On that note, if you’re wondering why Nick said “homos” instead of, I dunno, puppies or Jews, it’s because he’s a moron and probably said the first thing he thought of when looking down at his Ed Hardy jeans. “God, these are gay. — Wait a minute…

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  1. sourkush

    FIRST!!!! wow she looks like more of a man then he does

  2. sourkush

    FIRST!!!! wow she looks like more of a man then he does

  3. sourkush

    FIRST!!!! wow she looks like more of a man then he does

  4. sourkush

    FIRST!!!! wow she looks like more of a man then he does

  5. sourkush

    FIRST!!!! wow she looks like more of a man then he does

  6. Popo

    Daaaaamn, she looks MANLY!!!

  7. guyinaz

    Sweet Jesus she looks like a tranny

  8. austin

    That’s a man baby!

  9. stupidass

    that’s hulk in drag, right? i keep waiting for her to pop out of my computer screen and say “WELL LET ME TELL YA SOMETHIN’ LITTLE DUDE!!!!”

  10. ppl

    what is nick doing with his mom…. oh wait… damn wtf

  11. Hotmom

    I don’t know what happened to Brooke but- She used to be beautiful.

    Brooke if you read this stop drinking-smoking- or using drugs…. It’s making you look like shit.

  12. Grumpy Bear


    Worst comments thread ever.

  13. whattheshit

    She looks like a bad photoshop job. Like someone photoshopped their male friend on a woman’s body.

  14. friendlystoner

    that bloke in the blue dress is the worst exampe of a drag queen ever, whats that? its a girl? naa i call bullshit, thats a guy.


    your tomb stone will read: “here lies some hermaphrodite who`s most proud achievement was to get the first five posts on a webpage article”

    bit long i know but your prob fat.

  15. Mal Gusto

    That’s Brooke Hogan???? Holy shit, I honestly thought that was a dude in drag.
    WTF indeed.

  16. Kate

    Is that Brooke or Linda?! Rough.

  17. Chuck

    Brooke looks like a serious man-dude in this picture. I’m waiting for a dick to fall out of the bottom of the dress. And it’s good to see Nick throwing up peace signs at a nightclub premiere while his best friend is still at home in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Having money is rad.

  18. BJ

    what does his alleged hate for homos have to do with ANYTHING?! Even if he was the world’s biggest homophobe, that doesn’t change the fact that Nick’s idiotic actions have left him a complete vegetable. Good job Nick, you’ve really proven your innocence in this whole thing.

  19. AJ

    That drag queen is a fabulous cross between Brooke and Hulk!

  20. Gay Fish

    If that were true he would have started with Nick….

  21. Oz

    WOW I thought it was just me that thought that was a guy in drag next to him !!!!

  22. Jigsaw

    Hey! She looks like me!

  23. lilu

    When is the Hogan family going to swallow a collective bullet and get out of my field of vision? Can we add the fucking Kardashians to this statement as well? Hey, Fish, fuck you, man. The last thing I need to see – ever – is one of those worthless whore-bag Kardashian women posing in fucking lingerie while heavily pregnant. NASTY WHORES. Have some fucking self-respect and stop posting pics of them, FISH.

  24. Leeroy

    Damn, she’s gotta 5 o’clock shadow!

    However, that being said, something in me feels slightly excited about seeing Brooke and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth oil wrestling. It would be like when we were kids and watched Hulk Vs Flair! WOOOOOOOOO!

  25. big teeth

    Goood lord.. The East German woman’s swim team is missing a member.

  26. superficial helped out with the myspace internet intervention.

  27. Schnib

    Is that a tranny or Brooke? Seriously, what’s the real answer?

  28. Fenway Frank

    You are being a little harsh on Nick. This was a deposition, not a press conference. He doesn’t get to pick the topics, and he has to tell the truth. He was asked a question by Graziano’s lawyer, and he responded to it. Not sure how this makes him an a**s.

  29. lou

    DAMN!!! ITS JIGSAW!!!!

  30. Roger Rammington

    Holy mother of god.

    What the fuck? Is she drinking testosterone?

    Whatcha Gonna Do…. when Brooke runs wild on you!

    Hahaha put his friend in hospital and then paint him to be a fucking intolerant gaybasher. Top work super douche! Up up and away!

  31. Mike

    Holy shit Brooke looks like a tranny

  32. erik

    Yikes! Everyone else has said it already, but what’s up with the dude in the blue dress?

  33. jj

    wowww, i love brooke hogan.. but for real.. what is with her face in this picture?!? she looks like trans to the extreme.

  34. titsonsnack

    She look-a like-a man.

  35. twadski

    Pic 4

    “I love my douchebag son!”

    “Back atcha, douche daddy!”

  36. havoc

    What’s sad is he having to stand on his tip toes just to be as tall as the tranny next to him….


  37. GalacticaMan

    How the hell does this bastard live with himself?

  38. Flower

    Just sayin’….everyone seems to overlook that this Iraqi war hero was an adult, in the vehicle with a sixteen year old boy who was under the influence of alcohol.
    Who, in that situation, is the individual responsible (legally and morally) for his actions?
    If memory serves, there was another celebrity who was involved in the same sort of situation with a minor, except the celebrity was the adult and the minor was killed in the accident. I believe he served a couple or three years in prison.

  39. Drew

    @15, and I’m sure your tombstone will glorify how much of an internet tough guy you are, slinging petty, baseless insults because you’re jealous he posted first on some blog site.

    You go girl.

  40. Sam

    In all fairness, “Kill the Homos” is still the official U.S. military policy.

  41. o_O

    is that a transvestite with teh bl0nd hair ?

  42. a2650415

    sourkush is an idiot


  44. timmy the dying boy

    You know, I really feel sorry for Nick, having to live his life knowing his sister has a bigger cock than he does.

  45. Donk Donkerson

    I see a tool and a tranny.

  46. Do FreeBird

    I can’t tell. Is that Brooke taking masive doses of testosterone or has the Hulkster been doing some extra man breast work outs.

  47. chris


  48. Champ

    F U C K.
    Total tranny – WOW!

    (And Nick is more of a douche every day, somewhere Cris Angel is doing cartwheels as he has nearly relinquished the title of ‘worlds biggest douche’.)

  49. justifiable

    #39 Just sayin’? Uh, sayin’ what, exactly? The reason that Lane Garrison is doing time for vehicular manslaughter isn’t because he was an adult, but because his victim died. Graziano isn’t dead. He might as well be, but untill he stops breathing Hogan can’t be charged for that crime. Hogan was 17, not 16, when the accident occured, and he was charged as an adult with felony reckless driving involving severe bodily injury. He served what little time they could throw at him.

    It’s Hogan, not Graziano, who is legally responsible for this situation and any consequences arising from it because Hogan was behind the wheel. Hogan broke the law by street racing and being in possession of alcohol. Any consequences arising from those criminal actions, he owns – Hogan did the time for the crimes they could charge him with – he didn’t get a pass because he was a minor. If his asshole father bought him the booze, he also gets a share of the blame.

    #19 got it in one. It doesn’t matter a fiddler’s fuck if Graziano was OK with Hogan driving, or if Hogan can produce a signed waiver from Graziano saying he was about to embark on a killing spree – Nick Hogan put a man in a permanent vegetative state, end of story. What sort of man he was or would have been is immaterial, but to further malign his friend by gracelessly shitting all over him trying to weasel out from under it is just more of what we can expect from this family of massive tools. Whether the victim was an adult or not, and if you figure that means he should then take responsibility for his victimization and permanent coma isn’t, thankfully, germane. It’s another smokescreen thrown up, and I mean that in a literal sense, by the Hogan family, And you bought it.

    I really thought this bunch of douchebags couldn’t sink lower than Hulk Hogan’s rationale that God put Graziano in a coma for a divine purpose – to make him “a better person”. I was wrong. They have no shame.

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