Nick Hogan: ‘John Graziano wanted to kill homos’

Because Hulk’s money’s been bled dry enough as it is, Nick Hogan decided to paint his former friend/victim John Graziano as a deranged psychopath in a court deposition this week. RadarOnline reports:

While giving a deposition, Hogan was probed by lawyers for the plaintiffs about dysfunction and “issues” in the Graziano family. Nick had told the lawyers that there was violence in the Graziano family and the Hogans talked about having his pal John Graziano move in with them.
When a lawyer asked about what type of issues John had Nick told them that John had hatred for some people, a source close to the situation told exclusively.
The lawyer kept probing and asked what type of people. Nick responded: “Homos. He wanted to kill homos.”

Wow. What better way to honor an Iraq vet by removing the front half of his brain in a drunken drag race then justifying it by saying “Eh, he was going to kill a bunch of homos anyway”? On that note, if you’re wondering why Nick said “homos” instead of, I dunno, puppies or Jews, it’s because he’s a moron and probably said the first thing he thought of when looking down at his Ed Hardy jeans. “God, these are gay. — Wait a minute…

Photos: WENN