Nick Hogan getting an awesome birthday present: Transfer into the general prison population! SWEET!

July 22nd, 2008 // 53 Comments

Nick Hogan/Bollea turns 18 on Sunday, and it looks like he’s all set to receive a special birthday corn-holing. Dreams do come true! TMZ reports:

Bollea, who has been housed with other juveniles at Pinellas County Jail, will be moved to an adult facility on Sunday, aka his 18th birthday. It’s an open dormitory type of setting where he’ll be in close contact with other adult inmates. The inmates are either awaiting sentencing or have already been sentenced in cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

If Nick’s lucky, he remembered some wrestling moves his dad taught him. Particularly the “Take Lots of Roids to Shrink your Nuts” maneuver. That way you can get hit there all day and won’t feel a thing. I don’t exactly know how that’ll prevent the butt sex, but I’ve completely tapped all my interest in Nick’s well being. So, who wants donuts?


  1. justtheobvoius

    Who cares?

  2. first

    first… to see his ass get raped!

  3. saka

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  4. rough daddy

    Hope those wrestling moves come in handy for his butt sake…Id bet linda didnt want him to take u

  5. rough daddy

    Hope those wrestling moves come in handy for his butt sake…Id bet linda didnt want him to take up wrestling…

  6. zegabe

    ouch ouch ouch

    that’s all i got to say

  7. Capt. Jack Sparrow

    This could create a “hole” new definition for the phrase full nelson…..

  8. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Um, I’d like live feed of him getting his ass pounded to go with those donuts.
    (Bavarian Cream w/lots of milk thanks)

  9. hahaha

    he better take some of those donuts and tape them to his ass to hamper anul penetration

  10. havoc

    Nick’s balloon knot is about to get bigger…..


  11. dude_on

    Prison love may help this troubled young man develop quality character. As a prison bitch he will be forced to incorporate discipline into his demeanor, and perhaps that will eventually be reflected in his ability to get on his knees without taking multiple punches to the noggin. Hopefully, after prison, he can utilize this newly found structure to advance him through life successfully.

  12. tight lipped smiler

    I don’t know, he looks kinda retarded in the picture. Maybe they’ll just make him scrub their toilets with his buzz cut and hide their contraband in his cleft.

  13. Isnt that just wonderful for him… can anyone say ass pounding?

  14. I dunno, judging by the way he is gazing lovingly into that man’s eyes, I don’t know that he would be that objectionable to finding his soul mate (ass rapist) in prison..

  15. Deacon Jones

    Can we say “chinny fuck” time?

  16. Deva

    I hope his little ass gets raped. God forgive me but it’s time that these “celebities” started tasting justice the same way we all do instead of always getting a slap on the wrist.
    Make sure you wash you ass Nick. Trains comin’ through.

  17. …….HE ENJOYS PREVERENCE folks!!

  18. Clem

    It has to suck to look like you’re 35 when you are 17. It also has to suck when your sister is a man. and your mother looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife.

  19. el duderino

    I doubt he’ll be around violent offenders. Probably mostly junkies and petty thieves. Might get his ass kicked, but I doubt highly he’ll be sodomized.

  20. FACE

    Ridiculous how equally worthless and untalented Hollywood brats like the ugly Kardashian sister, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Ritchie all get off easy for violating the law and endangering the lives of other “less important” people on the road but it isnt until some is killed that one o f these rich pieces of shit actually gets desciplined like anyone else would.

  21. grobpilot

    In the words of his dear old dad: “This is God’s will. It will make Nick a better man”. I’m sure Nick will have plently of money to pay for the asshole tightening surgery he’ll need after he’s released from prison.

  22. SPR

    You guys are assholes the way you make fun of prison rape. Just because some passenger was stupid enough to get into a 1,000 horsepower Supra with a drunk and not wear his seatbelt the drunken driver deserves to get gang-raped and his self-esteem destroyed? You are all a bunch of cowards because instead of rising up against a system that keeps you a loser in life you wish horrors upon people whom you perceive to be in a better position in life then you are. You can’t even admit how jealous and enraged you are, because then you’d have to MAN UP and do something about your life, so instead you wish gang rape on Nick Hogan. You are the real PUNKS because you aren’t MEN who take charge and look for solutions and you have ZERO COMPASSION for a massive problem. You know how easy it can be sometimes to get locked up? I only hope you learn to feel compassion for others and be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

  23. Holyfuck

    #22, you are a jackass. This guy deserves to get ass raped not so much for the accident that injured his buddy, but more for the behavior of him and his family in the wake of the tragedy.

    Pull your head out.

  24. #22 Haha!!! Funniest comment all day!!! Keepem up!!

  25. Nicks Poop Chute

    It’s wrong to hope that he gets ass raped. If you people had any decency you would pray that he gets shived in the nutsack region.

  26. JG

    I agree with #22. Would you want your 17 year old son raped whatever he did? Particularly for an accident? He’s just a kid.

  27. Where's Darkwing Duck

    You’re right, no one wants their kid to be raped
    But I still want fucking donuts!

  28. V

    19 – They passed a bill in Florida in 2001 making felony reckless driving that results in serious injury a violent offense. So, he could very well be in with the other violent offenders.

  29. veggi

    Sure, he’s being transfered to gen-pop, but his friend John spends every day in the hole.

  30. Andrio

    “Best justice system in the world” – LMAO! You dumb fucks keep chanting that, maybe someday it’ll be even 10% true. Look at the evidence, including all the cheerleading here for homosexual rape. Americans are morally bankrupt and so is their society, as shown by how they treat their prisoners. At least the Islamic fanatics have the balls to cut off the heads of their enemies, instead of going into elaborate gay fantasies. You should change your country’s name to “United in Sodomy” and make San Francisco your capital.

  31. #22 — I could not disagree with you more. Getting ass raped is part of your punishment.. read the constitution! As the saying goes, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time/ass rape.

  32. Harry Ballzck

    #30 – Or you could just come on down and let ME fuck YOU in the ASS {{ (_|_) }}
    To islams – women are for bearing children, and men and donkeys are for fun. So try your ~wizdumb~ on someone who gives a shit ala-whatever.
    Islamic fanatics have NO balls – that’s why they hide behind women and kids and kidnap under dark and attack from the REAR !! HAHAHAHA …..
    My what balls you think you have – face me M/F and we’ll see who comes out on top and who gets their ass reamed … I’m far from a homo – but I’d LOVE to fuck you in that big mouth of yours

  33. Andrio

    Thanks for providing a perfect example.

  34. Ferdinand Narcos

    The family needs to get Brooke(seeing how she’s the only one who can read)to look up “Gay Bowel Syndrome”,’cause Nickie’s gonna be dealing with it the rest of his life.

  35. Harry Ballzck

    You’re quite welcome
    and more than welcome to come visit

  36. Ariella

    “he’ll be in close contacts with other adult inmates”
    …tee hee

  37. Night

    You guys have seen wayyyyyy too many movies.

    He’s in with people guilty of misdemeanors, in a dormitory like setting. I know what kind of jail it is. Think summer camp with restrictions.

    Trust me. Potheads, multiple DUI offenders, and chronic shoplifters are not going to lay a finger on him, considering that a lot in there are on the final days of their release and aren’t going to jeopardize it.

    You’ll have a couple of idiots in there but for the most part nothing is going to happen to him.

  38. Gary B

    Remember the 1980′s? When we are all little tykes watching the WWF after the brain scorching block of Saturday Cartoons, remember how we looked up to Hulk Hogan.

    Remember when Hulkamania actually meant something.

  39. tools...

    Are we seriously cheering rape here people? Oh wait, I get it. You’re the assholes who rape women and then try to say that “she was asking for it.” Or you’re the asshole who has some sick prison rape fantasies. Either way, you’re deranged. Go back to high school clown shoes.

  40. Jealous

    I wish I could get ass raped.

  41. Robert

    1. Ohhh yEeeahhh Brother!
    2. Power Bottom!

    Priceless: Nick Yelling Ohhh yEeeeahh Brother! while being a power bottom.

  42. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    You are a fucking cocksucker. How dare you call people Clown Shoes?
    You think you’re better than everyone else? Well, I have no doubt that you are just jealous because
    j/k you’re retarded.
    Clown Shoes?
    Careful someone might try to rape you for that.

  43. Robert

    In a country where the people have the power to change the legal system, but do not do so….

    In a country where we call criminals trash even AFTER they’ve served their time, but we’re too pc to announce our desire to build a gas chamber…

    In a country where we’re too lazy to reform the prisons that allow prisoners to get raped….

    In a country were celebrities and the rich are held about everyone and it’s advertised on a daily basis…

    Yeah, tools, it becomes funny after the numbness sets in.

  44. she's a screamer


    Far from a homo? That’s not what your girlfriend told me. I know all about how you beg her to fuck you in the ass with a strap-on. And how you make her wear a football jersey and a helmet. She also told me that you sometimes cry afterwards.

    And then I screwed her senseless on your bed. On your birthday.

    You’re welcome.

  45. kitty

    wha, he’s 18? are we sure about that? He looks 40!!!!! whoah!

  46. Jamie's Uterus

    He may enjoy a good prostate massage. It may bring something out in him.

  47. mai-tai

    Why does this kid look so old at 17 years of age? Rough life, huh?

  48. father time

    why do those jackass hogan kids look like they’re in their 40′s ?

  49. father time

    why do those jackass hogan kids look like they’re in their 40′s ?

  50. late on the comments.
    but dude
    LO fucking L
    niggas got put into STOCK AID

    hes so fucked.
    niggas will fight you because ur on the phone but the real reason is because they want ur convisary mealt ticket. dude. WHITE TRASH… fuck them hogans.

    CUBAN niggas keeping in real al the way from the 305 too the fucking lost my wallet in el segundo 310 type shit.

    this site has never ceased to amaze me since 1 year ago when my fucking
    3D animation teachers exposed us all to it the first day of class.


    fuck us weekly… people… and all the other lames,

    you keep it trill. hate hate hate.

    but yeah

    when i catch spencer.

    ill record the beatdown.

    check my site out when u get a chace.

    i got niggas getting woooped on some bullshit.

    emmm eye yay yoooooooooooo

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