Nick Hogan back on the road already. Whee!

February 3rd, 2009 // 41 Comments

Despite having his license suspended for three years after the 2007 drag-racing crash that left his best friend John Graziano in a vegetative state with a giant hole in his head, Nick Hogan is allowed behind the wheel again but only to and from work with “no exceptions,” according to TMZ. Because he wouldn’t possibly speed then and try to compensate for a small penis. No way.

Wait. Back up a second. To and from work? Since when does Nick Hogan work? I didn’t realize spending his dad’s money and listening to an iPod constituted a vocation. But, hey, I’m sure he’s learned his lesson. Or will after the next crash. Seriously, for real this time. Promise.

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  1. Right Fury

    Maybe the Graziano’s will hire some unemployed GI to whack this tool.

  2. Newcastle

    God this d-bag is a waste of fucking space. I wonder if he ever pays his old friend visits in the hospital?

  3. Jrz

    His job should be cleaning up after fatal car accidents.

  4. Jrz

    actually, his job should be getting kicked in the head.

  5. i think that the hogan family wins the award for trashiest family in america.

  6. bubba

    his job is to take in the ass from nice ex con’s
    he love’s his job.

  7. Hedley Lamar

    His job should be nothing more than coming to terms with the fact he is white! ….and a douchebag.

  8. 10pound

    He looks like a shit I took this morning.

  9. Jrz

    Bubba, I think I get what you’re saying. Very well put….very well spoken….

  10. Jrz, his job description should be “crash test dummy”.

  11. Boonie

    It’s nice to see he’s really embracing the gay life, with the white watch, white shoes, peach fuzz beard….

    Life in prison really did some good for him! Plus he can store cans of corn up his ass!


    Nick Hogan

    There once lived a Hogan most heinous
    Who crippled his friend and inflamed us
    Spent time in the pen
    With a lot of close friends
    But now needs to drawstring his anus

  13. Anexio

    I’m really getting tired of all the haters that try to bring this young man down.

    He’s just trying to make his way in life and everyone just hates him. People here hate him, the cops hate him, everyone. And there are no good reasons for it.

    Give the young man a break and try a little forgiveness. He might surprise you and accomplish some great things. Personally, I think he’s got some greatness in him.

  14. Monkey's Bone

    Twerp family members won’t be happy until someone is dead – preferably him

  15. havoc

    This prick is wasting my oxygen…


  16. Monkey's Bone

    @14 – wellll ……
    Let’s start with the fact that his name isn’t even “Hogan”
    It’s a much less dramatic sounding name like “Nick Bollea.” But he’s chosen to use the name “Hogan” because of it’s popularity.(moronic)
    Anybody who doesn’t even know his own name can’t be all that bright. (moron)
    0r we could go with another fact – his drunken ass put another human being in a bed for the remainder of his life and the jackass thinks it’s the other guys fault for even getting in his car. (moronic denial)
    0r we could go with another fact – his parents were far from role models, and continue to be so. (family of morons)
    0r we can make fun of the fact that his sister looks like kis brother ….. (Amazonian moron)
    I mean bashing this piece of shit is easy !!! (multitude of moronic display)

  17. Anexio


    You’re reply would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    At some point you need to get yourself the box set of Hogan Knows Best like I did. You can clearly see that the Hogan family is a loving and caring family and have managed to raise a young man like Nick in an honorable and decent way. That ought to count for something in this rotten, hard world.

    Nobody made that other guy get into the car, and if Nick hadn’t gotten cut off there would have never been an accident. If Nick wasnt such a good driver who knows how bad the accident might have been. What if Nick had gotten hurt! Ever think of that you “moron?”

    I think you know I’m right, you’re just trying to get me upset. I guess I know, deep in my heart, that Nick Hogan is a decent and upstanding young man that is just trying to make his way in this hard, cruel world. Jerks like you don’t make it any easier by making stuff up and gossiping about decent people.

  18. Rob

    anyone who replies after me swallows my load.

  19. 10pound

    Anyone who watches that dumb ass Hogan reality show (cough cough #18) is a fucking moron and should voluntarily choke to death on their own tongue.


  20. Allen's Woody

    Anyone still using that “anyone who replies after me, swallows my load” posting (#19) takes it up the ass repeatedly with various kitchen utensils or empty glass bottles when various kitchen utensils are not readily available.

  21. Jrz

    Bravo! Bravo Limerick Man!!!!!

  22. Pathetic Worm

    Nick would ride a motorcycle but he doesn’t have any low speed handling skills.

  23. ORLY?

    Anexio is NIck Hogans’s boyfriend.

  24. Newcastle

    Post #18, go watch the video of what his “buddy” looks like in the hospital. Then read the angry transcripts of Nick D-Bag Hogan talking about how it wasn’t his fault. Of course it was his fault. He drove drunk. That was his choice. He took the risk of his passengers and anyone else on the road. Did his “buddy” have some choice in this? Sure but that shouldn’t make any of us feel the slightest bit of sympathy for the punishment Nick D-bag received or feel as though he has paid for his crimes. Far from it my friend.

  25. Yeah, OK!

    #18 – “honorable and decent way?” You mean by his plastic, man-mother dating someone as young as he is because of her lack of self esteem? Or by her also getting caught racing and then citing it’s “so much fun?” L-O-S-E-R.

    And when has Nicky-baby ever faced a “hard cruel world” when he’s been surrounded and comforted by Daddy’s millions? Yeah, living in a Miami mansion really compares to the hardships faced by most people today losing their jobs, losing their homes.

    Sure, great comparisons, you friggen tool!!

  26. Kelley

    EVERYone’s comments would be taken more seriously if any of you knew how to spell, such as the difference between “you’re” and “your.” Bunch of dumb-asses. Nick Hogan or Bollea or Nick Whatever is a shameless, remorseless waste of good skin, air and good rations.

  27. richard mcbeef

    nick hogan and #18 both need to DIAF.

  28. beep beep

    #13 ROFLMAO

  29. bubba

    #27 kelly …. Hogan?


    First of all…fuck this kid. The NOFX song “Idiot Son of an Asshole” comes to mind when I look at him.

    Also, LOL @ him going bald already and he’s still like 17.

  31. bootlips

    He’s just too cool….. MOMMY!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA, SAVE ME, MOMMY!!!!!

  32. The terrorists have won.

  33. be real

    you all are stupid- he pled guilty, got time, did his time and is now “free” -tough crap if none of you dont like it…. yes nick is an idiot- but quit your whining already.. wa wa wa….

  34. daleile555

    YES!! he’s the man!! like always!
    hot cougars and milfs on ^^^^__ AgelessMate.Com__^^^^ love him so much!! wanna try your chemistry? it’s never too late to start your romance!! haha

  35. PLEASE, get your kids of the street.
    DO NOT START YOUR CAR’S ENGINE until you’re damn sure he is not “ON THE ROAD” anymore, folks!!

  36. nick hogan is a murderer

    everytime anyone tells me that US has a fair justice system, i will refer them to this article.

  37. TJ

    I wonder where this man’s reality TV show is?? He’s so talented and handsome. I just can’t wait for its debut.

  38. TJ

    He’s going bald like his father…he’d better hurry up and find a chick.

  39. karma

    This is something that Nick has to deal with everyday of his life. He did his time and is probably paying an enormous amount to the G family. I suppose none of you have EVER made a mistake that you regret, right?
    If he wasn’t the son of a celebrity most of you wouldn’t be acting so ugly about it all.
    Nick deserves a chance to prove he learned something from this tragedy. I rather doubt John G. was the “angel” everyone is assuming now that he’s a victim. Remember he was out racing with Nick… doubtful Nick forced him into the car. Honestly, he was probably encouraging Nick in the race.. most of you have been there.. right in the thick of it until all hell breaks loose.. Fair weather friends indeed.

  40. Lori

    I think nick hogan #18 and # 40 should be shot in the head. Limerick man that’s the bomb

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