Nick Carter says Paris Hilton is a drug smuggler

October 23rd, 2006 // 55 Comments

Earlier this month Paris Hilton was photographed with a bag of cannabis in her purse although her publicist maintains it was just tobacco. But now Nick Carter has come out and is claiming Paris is addicted to marijuana and even stuffs it in her teddy bear when she travels overseas. He says:

“She relied heavily on drugs and drink to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform. I lost count of the nights I had to pick her off the floor and drag her to bed passed out. If she was going overseas she’d cut a hole in her teddy and stuff it with cannabis. She had to have her own private stash with her at all times regardless of the consequences.”

What kind of performance is Nick Carter looking for? It’s not like he was dating Matthew McConaughey. As long as the woman is alive and has a vagina everything’s pretty much okay.


  1. flamarkel

    She has much better places than a stuffed animal in which to smuggle drugs. Large, vacuous places, whose smells, appearances and infestations likely would scare off any Customs officials. You know what I mean.

  2. Binky

    Too wasted to perform ?
    I guess she was supposed to strap one on…
    No wonder she’s hooked on dope.

  3. Paris may or may not be a drug smuggler, but one thing she is for sure is a SLUT !!!

  4. DmdFreak

    I’ll take fourth.

  5. fucking classy

    Wow, talking about how your ex was in bed to the tabloids is REALLY classy.

    But then again, it

  6. Dirt McGirt

    Whoever the person is that writes the “stories” on the front page of this site is not funny anymore; seriously, his “humor” is complete shit. Same old stuff, every day. nothing new. While were on this subject, everyone on here should be ashamed of themselves for even being on this site. I know I’m being hypocritical, but so be it. I have to be for your sakes. Apparently, no one else who knows you is telling you, so I have to be the one who does. your lives are pathetic…you have to go online and talk shit about celebrities because your own lives are horrible, youre all probably a bunch of wage slaves, coming home after your nine to fives and writing comments that no one important will ever see or care about. The guys who write in here are losers, probably never seen a vag since theyve been born, and the women have such low self-esteem that they have to trash other girls to make themselves feel better. What else have I forgot? Oh, yeah, you know that the guy that runs this site is probably a major pedophile or something to be scanning the internet for womens “nip-slips” or something else. Do you know what they do to people like you in prison asshole? Maybe all the celebsluts on here are ho’s, and are addicted to drugs/alcohol, but there lives (at least the partying) is probably no different than your own pathetic existence. One more thing: if youre on this site and are over, say, 29, you should be shot on site for mere principle. Yes, anything over 29 is pathetically old you old ass fuckers. That is all.

  7. Italian Stallion

    I used to bring hash back from Italia in my shoes. I would cover it in two bags and spray the outside with cologne. Since that idiot made a shoe bomb, this doesn’t quite work anymore because you have to take off your shoes. I’m older now anyway and realized the stupidity of all this. It was good stuff though and not always easy to find over here………..

    P.S. Paris has the herpes….Ewwwww

  8. Madrid Marriott

    You know you’ve hit rock bottom when a former Backdoor Boy is ragging on you. And Nick Carter in particular.

  9. Steeno


    quit cutting and pasting your complaint.

    go away.

    then we’ll all get your point.

  10. Madrid Marriott

    This could get ugly. Statement from Aaron Carter, released this morning:

    “I must respond to a media report issued earlier today indicating that Paris Hilton was often unable to ‘perform’ in the bedroom for my brother, Nick. For the record, Paris always performed like a champ for me. I have the sores and burns to prove it. She also often commented that my schlong puts Nick’s to shame. Thank you.”

  11. Steeno

    i’m not surprised at her chemical dependencies. she has mega issues. must suck to be her.

    5 yrs ago, before we all had tmi on her personal probs and media-manipulating-prob, she seemed to have everything. now i only envy her her bank. but if being born with that, through her family, would land me in her shoes, no thanx!

  12. RichPort

    Headline should read:

    Paris Hilton is a herpes smuggler

    I thought Mr. Cahtah was gansta? Where does he get off calling it “cannabis” when clearly it that sticky icky shit…

  13. Brak

    I’m starting to like this Nick Carter guy…

    Also, Paris Hilton’s hands (and feet) look disgusting.

  14. knowhere

    maybe it’s just tobacco she smuggled in her teddy bear. more of that green, sticky tobacco.

  15. Italian Stallion

    Hey Old Dirty Bastard:

    You know what’s even more pathetic then us coming on here for a good laugh?
    A stupid fuck like yourself taking the time to write all that out instead of just not saying anything at all and never coming back. I’m sure you did it for attention. I’m sorry your father doesn’t give you attention in your ass anymore, but it’s no reason to take it out on us. Later stupid fucker…………..

  16. I’m happy to report, I gave Paris her wonkey eye. I would always fuck her in her herpes infected ass and then go Ass to Mouth on her. I would pull out of her mouth just in time to spunk into her right eye. Causing what the doctors (like DrRokter) affectionately now call “ejaculate eye”.

  17. RichPort

    Dirt McGirt is Edna’s newest moniker. I’m shocked she can even get out of bed after I rode that heffer like one of the bulls in fucking Pamplona. She had to get her stomach pumped from my splooge after I went medievel on her ass… I’m surpised the bitch can even type anymore. Who knew Edna liked Wu Tang?

  18. amhi

    I have such low self-esteem that I have to trash other girls to make myself feel better.

    Now fuck off.

  19. BigJim

    Reading that Paris is a total lush and a pot head makes a lot of sense. I had a hard time believing that someone could be that stupid and be able to walk and breathe at the same time.

  20. slantingthroughdarkness

    “Drug smuggler” is only the third-worst thing Paris has been called today.

  21. ponk

    what they forgot to mention is where she hides the teddy bear. Adds a whole new definition to the term “stuffed” animal. Does anybody know what they use to experiment Valtrex for teddy bears with – stuffed lab mice?

  22. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    I don’t like Paris–in fact, I’d rather hang with Sarah-Jean than Paris, but Nick Carter is a fuckwad to talk about her like that now that it’s over. Like a now ex-boyfriend of mine who kept calling all his former girlfriends “psychos.” I told him to STFU–after all, if every girl he dated was a psycho, what’s that say about him?

    Besides, Paris probably pretended to pass out so she wouldn’t have to face Nick’s miniscule masculine equipage. She was afraid she’d laugh one too many times, and then “Pow, Alice–right to the moon!”

  23. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t know what Dirt McGirt’s problem is, he’s so naturally witty and talented, he doesn’t need to work blue!

  24. NotANiceGirl

    this explains so much!
    the bad clothes, finding all those losers like brandon davis funny and greasy oil boy cute…the dopey look in her eyes….

    I too make odd choices when stoned out of my head but at least it doesn’t make me bad in bed… but now I’ll just sit around being paranoid about being bad in bed until…wait what was I saying? I’m suddenly hungry…drugs rule!!!

  25. tsarinaamanda


    You are the WORST TROLL EVER. All you did was repeat the exact same thing that EVERY PERSON who criticizes this site says, and you did it in a virtually unreadable, rambling, excessively long paragraph. You talk about how all of us don’t have lives, but you don’t see anyone ELSE writing a freaking novel on why this site sucks so bad, so if you hate it and us so bad, then please go the fuck away. Live that spectacular, wonderful, amazing life that you claim to have, and let us wallow in our “misery”. It’s fun, and we don’t come off as sanctimonious, arrogant pricks who think they know it all, unlike you. Fucktard.

    Anyways, about Parasite…is anyone REALLY shocked about this? I guess she’s gotta kill those remaining two brain cells, so she can make the Guinness book of World Records for the stupidest, most worthless human being to ever live. I guess it’s good to have such easily attainable goals….keep reaching for that rainbow, Paris!

  26. biatcho

    Hi, name is Dirt McQueerFucker. I don’t have any friends and my daddy used to use my anus as a fuckbuddy nightly. I don’t like women and feel that they would be of better use pushing up daisies in my parents backyard or buried beneath the cement floor in my apartment, which also happens to be in my parents basement. I enjoy video games, toasting cats & various other small rodents in the microwave and an occasional 24 pack of PBR in a can.
    If anyone at all finds any of this remotely attractive please email me at http://www.hookerkiller.fingerbutt

  27. The Carters are drug addicts. Look at their blood shot/slanted eyes in any of the interviews they do. The younger brother, LOL – Nick’s little puppet beyatch.

    That bag looks like it has ruffed up chocolate, rice crispy squares.

  28. Astriastar

    Awww~ Dirt McGirt is the new Edna Bambrick, just not as colorful or as much fun!

  29. leewhee

    Uh, tobacco isn’t usually green and generally doesn’t have seeds.

  30. NotANiceGirl

    @ #30….Not the good kind anyay! Just say yes

  31. Nuke L.A.

    Dirt McGirt is actually Paris Hilton. Either that or everything he/she claims everyone else to be. God the internet is full of douches.
    Back to the bashing:
    Anyone who saw the infamous video already knows that a dead fish would be more lively in bed. And you would think after all the cock that’s been in her mouth that she would know how to give a decent blowjob.

  32. laikiska

    Dear Dirt,

    Learn to spell properly and possibly express yourself more eloquently and we might consider taking you more seriously.

    Then again I truly believe you have the same brain capacity as ms Hilton, hence the above is unlikely.

    So cheerio bro and have a lekker life in your pitiful dead-serious existence…

  33. Stuey75

    aww man i had something really funny to say. I had to go take a Dirt McGirt and I forgot.

  34. Danklin

    SF you’re wrong, Nick Carter doesnt even need a vagina to tap. Im sure he and Lance Bass got together many a nights.

  35. Danklin

    and and Dirt Mcgirt, blow it out your ass shithead.

  36. #6 Dirt McGirt,

    Here is where your theory about all of us having terrible lives and being jealous goes wrong.

    If we bitched about all the money Paris had, or how she wasted all her time partying or how she only looked good because she spend hours per day getting worked on…well then that might sound like Jealously The problem is, most of the comments about Paris on here go something like this.

    Gee, she COULDN’T stuff the pot up there, it might stick to one of her Herpes Blisters”


    “Wow, what the hell happened to her nose? It’s sagging down almost as low as her labia after a weekend with the L.A. Lakers”

    So you see Dirt, the REAL problem for these celbs is that we are the people that they are desperatly trying to capture the attention of. Poor Paris spends all her time just trying to get us to glance at her, and even after all her efforts guess what? We still didn’t buy her shitty CD. So you can go on feeling smug, but the fact is, we mock them becuase they are ridiculous parodies of what real human beings should be. If we were jealous of people we would be making fun of good looking intelligent people, not strung out Herpes infected jokes.

  37. She should do real drugs like cocaine and rohypnol

  38. NipsyHustle

    well paris may be a drug addict/smuggler, but nick is apparently a predator/date raper. poor nick. having to pick up a passed out whore and “drag her to bed” to fuck her every which way but loose. i guess he’s a gentleman for not just nailing her where he found her.

    i’m sure the lifeless response she gave while passed out was the same lifeless response she would give awake cause nick carter is a “backstreet” boy if you know what i mean. ass bandit all day long. even if he did like poon, i’m sure he’s all premature ejaculation and awkward apologies.

  39. Shagggy

    well its seems like we all might be wrong about her. He beer/Sperm gut might be only a midnight munchie pooch

  40. el_princess


    The drugs would still not explain the herpes infested mess that is Paris.

  41. @6

    I could rip you to shreds on your grammar and spelling as well as your ridiculous insights, but I won’t go into detail about that because frankly, you are not worth getting upset about. However, I have some thoughts for you-

    You are like a million others who love to attack people so that you can feel better about yourself.

    You would also be wrong about who comes to this site and why. For example, I am CEO of a successful corporation and come here for the entertainment. It is often amusing to see what some of the celebs are up to and to read what people really think of them.

    I often find myself laughing at the witty comments that users of this site make, and while I do not always agree with the comments or sometimes even find them a bit over the top when it comes to good taste, I respect freedom of speech.

    We do not have to like web sites, television programs, radio programs, etc. and we are empowered with a great way out should we find that we dislike something… we can stop watching or listening.

    Which is exactly what I suggest the readers of your posts do when you speak like this because you really have said nothing of value; it certainly isn

  42. Let’s calm down, people! The Carter boys are just trying to stir up publicity for their sad show.

    Remember, if we don’t watch the show or pay attention to them, THEY WILL GO AWAY!…

  43. kitty_kat

    What a loser. How pathetic that he’s trying to use his ex-girlfriend to get publicity.

  44. dataBody

    how can a girl be so stoned that she can’t perform? she just has to lie there and let nick do all the work. i’m sure he wouldn’t mind if she was concious or not, but he might require those fake moans to boost his own confidence.

  45. smuggles

    Nick Carter should talk. I was at a party a couple months ago and saw his little brother Aaron smoking weed himself. Not only that, he was trying to unsuccessfully score coke. Not the cola kind either.

  46. Marjolein

    Shit.. 1 thing I have to like about this cunt :’(
    Gotta love the herb

  47. Nick Carter says Paris is a drug smuggler, I say Nick Carter should have gone to law school. Same shit, I think.

  48. Nick Carter is a NARC!

  49. BLucky

    Relying on drugs for confidence is still less embarrassing than being a member of the Carter family.

  50. pepsiBinLaden-Bush

    shut the fuck up #42…….who gives a shit about your life…..”im a CEO of “….go mastebate for all i care….bitch!

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