Nick Bollea’s car crash victim opens his eyes

John Graziano, the 22-year-old passenger in Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea’s car the day it crashed, has opened his eyes and is semi-conscious, according to Tampa Bay’s 10 News:

He still can’t breathe without a machine and can’t speak, but recently, he has shown some signs of improvement.
Graziano leaned away from his mother as she tried to touch his face recently, she said.

Awesome. Now Hulk Hogan’s lawyers can get to work investigating why John Graziano’s lack of a seatbelt is a more heinous crime than drag-racing drunk. I even hear the Hulk is trying to pin his divorce on it as well. The only problem is no one has seen the seatbelt since the crash. Though my trusted sources within the Pentagon claim it was last spotted in the mountains of Afghanistan leading an Al Qaeda training camp.

Photo: Splash News