Hey, They Found Nick Stahl

Thanks to Nick Stahl’s wife constantly talking to the media, we were led to frantically believe he’d been missing since May 9 even though friends had seen him since then and he has a history of vanishing for a few days to blow his royalty checks on heroin then crawl home and ask if Terminator 3 really happened or did he just imagine it. (Answer: Beats me.) On top of that, the police didn’t really seem too concerned, but hey, would you look at that? He surfaced over the weekend telling everyone he’s going to rehab, so you can all put away those obituaries predictably raving about Carnivàle without even once mentioning how he played a good then a bad guy in the magnum opus Disturbing Behavior, you goddamn Philistines. E! News reports:

Now that the search is finally over, Rose Murphy Stahl has opened up about the painful experience, taking to Twitter to let concerned fans know she’s doing OK:
“It’s all good. In the sense the search is over. There is safety and even some comfort now. I left a couple statements because I know my Twitter has few followers and feel its the right thing to let people that have worried and speculated and even set out on foot in search know that it’s ok now,” Rose tweeted. “There are questions and details that I didn’t ask and don’t need to know. I dont have details. Once the missing persons report was released it was overwhelming to have such private information out there. And it wasn’t mostly my private information. I spoke to media at times on behalf of my husband. Mostly when I was at a loss or even panicking. Or feeling defensive. Not a always a great recipe.”

And so ends the time everyone went, “Wait, he was that yellow dude in Sin City? Get the fuck out,” before setting their shit-giving machines into the off position.

Photo: Getty