Nick Carter is the Worst and Was Accused of Rape (Again…)

I’ve written about a lot of scumbags this year (unfortunately I have yet to find out any kind of astrological correlation), but Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter might have just jumped a few spots on the Scumbag of the Year Ballot. In a gut-wrenching blog post, Melissa Schuman, a former member of P. Diddy’s girl band DREAM, details the time that Nick Carter raped her in his crappy, unfurnished apartment. She tried to press charges but because the entire planet was riding Backstreet Boy dick at the time (consensually), she was shut down.

The post is a little long (and you should read it) but here are the broad strokes…

  • Nick Carter had his management set them up because he’s a pussy and couldn’t call a girl for himself.
  • Melissa (18 at the time) was hired to do a made for TV movie with the then 22-year-old.
  • Nick brought her over after work to what sounds like the most bro-tastic apartment of all time (no furniture except for video game console on the floor and plenty of booze).
  • He forcefully ate her out and then made her suck his dick in a bathroom… kind of like the other time he was involved with another dude in a bathroom doing THE EXACT SAME SHIT.
  • Nick Carter took her virginity despite her telling him that she was saving it for marriage — he replied with the line “I could be your husband,” before she passed out.
  • From that point forward, Melissa’s career inexplicably took a nosedive due to her management having close ties with Nick Carter’s empire of lady hushers.
  • Nick Carter is a douche who wears too much cologne.

Fine, I added that last one myself because I ran into him one time in a real estate office waiting room and after spending two minutes sitting next to him, I smelled like I just ran through a gauntlet of Axe body spray sprinklers. He also grumbled and ignored me when I said, “what’s up,” which is kind of rude (this was in the south, it’s not weird to say hello). After he left, I made a comment to the receptionist about how that guy who just walked out smelled like shit and she informed me who he was.

“Ew.” I said.

“I know, right?” She replied.

I guess my point is that Nick Carter is a douche and can fumigate a room with his scumbag aura.

I’m just going to strongly recommend you click here and read every word of Melissa’s blog post (it’s hard, but it’s important). Once you do that, Nick’s brother Aaron won’t seem all that bad.

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