Christina Aguilera still has huge breasts, and something about voting

June 26th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Christina Aguilera stopped by Larry King Live last night (video after the jump) to talk about her involvement in Rock the Vote. She recently filmed a PSA where she sings “America the Beautiful” while holding newborn baby Max. Christina just wants people to vote and wouldn’t endorse a specific candidate. She also admitted this is her first time voting in an election and then said some sentimental stuff about her son.

Honestly, I started tuning out when I realized most of the footage was from the neck up which is all well and good. Anytime I see Christina’s ridiculous chest, I weep uncontrollably. I can’t get over the fact that Jordan Bratman touches those things every night while wearing nothing but an Iron Man mask and socks. Who are you really, Bratman? Name yourself!


  1. brian

    not first

  2. Tommy

    I would love to Rod Stewart those breast

  3. havoc



  4. WhoCares!!


  5. WhoCares!!


  6. tulgeyhat13


  7. Mandingo



    Xtina has great friggin cans!

    #2 LOL

  8. Larry

    Tittie Tittie here
    Tittie Tittie there
    Tittie tittie everywhere

  9. Lou Zirz

    Yes, yes, just what we need – uninformed voters who never bothered to act like responsible citizens before, voting for a presidential candidate, cuz,
    zOMG, like Suzee and like everybody said he’s like the best EVA!

  10. I’d tity fuck those boobs!

  11. Joana

    By the time she’s done breastfeeding, her boobs are going to be hanging down by her knees, just you wait… After all that stretching… it’s going to get ugly!

  12. sportsdvl

    Yes, troll #10 – I would titty fuck them until Xtina got a nice pearl necklace. Then we’d laugh at all you trolls who have probably never been with a woman before!

    haha, “rod stewart” them! LOL

  13. MissKitty

    Wow, she really needs to tone down that hair colour

    orange face + white scalp = nasty

  14. #13 fuck off, quit using my name dickhole.

  15. Harry

    So the kid’s name is Max Bratman? Oh man! I am so gonna be taking his lunch money in 1st grade!!!

  16. dan

    i had a comment i wanted to make, but i completely forgot what it was. where am i?

  17. amy

    she’s not lookin’ very lovely these days. yeah, her hair colOr is truly icky.

  18. Deacon Jones


    Wrong sweetie, the blonder the better

    I wonder how many of that rat-Jew bastards curly black pubes she brushes off her tits every time that slob rolls off of her

  19. Ted Mosby

    Those fake sweater puppets look good.

  20. Ted from LA

    If you’re going to have tits like that you should be required to wear really big red shoes and do balloon tricks.

  21. LL

    She looks like an Oompa Loompa prostitute. Why do white chicks (yeah, i know her last name is Aguilera, but c’mon, she white) think being orange looks good?

  22. @15 + @13, hey troll thats getting old now.

    @14 couldnt agree more

  23. haroof

    Wow I would make a colossal mess on those tits.

  24. titlover

    those are great!

  25. i_wana_b_a_troll

    …. she’s been borrowing KK’s ass pads …. and cuttin them in 2! thems babies aren’t real … she’s milking this whole boob attention thing {and i don’t mean literally =}

  26. britney's weave

    when did her hair turn white? how old is she? what did i miss?

  27. Her tits are so large now they are almost comical. Funny how she lost most of the rest of the baby weight except in the boobie dept. me thinks she is scamming us.

    My trolls are blasting my other trolls. LOL. How humorous. I feel so…..stalked. And sad, for all of you trolls.

  28. Toolboy

    Yes, you probably are correct about the future knee bruising, but right now, she is fine….and I quote the great philospher know only as “Gary”:
    “I was insane for this crazy little Xtina bitch. I was nuts for the woman, man…now you gotta believe me…I’m tellin’ the truth here…I’m speakin’ to you…I was nuts for the girl. She wouldn’t have to worry about no titties for the rest of her life, boy, you know she was set and she was lookin’ gooood son!”
    Like my shrink always says:
    “Live in the now you god damn pussy, worry just gives a big shadow to a small problem.” My shrink used to be a taoist drill sergeant.

  29. havoc

    You don’t have any photos of Xtina hugging Kim K. and smushing their titties together do you?

    You sure? Cause I’ll take a photoshopped one or something.

    Maybe, you know, put some feelers out there and see. You never know, there may be a photo of Xtina and Kim K. hugging and smushing their titties together and laughing because it feels so good.

    So good.



  30. Xtina and Kim K.

    Sorry, sweetie, our titties don’t smush. They knock together like rocks. Our sweaters would catch on fire.

  31. 31st!!!!!

    trottfelipe dot com!!!!!

  32. Lulu


    Well said. Truer words have never been spoken.

  33. You guys fail to see the fact that when her boobs deflate it will just allow her to add CCs to the implants. damn. i love them sweater cows

  34. I almost wanna make a skin suite our of her boobs, kinda like Silent of the Lambs, “Would you fuck me?” **Goodbye horses play in the background**

  35. NiceRack

    See, back in the day I was SURE Xtina was going to be the crazy slutty one that would ruin here career being crazy and slutty. As it turns out, that was Britney,

    And #19, you made me throw up a little… That is a nasty mental picture!

  36. Wendi

    zOMG you guys! Look at those ginormous boobies! zOMG! But it did remind me, it’s like so important and stuff to vote RIGHT NOW for that one guy, the one with the, like, Icelandic sounding name or something, because of slavery and all that junk. Just rock it!!! zOMG!!!


    hottie with a body. TIG O BITTIES
    playboy bunny blonde-hot as hell. as always.
    glamorous! muah.

  38. @ #35: Would you please please stop trolling me? You went and linked my name to a gayporn site! Do you honestly think that’s what America’s youth need, gay porn?

    For your information, I have a high minded purpose in logging on here. I’m here to inform the general public about the virtues of sports, and to help mold America’s next generation, and in particular, America’s next generation of black youth, who need to look forward to something more than being yard apes, porch monkeys and lawn jockeys!

  39. jill


  40. crabby old guy

    Argh matey – would ya look at the prow on that steamer!

    Now THAT’S a balcony you can do Shakespeare off of!

  41. snarkymalarky

    Yuk, turned on by big, fake, varicose vein titties??? gross, she got those things waaay too big for her size and stature. Thats why they’re all busting out and veiny. Blech.

  42. Kiki

    i wonder how gwen stefani feels about xtina stealing her look but looking way better?!

  43. mabbo

    Singing “America the Beautiful” while holding her son Max. Ewwwww. Does that sound absolutely repulsive to anybody else but me?? And the the best part is the dumb bitch has never even voted before now!! What is she, 30 years old? Voting age in America is 18. I hate these people! But her stupid “fans” will no doubt eat it all up, but unfortunately for Xtina, her fans are still too young to vote. Heh.

  44. Lisa

    #22 Aguilera is a Spanish name, spaniards are from Europe; Europeans are white. Shes half Argentinian, and most Argentines of Spanish and Italian descent are not mixed with anything non-European, so they’re white. Ya See?

  45. I’ve said it before, @ LEAST she has talent and had the determination to work hard to get to where she is now! What did fatso K.K, Parisite, A. Lohan, Brody boy, or the Hogan boys ever do to become so well known?

  46. booobs

    Christina is married to a jew now so she’s obviously going to vote McCain.

  47. Jen

    I’m so sick of hearing about this whore. Next.

  48. jersey

    carolina, I agree – those are some great talents.
    how’s your sister?

  49. Gross

    I noticed shes covering them up a bit…after the last pictures I saw of her boobs all mangled/deformed/veiny looking while leaving Club Villa she must have had a recent touch up. Oh man those were some gross pics…*shudder* All I can think about are those veins and that horrible dent…

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