Kate Gosselin kinda sorta denies affair rumors

- Kate Gosselin “very hesitant” to believe affair rumors. That’s not a denial, folks. Although, a confirmation would be Jon Gosselin’s head on a stick in their front yard. But, you know, tastefully so the kids can use it as tetherball. Family first. [Radar Online]

- Vanessa Hudgens wants to see other people because Zac Efron won’t propose to her. Easier solution: Threaten to out him. God, I should be a couples counselor. [Celebslam]

- Jennifer Aniston is reportedly dating Bradley Cooper. Jesus. Who hasn’t this guy dated? He’s like a male Drew Barrymore. But not famous. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Chris Pine talks about his first acting job as a drunk patient on E.R. Which is funny because I told a woman I was a doctor on a first date. — Does Chris’ story end with pepper spray? Because that’s where mine is going. [Just Jared]

- Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler do three nights of red carpet events in a row. Wow. It’s like they lead the harshest existence known to man. Next you’ll tell me they had to get their own Starbucks – and wait in line. [Lainey Gossip]

- Lindsay Lohan apparently spent the night at Samantha Ronson’s house this week. Although, for the record, Sam was out of town, so Lindsay just busted out the peephole and slid through. That’s not creepy. [Pink is the New Blog]

Video: MSNBC