Hugh Jackman named his penis

May 4th, 2009 // 19 Comments

- Hugh Jackman named his penis “James Roger.” Well, I’m sold on Wolverine now. Who’s with me? [Allie is Wired]

- George Clooney is testifying in Cindy Crawford’s husband sexual harassment case. If it’s a lady judge, here’s the verdict: SEX-TASTIC! Followed by a lengthy mistrial. [PopSugar]

- Kate Walsh dating Private Practice co-star Paul Adelstein. I’m assuming this is juicy news, but then again I tried to get drunk off Scope this morning. Read into that however you like. [ICYDK]

- Jon Hamm is apparently super dreamy in person and nice as hell to boot. Hey, Draper, other people are working their asses off lowering expectations. I don’t clip coupons for Olive Garden for my health! [Best Week Ever]

- Eminem has another new video that suddenly that has something to do with murdering McDonald’s employees, Kim Kardashian and Hannah Montana. So, yes, he’s still basically Weird Al. [Videogum]

- Madonna’s publicist pretty much lies about everything. No matter how trivial the news, she’ll tell you the exact fucking opposite. Which is why I’ll be calling her later to say that Madonna is a normal human being who doesn’t eat children. [Jezebel]

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  1. Gar

    while the others are still staring at that nipple

  2. Fuck U

    Didn’t know he had a penis…I thought he had a pussy…because he is one.

  3. Dr McNasty


    Hmm, Hugh Jackman’s hair is starting to permanently look like Wolverine hair.

  4. live and let live

    #2 Fuck U (your name, I’m NOT telling you to…lol!)

    You must be thinking of a different actor because if you watch Hugh as Wolverine all you will see is ALL MAN! Yes, I am a woman, before you start name calling….XD

  5. I wonder…does he monogram his condoms?

  6. justifiable

    “John Thomas” is English/Aussie slang for ‘penis’ – he just chose his own names. Great, now none of his decisions will be made by a stranger.

  7. …………………………………………… it: “HUGH JACKMAN”, folks?

  8. or was it a: LANCE BASS, folks?

  9. Darth

    Not myself but my girls named my penis “Godzilla”.

  10. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Guess how i got my name!

  11. SoTe

    Oops, I’ve been calling it “Ay papi” all this time. Oh well… I’ll have to start calling it “Mmmm Jimmy” when I ride it. Yum!!!!
    Such a hot hot man! Guys stop calling him gay, just makes you sound like morons, just admit u will never even come close to being as hot as Mr Jackman like I admit I will never come close to looking as hot as Jolie or Megan Fox and don’t call either of them lesbians or frigid bitches (they r actually quite hot ).

  12. I’ve never named by…..package. Most of the girls that i mess with just call him “the monster”. I’ve learned to accept that, lol.

  13. kitty says

    lol @ SEX-TASTIC!

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    *** Seekingtall.c o m *** which I have joined.­ I think it is interesting and you will like it.

  15. I always thought it would be waaaaaaay funnier if his last name was Jazzman.

  16. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I love that this guys name is “Hugh’
    cuz when I fight with my husband and he screams “Fuck YOU!” I get to scream back “I wish I could but I’m stuck with your sorry ass!”

  17. redsonja1313


  18. oh yea

    I don’t get it. As Wolverine he makes me wetter than the Pacific Ocean. But as Hugh Jackman….he’s just so….gay looking.

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