Spencer Pratt is told about himself. Musically.

- Angelina Jolie wants to be president. Well, we elected a black guy, so why not a quasi-incestuous blood amulet-wearing child collector? It’s time, America. It’s time. [Celebslam]

- Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested for drunkenly assaulting an airport bartender who cut him off. — I’m failing to see the crime here. [The Blemish]

- Paris Hilton is tired of the Cristiano Ronaldo which now she says are completely made-up. Yes, because clearly the paparazzi caused all our eyes to see a clear as fuck picture of her flashing her snizz at Ronaldo in a club. Those devious bastards! [ICYDK]

- Audrina Patridge’s solo reality show is picked up by MTV. I’m going to assume she’ll be in a bikini the entire time unless their goal is to lose a shit-ton of money by boring their audience into comas. [PopSugar]

- Johnny Depp at the premiere of Public Enemies. For all the ladies who can’t figure out what the deal is with Robert Pattinson. [Lainey Gossip]

- Isabel Lucas reportedly out-hots Megan Fox in the new Transformers movie. I’ll be the judge of that – when it hits HBO. Don’t forget to remind me. [Just Jared]

Thanks to Emily for the video that, while humorous, involved two minutes and 55 seconds too much of Spencer’s face..