Jennifer Aniston still hates children

April 30th, 2009 // 33 Comments

- Jennifer Aniston is NOT adopting a baby. No, Angelina would be expecting that. But a dolphin…. [PopSugar]

- Hugh Jackman bought breakfast for 800 Wolverine fans waiting in line in Arizona. See, kids, never having sex does pay off. Free bagels?! That’s way better than a vagina! Awww yeah! [ICYDK]

- Paul Abdul apparently still doesn’t realized she was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen for his upcoming movie Bruno. She does, however, know that gin is delicious. Yum yum. [Videogum]

- Daniel Craig wearing sweatpants. Hey, sometimes even James Bond feels like a fatty and doesn’t want to leave the house. Fortunately, escort services deliver. God save the Queen! [Best Week Ever]

- Madonna gives Guy Ritchie the kids for the entire summer. Then again, that’s when she slumbers 10,000 feet below the Earth’s crust, and a Wii will only entertain them for so long. [Allie is Wired]

- Sarah Palin vs. Ann Coulter: It’s like someone figured out what I think about when I masturbate. Then substituted Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. [Jezebel]

Photos: Splash News

  1. Crabby Old Guy

    911′s been called pappy, the C-police will be with you shortly.

    So, and here’s the thing that I think most of us are still wondering, does Jenn swallow or spit?

    And by “most of us”, I mostly mean me. I really do wonder. A lot. While in the shower. Yeah, that’s right “Rachael”. Here it is, all fluffed up and ready for ya!

  2. larry the cable guy

    It’s good to hate children, They are all annoying stinking little disease ridden maggots and should be all sent to Catalina Island within a razor wire fence until twenty one years old

  3. Agreew/#3

    #3 is right.

    It must be a time/money issue. Apparently, The Superficial lost an editor or proofreader, too. Typos and bad grammar all over the place.

    “Paul Abdul”, who’s he?

  4. you know why?
    ……..SHE STILL ISN’T FRUITFUL, folks!!

  5. caliboy

    WOW she’s hot

  6. >>Friends is still a top draw on TV because of Jennifer

    Yes, and it is equally true that Jennifer Aniston became famous because of THAT show!

  7. Her hair looks amazing in that photo. I really wish she’d find love soon. She deserves it.

  8. justanotherpost

    Not too crazy about the dress

  9. justanotherpost

    Not too crazy about the dress

  10. justanotherpost

    Not too crazy about the dress

  11. Rhialto

    I don’t think she’s lesbian.I can be wrong but she enjoys too much the company of males.She’s maybe the type who has her sexuality pretty much in control.She maybe doesn’t need a guy for money or status.Maybe she’s just looking for good genes and chemistry.Which is a much more harder job.

  12. J-Dizzle


    Randal you should prolly do us a favor, inject yourself with bleach and throw yourself onto a highway during rush hour. “Keep it up!”

  13. HAIR EXTENSIONS! If you couldn’t tell, that’s because they are really good ones. You’re not supposed to be able to tell :) Like here…

  14. Ali

    Look at those old lady hands. Eww she is getting old. I see why Mayer didn’t want her. Bet she got a old bitter women nasty attitude to go with those hands.
    She don’t need to raise and kids.

  15. Oic

    Bet Jen has always been a lesbian that didn’t want children.
    The way she hang all over Courteney. Then she was always at the Cox-Arquette’s house. David probably agree to her being in their bed.
    Don’t look like she is into men.

  16. RtSS

    She’s got three holes that I’d love to splooge in. The close-up of her face and her lips makes me dream of mouth f–ken her. The the body shot draws attention to her finally toned poopchute. I wouldn’t mind drilling for dirt there. She is a remarkably beautiful woman.

  17. Der

    Too muscly to my taste

  18. She is really beautiful and talented actress but don’t know why she hates children..I think she is matured enough to know what she is doing……

  19. you are very beautyfull in reds Aniston. my fovori actrist

  20. I wonder why Jennifer is still having problems with her relationship … I think it’s because she is not really good in bed.

  21. Some women just shouldn’t have kids and I think it’s much better that she knows it now. Later would probably be too late.

  22. I love that this is the only picture I’ve ever seen that appears to be a candid taken behind the scenes perhaps even without their knowledge…and they could not seem less interested in one another. LOL. So perfect.

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