Audrina Patridge sells burgers in a bikini and gets dumped

June 4th, 2009 // 40 Comments

- Audrina Patridge just got kicked to the curb by Star Trek actor Chris Pine. Maybe this shot of her in a Carl’s Jr. ad will change his mind. Or set his standards a little higher next time. Either one. [The Blemish]

- Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson continue their secret London romance. Of course, the only thing secret is Sam’s penis. Kind of. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jessica Simpson and Denise Richards apparently go to the same tanning salon. ON THE SUN. [PopSugar]

- Heidi and Spencer are “everything that’s wrong with America,” says NBC exec – right before putting them back on prime time television. David Carradine, wait up. [ICYDK]

- Angelina Jolie turns 34 today. As a birthday gift to Angelina, The Superficial would like to point out that Jennifer Aniston is 40. You’re welcome! [Just Jared]

Photo: Carl’s Jr.

  1. Hash

    Hot. First.

  2. Sid

    If she gets full, Audrina can always store that sandwich in the space between her breasts.

  3. Ryan the Canadian

    Who fucking cares about Chris Pine?!! Look at that burger!

  4. Pine Nuts

    Yes! Now I can finally fuck Chris Pine

  5. shoooooooooooooo

    Oh, it’s the fucked up eyes ho….

  6. Ph7

    I bet her burger is hot, wet and delicious.

  7. Dr Truth

    Yeah, she’s got fake tits and googly eyes but I’d still do her. Not that her nude body would excite me, I’m a doctor, I see that shit all day long.

  8. ll

    Pine >>> soft wood

  9. bingbangboo

    I hope he slapped her around with his cock .

  10. Like that chick has ever eaten a hamburger in her LIFE.

  11. Pine Rider

    I’ll take one for the team and ride the Pine.

  12. eeeppp

    hot pic. but whats wrong with it is the fact that that burger probably contains the amount of calories she consumes in an entire 6 months

  13. Baby

    Chris Pine can spray me with his all natural pineapple juice any day of the week.

  14. Jackson

    A body like hers is not eating burgers daily unless it is the only meal for the day. Kim Kardaskanks must eat burgers like this daily to maintain her wide hips and fat ass.

  15. I wished I looked that good eating a burger.

    Hilarious comment on Sam Ronson’s penis

  16. Gando

    That’s a very tasty looking burger! I’m hungry!

  17. Super

    Wonder if that burger tasted as good coming up as it did going down…hmm…

  18. Lola

    Isn’t she a PETA spokesperson?

    Just sayin’…

  19. Galtacticus

    Angelina Jolie is a bit older than i am (26) but i hope to get 34 one day! Or even better,40 like Jennifer Aniston!

  20. Amy

    Chris Pine’s goofy ass ruined the star-trek movie. These two goofs deserve one another. Give me young Spock any day (although he seriously only looked good in the movie..maybe I’m into pointy ears?…nevermind…hangs head in shame).

  21. Darth

    @16 There’re some crackers with low fat cheese left!

  22. Amy

    Jackson: I have noticed that in every single post, you somehow relate something to Kim K’s “wide hips and fat ass” even though she is completely irrelevant to the post. I don’t like her either, but you’ve obviously got problems. Dude (or dudette, as i strongly suspect you’re actually a female troll), take a chill pill.

  23. Angelina is such a strong and confident person. Its no wonder that she has been on top for x amount of years now. She’s the embodiment of a modern woman. Fierce, confident, hot.

  24. Tanzarian

    [Audrina + special sauce joke]

  25. Superbiggerevil

    She probably spent half the day stooped over the toilet just to hock up that one bite.

  26. mrmr

    angelinas only 34. hmph.

    oh, and audrina is a slore(slutty whore). for no other reason that i hate that show.

  27. I’m getting a stiff penis now, folks!!

  28. Christina

    Angelina Jolie is only 34????? I honestly would’ve guessed she was more like 39, 40………

  29. David55

    There are many beautiful mature women and men chatting on that community****Cougar Circle***** which designed to help ethnically diverse singles meet new friends and make dates. u will have a more lovely baby not long after……

  30. dirk

    Seems like she needs a filling sausage.

  31. Lain

    A Carl’s Jr. burger isn’t even like that. wtf.

  32. Steven Bull

    Seriously? Angelina Jolie looks way older than god i thought she was at the very youngest 39 maybe 40. She has aged a lot and looks much older than my 30something female friends..her life really shows on her heavily.

  33. Jackson


    I have the right to my opinion. I hate when they post a no talent celebrity whore porn star fat ass wide hip butt girdle Kim Kardaskank. Besides I get amused when I read posts like yours.

  34. Sher

    Audrina Patridge sells burgers in bikini and gets dumped…. someone call Justin Bobby and tell him she’s on her way!

  35. Jen

    I would have put Angelina at around 40!! Wow. That is crazy. I think Jen Aniston looks younger than her actually.

  36. If they found jenny aniston hanged in a closet in the coming days, blame Forbes staff members….

  37. kambaru

    hate perez, too

  38. Lover of Tits McGee

    Chris broke up with her once he saw the gap between her boobs wouldn’t allow him a proper tittyfuck.

  39. I like the post, and I agree somewhat with, To be very truthful.

  40. Chris broke up with her once he saw the gap between her boobs wouldn’t allow him a proper tittyfuck.

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