Bar Rafaeli gets naked-like for Esquire

June 3rd, 2009 // 39 Comments

- George Clooney bags another cocktail waitress. I don’t like to brag but I’ve brought home a few barmaids in my day, and only two ended up having penises. In your face, Clooney! [Lainey Gossip]

- Kevin Federline is making $30,000 to bang his girlfriend in London while pretending to watch his kids which pretty much kicks the shit out of any of Jesus’ miracles. Sure, he brought a dead guy back to life, but did he get paid? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Amy Winehouse’s months-long vacation in St. Lucia is being funded by her record label in hopes she’ll shit out another album. So far the only things that’ve come out are two jet skis, a Yeti and Pete Doherty. So that’s where he’s been. [Celebslam]

- Stephanie Pratt is dating Asher Roth who happens to be, I can’t believe I’m typing this, Spencer’s rap rival. How the entire hip-hop industry hasn’t been a gun in its mouth is beyond me. [Just Jared]

- Cameron Diaz admits to getting a nose job and wishes she could have a bigger butt. Has she tried attacking Kim Kardashian with a chisel? Just a thought. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Photo: Esquire

  1. Defcon

    First, nice

  2. Me

    I wish someone would feed this bitch a plate of fish and grits so she can get some meat on her bones and actually be considered HOT. I hate skinny bitches with no ass and tits…

  3. Faragut

    Her face is really too nice. Similar to Jizzelle,

  4. I agree #2 she should also move to the south and have backward thinking just like you…

  5. Harry

    More reason to hate Leonardo DiCaprio. When you can throw women like this away (after throwing Gisele away), you really should be vilified.

  6. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I’d hit it like a P.L.O. operative!!!

  7. Marcy


    she isn’t too skinny at all, slim yes, too skinny hell no. she has soft thighs and arms with a flat tummy ample enough tits and a good ass, you must like your women fat. that body is a 10/10

    now about her face, i’d paper bag it. she can look prettybut on this cover her body far outshines her face, for real.

  8. Alli Watermelon

    She actually has pretty nice sized boobs. I think she’s a beautiful girl. What’s with the orange tan though..her face especially. It’s beyond “sunkissed”.

  9. Those natural jug^gs were made for juicin! I think Leo does magic tricks on the side beside his menial day job…

  10. bint

    #4…this bitch is from Israel…that’s like the South x 1000 in terms of redneckishness, stupidity, bigotry, ignorance, racism, backwoods-mentality and any other term you might want to apply to our southern region. The Israelis are internationally recognized as being the worst kind of trash on the planet. Say what you will about her fake air-brushed hotness…doesn’t change the fact that this bitch is Zionist scum and she and the rest of them are robbing the stupid Americans blind, living off their tax dollars, and making the rest of the world hate the U.S., just so they can all live 10 times better than almost anyone.

  11. Kelsey

    LMAO @ #10. Wow. Did you really judt accuse others of being stupid, racist bigots and then launch into an anti-Zionist tirade?
    People like this backwards nutjob are why I’m ashamed to be an American.

  12. Kelsey

    LMAO @ #10. Wow. Did you really just accuse others of being stupid, racist bigots and then launch into an anti-Zionist tirade?
    People like this backwards nutjob are why I’m ashamed to be an American.

  13. vito

    Hey #10, you anti-Semitic, racist cocksucker…GO AWAY. No one here wants to hear your mindless drivel.

    This forum isn’t about religions, ethnic backgrounds, or places of origin. It’s about celebrities, quasi-celebrities, semi-celebrities, and people who are sometimes just too damn visible to the public eye.

    Some of them are pretty, some of them aren’t. Some well liked, some not so much. But none of it has to do with their racial or spiritual makeups. It has to do with the fact that they may be, or may not be, fucking jerks!

    That being said, my opinion is that Bar Rafaeli is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been around a long goddamn time.

    Who gives a fuck if she is a Jew? Hell, she may be as dumb as a fence post. Or she may be a fucking genius. Not relevant. She’s fucking gorgeous!

    Thank you for letting me vent!

  14. Dr Truth

    I see Bar Raefeli is Esquire’s beard I mean cover girl. Nice job there, you Details wannabes.

  15. Dr Fucking Idiot

    Dr Truth:

    Apparently, you have a PhD in fucking retarded. Esquire has been around for decades while Details is the flamingly gay wannabe.

    You should go back to regurgitating right-wing talking points because this is exactly why your party discourages independent thought. YOU GET OWNED. (Also, you might figure out you’re getting fucked up the ass in the name of Jebus.)

  16. vito

    Just a followup FYI…before he founded Playboy in 1953, Hugh Hefner was a writer for…take a wild guess…ESQUIRE!

  17. psssssssssssssssst, americans look much, MUCH FATTER THAN THIS, folks!!

  18. dana

    10# america should be ashame of people like you. it is prejudice.
    have you ever met an israel person?

    beause of people like you the world look as it is, with lots of anger, wars, hate,racism.
    it makes me sad to hear comments like yours, especially when they are not true.
    i am an israeli, and you know what- i proud of that. you dont know me- therefore you forbidden to judge me.

    by the way-
    you say we are racist?! excuse me!!, you are the person who hate israeli people when you never met one.

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  20. daidu

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  21. White Guy

    I am with #10. The Zionists treat the people who lands they stole like animals and they are not Hebrew. They are Yiddish, etc. They treat the jews who lived there before them (in peace mostly) like second class citizens. They get $3 billion a year from us even though we get nothing in return from them. They use the money for their military which they use against the Arab peoples who have lived there for thousands of years.
    As to the charge “anti-semitism”, don’t forget that Arab peoples are Semites, you low-life uneducated suck-ups.
    Why does Israel have nuclear weapons, to keep the peace? hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahah Yeah.

    Please go away, cowards. My people built this nation and now we are allowing it to be taken away along with all our jobs and future. We are giving money to the very bankers who have robbed us and we will be in debt forever. Think about it. Try to please.

    We need to overthrow this evil system of financial tyranny that has enslaved the world.

  22. Darth

    Lol Stephen King is definitely a black page in her book.

  23. tallgirl

    She is so se-xy and delicious. I found a hot place where you can find such lovers.
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  24. Nero

    I can’t read it all.Could she just turn a little?

  25. Galtacticus

    How about the record company hiring me instead of Amy Whinehouse at the current location? I could start with a remake of Frere Jacques.

  26. Rhialto

    This nose job would really help Cameron Diaz out! Cough,cough.

  27. Karen

    First of all, there is no such race or people as “Yiddish”.
    Hebrew is a language, and Judaism is a religion, so people aren’t “Hebrew”, they speak it. All Jews, converted or born, are considered Jews.
    The fact you spew your perverted views shows your basic ignorance of all things pertaining to history and the middle east.
    You are living in Native American stolen lands, and you have absolutely no right to be there, by your reasoning. Jews lived consistently and continuously in the Holy Land for thousands of years (they didn’t just appear one day after the holocaust and say “let’s steal some land!), and have more right than you do to be sitting anywhere with self-assurance. I have never met any Israeli who meets your preconceived notions and you just sound like another sick person whose soul is infected by hatred, bigotry, ignorance and backwards thinking. (“Evil system of financial tyranny that has enslaved the world?”) That sounds like you have a bone to pick with the very essence of reality.
    If you hate Jews so much, go live among like-minded people in Gaza. You’ll love it there.

    #10: I’m pretty positive this person is legally insane and living in some backwoods shit hole and has never even come within a mile of a jewish person in his life, so I don’t need to add anything else to his insane diatribe.

  28. Hasselhoff

    Her name is actually Bar REfaeli. With e instead of a after the R.

  29. Hi Karen

    You sound like a racist whore. A stupid lying whore. I do not have a mind like the Palestinians at all. I am of northern european stock. We are the ones who built the greatest farms and worked very hard here in the new world. It was our people that invented many useful forms of technology and the industrial revolution was born on our lands. We were the ones that walked on the moon.

    If you are not aware of the true nature of the central bankers and their machinations then I suggest that you read up a bit. Of course, you are probably related I would imagine and agree with their theft of our monies. You do know that the good people of the United States are going to suffer a grievous debt don’t you?

    As to the Jews I am referring to the Ashkenazi or Yiddish or whatever they want to call themselves. These people are completely mixed with European blood and have no right to call themselves the tribes of Israel any more than our president can ball himself a black man.

    And also, the palestinians are horribly suffering living in their inhuman cages. You of course being a racist pig do not look at them as being fully human, now do you? You should read the Old Testament sometime. It will tell you all that you need to know. The storm god told his chosen (very racist) to slaughter the Caananites down to every man woman and child. No not Adolph Hitler or Stalin, this is supposed to be OUR God. Rather, it’s YOUR god. Certainly not the Creator of the Universe. I would imagine he would love every living thing as we would therefore all be manifestations of his creation.

    I guess what i am saying must be really silly to someone as evil as you though.

  30. Melissa

    This is how much of a total nerd I am… I see that cover picture, and all I see is a new story by Stephen King. Fuck yes! That will be about the only reason for me to every by an Esquire magazine.

  31. What a magazing cover. I am at a lost for words. Maybe I should borrow some of hers. lol

  32. What a magazine cover. I am at a lost for words. Maybe I should borrow some of hers. lol

  33. Karen

    So, standing up against racist comments besmirching an entire religion makes me racist. And speaking against nefarious lies spewed by a “northern european” racial supremacist makes me a liar. You sound like a classic neo-nazi with an inferiority complex/ paranoid delusions and to hide your own disgusting lack of empathy for the entire human race, you try to make others seem racist. Sorry, it won’t work. I can see through that bullshit.

    And you seem to prop your pathetic ego up by stating how your race is superior to others because they “walked on the moon” and such other things. Well, guess what? I have nobel laureates in my family but that doesn’t give me the right to say I’m the ultimate ubermensch. Your “Northern European” people are talented, good people, and give a lot to the world (as many other races do) but ALSO the worst atrocities of humankind (two world wars) originated out of Europe, as well as fascism, communism, and racist colonialism.

    And just by calling me a whore shows you’re not only a racist, but a sexist moron. You probably never get laid, and you take it out by calling every woman a whore, probably including your own mother. I feel sad for you. Your soul is filled with hate. By calling me evil, it shows you’re entrenched in it.

  34. Momma's Boy

    Leave my mother out of this you dirty underhanded cunt. I see how vindictive your kind can be.
    Inferiority complex? I am goddamned proud of my kind. We let all kinds of scumbags into our world that we never should have. We need to get them out of our world ASAP to be honest.
    Don’t blame the two world wars on northern europe whore. Germany tried to build a railroad to Baghdad which would have secured them access to all the oil they would have needed to completely and utterly dominate the industrial revolution but the Brits would not have it (can’t hold it agains em they were outclassed). on and on and over the head of an ignorant slut like you.
    The dirty pigs like you destroyed the world’s loveliest nation at the time and imposed sinister oppressive war reparations on them. And then they funded communism to destroy the Russian Revolution (the meat faces had a vendetta with the people of Russia) and then funded a maniac named Hitler and he rose to power more or less overnight.
    But he was alot smarter than your sorry asses and took the money and whipped you. completely. Until the USA was coerced to join the war against the wishes of it’s people just like the First World War.

    I am calling you evil because you are such a lowlife that you insulted my mother and most likely have a monstrous hairy cunt that smells like gutted swordfish on the shores of Haiti infected with the rotting corpse of an AIDs victim with his dick in it’s mouth which you would love to French kiss after I shit in it.

    Free saturday night babe?

  35. David55

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  36. ToTellTheTruth

    #4…OR she could just be like YOU, George, and Wheezy and “move on up” to Harlem and live in a rat infested, crack addicted, AIDS laced apartment with the rest of you gold tooth wearing, 1,000 baby daddy having, pants hanging off the ass displaying your UNclean jobLESS ass crack, negroids such as yourself :)

    Oh and I’m not from the “south”, nor is my thinking “backwards”..after all I was just able to sit here and tell where YOU were from :)

  37. Yid4me?ushuldnthve

    You Yiddish lima bean mother fucker…..


  38. I wish someone would feed this bitch a plate of fish and grits and then he gets some meat on her bones could be considered really hot. With no ass and tits I hate skinny bitches …

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