Paris Hilton stole Rihanna’s dress. Quick, get Chris Brown!

June 2nd, 2009 // 32 Comments

- Paris Hilton wearing the same dress as Rihanna. I’ll let you guess which one didn’t light it on fire with her blonde, Caucasian vagina. [E! Online]

- Anne Hathaway is still paler than Robert Pattinson covered in White-Out. — I just aroused a bunch of Twi-Hards, didn’t I? My bad. [The Blemish]

- Zac Efron has a cameo on Entourage because apparently not enough people realized the show is now a sad caricature of itself. That I still watch. Dammit. [Just Jared]

- Kelly Clarkson continues her assault on obesity. By becoming more of it. [ICYDK]

- Lindsay Lohan is supposedly keeping a low profile in London with Samantha Ronson. I’ll give her ten minutes until she Twitters the name of her hotel then fellates Big Ben. You heard it here first. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were spotted together the morning after the MTV Movie Awards. They must be fucking. Or, I dunno, starring in a movie together. [PopSugar]

Photos: WENN

  1. Damn


  2. You know this scale buster/Kelly Clackson is waiting for Jenny Craig to pay her big bucks to trim down…

  3. Richard McBeef

    her honky wonk eye is coming on strong. tits look good though.

    her face looks like it’s made out of plastic. ladies, what is the deal with using makeup to make your face different colored than the rest of your body? it looks weird and unnatural. stop doing it.

  4. meee

    what is with her feet?

  5. I never have anything bad to say about Paris but those feet are big enough to give Al Bundy the ultimate nightmare, its never too late to start feet binding ya know…

  6. Diseasey Jones

    Except for her ugly nose, she has the exact same skull and face structure as Conan O’Brien.

  7. Urethra Franklin

    ROUGH daddy – foot binding only works for growing feet. it doesn’t shrink feet.

  8. mikeock

    That’s actually a nice picture of Paris Hilton. She’s look a lot better with a week’s worth of my spooge all over her face, though. That bitch would look like a glazed donut in about 5 minutes.

  9. Alli Watermelon

    Why does she continue to wear blue contacts? You can tell theyre fake..she has brown eyes lol. What’s wrong with brown eyes?

  10. Beastman AIDS

    yea #10 – for the life of me I can’t see why anyone would be insecure about eye colour. Unless they had pinkeye.

  11. Jenny

    With all that money she still can’t fix that one eye. Ah well, at least droopy is good for a laugh.

  12. lily12

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  13. Abey

    Wow, that eye is looking extra wonky today. It’s always amusing when she tries to oversex herself. She ends up looking like a stroke victim.

  14. Mr. Jones

    She looks like a Picasso painting.

  15. ckc

    Don’t think too much of Paris……..but come on,she looks way better than some notalent fat ass black girl.Way better

  16. Evrymn

    The write of this site is RACIST.

  17. Evrymn

    The writer of this site is RACIST.

  18. Guys more NSFW pics here


  19. Darth

    Smart designer! He’s making double profit outta this dress!

  20. Kye

    why can’t she get her stupid fuckig wonky eye fixed, especially with all the cash she shits out everyday.

  21. what?

    The eye is from all of the spluge that gets squirted there.

  22. paris shmaris

    see that fuzz on her back? anorexia

  23. lulu

    her left eye is really small
    u know i used to think it was because she was trying to look sexy or sumthin
    poor thing,
    she was born like that
    i won’t make fun of it though cause it aint funny

  24. lulu

    her left eye is really small
    u know i used to think it was because she was trying to look sexy or sumthin
    poor thing,
    she was born like that
    i won’t make fun of it though cause it aint funny

  25. Name Required

    Gotta love all that breast… er… I mean fake breast junk hanging out in pic # 2!

  26. hmm ??

    Are her eyes seriously not blue? I don’t know if I believe this now, she’s been doing it for what, 5 years (as far as I know) ? 24 /7 ?
    How is it that since that photo of her when she was young, she NEVER EVER slips up and is shown with her brown eyes ??

  27. Reach

    She has a fucking squint..

    and #16, you are going to hell you little fucker


    she looks like a fucking bird! CA CAW!

  29. contacts

    What brand of contacts does she wear now?
    Her old brand got discontinued.

  30. Katie

    Is her one eye ALWAYS retarded??? I’ve even seen pics of her as a teenager before she was famous (still rich tho..) and she had the crazy eye then!!! Mmmm peanut butter and gumballs…

  31. Katie

    Ahhh and that boob like stuff poking out is her boob… yep, all of it lol. She is really, really flat chested (check out pics that there is nothing to push them up) and in all the photos with cleavage are her using super tape, cutlets, and mashing them bitches together with as much effort known to Hollywood stylists.

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