Megan Fox on Wonder Woman: ‘Do not want.’

May 28th, 2009 // 50 Comments

- Megan Fox will not be playing Wonder Woman because she’s a “lame superhero.” Somewhere, thousand of fanboys almost stopped masturbating. Almost. [Just Jared]

- Lindsay Lohan tones down the crazy to keep the acting gig she only landed because Katie Holmes backed out. And by backed out I mean Tom Cruise activated her collar and demanded a Xenu Sandwich. [Lainey Gossip]

- Michael Lohan denies threatening to kill his fiancee and says he must be innocent because now she wants the charges dropped. The only thing I believe about that excuse is Michael Lohan is dumb enough to think it would work. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Katherine Heigl’s demands a larger salary than Julia Roberts for an ensemble role only to get the boot from producers. Somehow this will be Judd Apatow’s fault. Or the writers of Grey’s Anatomy. Either one. [Celebslam]

- Gisele Bundchen is NOT pregnant. She’s currently satisfied with the child Bridget Moynahan birthed that Gisele tells everybody is her’s. That’s how you protect a vagina, ladies. [I’m Not Obsessed]


  1. butt sex


  2. First One

    Im the first to hit this , not that

  3. angelchrome

    Megan Fox is gonna be in that Lilo-no-work-land sooner than she thinks.

  4. megan (is a) fox

    I am a hetero married female, but she even gets me hot. Seriously, this is one fine specimen….

  5. Pilaunes

    >>Megan Fox is gonna be in that Lilo-no-work-land sooner than she thinks<<

    She looks a bit skanky. And her body of work consists of…The Transfomers?

    She has almost used up her 9 min and 59th second of fame.

  6. Beastman AIDS

    Megan Fox is undeniably hot but her tattoos are filth.
    Same deal with Haydena Panawhatsit.

  7. OMG…I’d love to do this to this dumb bitch…and so would you!

  8. anonymous

    anatOmy. not anatamy.

  9. meee


  10. There happen indeed miracles in the madhouse, folks!!

  11. Len

    What?, she’d be perfect for the role.

  12. Rogue

    I hope she’s saving her money.

  13. Did Megan do anything impressive in “How to lose friends…”?. Or just functionally skank it?

    I don’t know what’s so great about Julia R. or Kathrine H. There are more attractive women with equal or superior breasts. She’s on television for fucks sake. I don’t go to a theater to watch television.

  14. Venom


  15. Ananana

    Fuck you Megan Fox, like you’re actually in a position to *choose* your roles as an actress. And by actress i mean a skank. …i want to make angry love to her…

    Katherine Heigl: STFU, SRSLY. *see Megan Fox comment*

    Lindsay Lohan: “On May 15th, she linked to the Nine website and tweeted that: this is a movie that i actually was close to being in.. i look too young :(” HAHAHAH oh child… you amuse me. KH and MF, take cues from her, because that’s where your career is ending up.

  16. Galtacticus

    Is that Megan Fox again? Haven’t seen her here for a while.There’re more photos of her available this time and she and Angelina Jolie might have some resemblance. . .

  17. Gando

    Is that Angelina Jolie i’m seeing there? Or is that Megan fox??

  18. Nero

    I just got stuck in a time-warp and got thrown back in time for about a decade.When life was simple and sex was great.Is that Angelina Jolie?

  19. fred

    Has anyone noticed that I have a Marylin Monroe tat on my arm yet?
    Ya, I’m uber cool. I tend not to wear sleeves and if I do I roll them up just on one arm so people can see my Marylin Monroe tat. I’m so connected to Marylin. I mean we are alot alike, her and I. Both misunderstood in our time. Ya I just hang around sometimes looking at my tat. I try to keep my arm up and twisted a bit so people can see it. I hope one day I can play Marylin so people can see that I’m a really talented actor. Why doesn’t anyone ask me about it?

  20. Why do they have to remake Wonder Woman, I have yet to see any one who can measure up to Linda Carter! Selma Hayek maybe,but a little short!

  21. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

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    Get over yourself. Every fucking one of you who talk shit about this girl are either a jelous or ugly bitch or a fucking gay dude. Any hetero male with a cock and not puss between their legs would never pass up a chance to bang this chick ,tatoos or not. And so what if she has a shitty acting career, who the fuck are you Roger Ebert, do you want fuck her resume or her you douch bag homos.

    So tired of guys posting like little bitches on here. Either your all young and virgins, part of the metro-sexual crowd AKA Urban Fags or your just gay and don’t know it. This girl has more sex appeal that 99% of Hollyweird.

    OK you can now give me your lame gay response but she is still hotter than anything you have or ever will get a chance at…LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!

  24. mamamiasweetpeaches

    That shit on her side (Tattos I assume?) looks like she got drnk and her wise ass friends wrote on her with magic marker. Oh the many times Ive woken up in adrunken fog to find ‘INSERT DICK HERE’ and a big arrow drawn on my face. Good times, good times!

  25. Chatham

    Here is a woman with zero female friends. Guaranteed.

  26. Don

    Hmm…no Megan Fox in Wonder Woman. I’ll take Nadia Bjorlin for $200.

  27. So she thinks Wonder Woman’s super powers are silly huh? well youre absolutely right . Who in the hell wants to see you get serious, we just want to ogle at some jigglies and curves!

  28. mekhole

    she doesn’t want the role of wonder woman? Yea honey like you have roles pouring in. take it!

    I mean she only did transformers and now just does photos that’s it.

    Trust me from her acting she should accept any part.

    She probably didn’t want it cuz it’s a lead and she can’t open in the box office her movie would be like #5 not 1 and that she doesn’t want

  29. ToRiMiLi

    I think Catherine Zeta Jones would make a great Wonder Woman.

  30. Alli Watermelon

    Megan Fox is attractive..there’s no doubt about it. But why is it..unless she’s dolled up for an event…on day to day activity, SHE LOOKS DIRTY. Like…she doesn’t take a bath? I want to hose her off in my front I do my dog. It’s annoying. Some girls just have that hot, skanky, “I don’t bathe” look I suppose lol.

  31. Karri

    I’m in love.

  32. Larry Jones

    In another 3 or 4 years, when this chick is shopping a reality show to VH1 to save her disintegrating career, Wonder Woman is going to look pretty damn good.

  33. adriana

    she is ugly! overrated bitch, her nosetrails look like she is smelling shit all the time!!!

  34. Alli Watermelon

    I understand not being attracted to her #34..but she is in no way UGLY lol. Ugly is like Sissy Spacek. Give me a break. Jealous much? SHOW ME YOUR FUPA, ADRIANA!

  35. fernie81

    she is beautiful…but has already had far too big of a build up…now her ridiculous comment in magazines and interviews are becoming a matter of public record..and when she grows up in a few more years she’s going to regret her tulmultuous beginnings.

  36. eyeballs

    She needs photo shop and good lighting in either film or photograph form. Otherwise, nada.

  37. The Listener

    #33 LOL

    #36 I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  38. OhNoSheDi'int!

    If Megan’s going off the t.v. show I can understand what she’s saying, to a certain extent (aside from anything negative about Linda Carter because she filled that role exceptionally in ever sense of the word). But to call Wonder Woman a “lame superhero” is quite honestly ignorant.

    Wonder Woman was the first female superhero created and she is still the most recognizable female superhero character to date. She is a part of the most reknowned trio/ founding members of the Justice League and stands equally with Superman and Batman. Any woman would KILL to play this iconic character. I, for one, am glad Megan isn’t playing WW. She isn’t nearly imposing, strong, or Amazonian enough to fill WW boots. If Megan knew anything about WW, especially as she has evolved over the decades, she would know that WW is so much more than just her jet and her lasso; WW is an ass-kicker.

    As for why the movie hasn’t been made yet? It’s because a good enough script hasn’t been written. People want this movie made, that’s no lie. So, Megan, hats off to you for being smokin’ hot and also for laying off playing a role that you cannot handle, ever.

  39. Tanzarian

    Now that she’s said she won’t do it, when she falls on hard times next year and has to take the role, the humility will only make it hotter.

  40. alfalfa

    I’d hit her Angelina Jolie wannabe ass

  41. Megan Fox on Wonder Woman is an old story! I broke that shit a long ass time ago on my Site.

  42. cherry

    #39 Like this girl cares about strong female roles. All shes done since she bacame famous is try to market herself as the ultimate 15 year old boy’s fantasy. I’m glad shes not playing WW as well. She doesn’t have the charisma or presence. Shes just a pretty face with a bit of acting ability, but nothing outstanding.

  43. dude

    @24 right on,she’s the shit. the PERFECT siren. sadly the burnout time on these uberhot chicks is maybe three to five years. she’s been up there a good third of that time already. if she doesn’t do some intensely serious badass drama along the lines of a scorsese flick~ while her body’s still a TEN she too will eventually fall by the wayside. that’s on her agent to find her a breakthrough role. wonder woman was effin stupid. and NOT SEXY EITHER. kudos to megan for seeing that despite not even being born when that crap was on tv. patience….

  44. Wow she has a lot of nasty tatoos I never realized that!

  45. For a really smokin’ hot gallery of Megan Fox pics, check her out at:

  46. dave hunter

    Megan darling don’t listen to the haters, just listen to me- the one and only truth teller, u come across as a stupid, mean spirited, self centered low life scum suckin whore with no actual talent, other than lookin like the true skank you are, i would’nt see ur movie or any “work” you do if they paid me to watch. you suck you dirty bitch. there, now does’nt that feel better than all those haters who have no reasons to hate, at least i am able to convey my thoughts into actual english words, sentences and thoughts, what a concept huh Megan. Watch out girl……………..u never know

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  48. Angelina Jolie nor Megan Fox would be ideal candidates. As you recall, Wonder Woman is an Amazon so you would need someone with, at least, some muscles. Both Jolie and Fox are to skinny, with no muscles whatsoever. It would also be great if they would cast someone who can actually act.

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