Rihanna & Kanye West in ‘Paranoid’

-Jessica Simpson is going back to reality TV. This time to travel around the world investigating body images and beauty in other cultures. Ten buck says she ends up at Chili’s and thinks it’s Mexico. [Lainey Gossip]

- Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Justin Gaston says he wishes he could be a lapdog that’s petted and loved all day. — Seriously, what else does this kid need to do let Billy Ray Cyrus know his daughter is dating a gay man? I thought that was illegal in the South. Or am I thinking about book learning? [The Blemish]

- Winona Ryder admits the biggest challenge in her life was getting over Johnny Depp. Wow. Way to obsess over things for twenty freaking years. Get me in a relationship with that. [ICYDK]

- Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are starring in a Broadway play together. It’s called “Cha-Ching! I Can Almost Hear the Money Flying Out of Every Single Vagina That Just Read This.” [Just Jared]

- Carrie Prejean is guest hosting Fox & Friends this week. Somewhere Rush Limbaugh just got an erection. Or at least tried until he remembered he’s out of Mexican Viagra and BBQ sauce. Don’t ask. [Jezebel]

- Lauren Conrad admits the producers of The Hills forced a reconciliation between her and Heidi. And by forced she meant wrote it in the script that tells her exactly how to look, feel, act and talk. You know, just like real life. [PopSugar]