Hayden Panettiere & Justin Long? Why not?

- Hayden Panettiere is with Justin Long now? This is what happens when midgets are in heat, folks. Also, they grow tails made of rainbows. [Just Jared]

- Demi Moore Twitters a pic of herself getting a false tooth replaced. Jesus, how many times do I have to tell her? “No gyno, no camera.” Four simple words, Demi. [Allie is Wired]

- Evangeline Lilly claims she could’ve been the “next Angelina Jolie” but turned producers down. Which is really her way of saying Megan Fox shoved her down an elevator shaft and left her for dead. True story. [Lainey Gossip]

- Britney Spears was an “honorary bridesmaid” at her cousin’s wedding over the weekend. Which means she was only required to wear a dress and wave from the pew, so grandpa didn’t get a face-full of vagina during the inevitable pile-up. Then again, these people are from the South… [Pink is the New Blog]

- Zac Efron approves of Vanessa Hudgens wanting to do nudity in films to shed her Disney image. Christ, finally. If he’s going to cry every time he sees her naked, at least let someone else look at her. That’s just common courtesy. [Celebslam]

- Chloe Sevigny strung out on heroin in the 80s. That’s the only way to describe what’s happening here. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Photo: Fame