Lindsay Lohan still having gargoyle sex with Sam

May 20th, 2009 // 27 Comments

- Lindsay Lohan is still spending the night at Samantha Ronson’s house. Then again, where else is she gonna steal money from? Her mom? Ha ha ha! I kill me sometimes. [The Blemish]

- John Mayer tweets he’s a “Showbiz Type” who talks too much but is not a douche. Really? Then how you do explain the Twittering? I rest my case. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kate Gosselin is blogging now. The topic of her first post? “How Jon Never Helps with the Kids.” Not even joking. [Just Jared]

- Kathy Griffin calls Spencer Pratt a “preppy murderer” on Craig Ferguson. You may now work in Hollywood again, Kathy. All is forgiven. [Jezebel]

- Drew Barrymore has a new boyfriend. In related news, the Earth continued its orbit around the sun today. [ICYDK]

- Ryan Phillippe already cheating on Abbie Cornish? It’s like Reese Witherspoon all over again, except no one’s getting cut by a Ginzu chin. [PopSugar]

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  1. Pornstar


  2. ph7

    Enough of this.

    The world wants your breasts back. Or, at least, mount Megan Fox’s snapping gyro.

    Your cans made you millions before, and they can make you millions again. C’mon. Pull it together! You’ve got sex appeal. Stop squeezing it through the strange filter.

  3. Spelling Nazi

    I think you mean Griffin, not Griffith.

  4. Boy! I guess Lilo cant get enough of Sam’s tree trunk size toys, hey what ever works for them!

  5. J

    third!!!! she is still hot even though she is a coke hore!!!

  6. zorg: king of koalas

    Ah, just as that dumpster is a receptacle for refuse, her vagina is a depository for STD’s. Awesome!

  7. Even though Drew Barrymore might appear to be the female condom poster ho, I fully support her dating habits becuase she is single with no children! live your life sweety! I wonder if she willing to bangs non famous guys, i might wanna be next ya know…on the DL.

  8. she looks great
    love her boobs

  9. dave

    pictures of lindsay lohan in front of a dumpster? too easy.

  10. dave

    pictures of lindsay lohan in front of a dumpster? too easy.

  11. Blackwell's Ghost

    Even Lilo looks fat in a maxi dress. Get it together honey and start dressing like a star. If you look the part people may treat you like one.

  12. Meghanfish

    Those extensions are fucking horrible!! just awful… a shame, because she is beautiful (most of the time)

  13. timmy the frisky virus

    No, no, sleeping in the bushes in front of somebody’s house does not qualify as “spending the night.”

  14. Is therea person in this world who even likes it to have sex with her?
    a “HUSTLER”-dvd can save your ass!!

  15. stizzle

    Aw… Poor Kathy Griffin.

    Griffin with an “n”.

    That girl can’t catch a break.

  16. Danielle

    Kathy Griff-IN. Not -ITH

    Maybe you should get someone’s name straight before reporting gossip on them. It really makes you, as a reporter (or whatever), look like a more credible source. Just a friendly tip. I’m a fan.

    And please please please don’t make the obvious “well she’s on the d-list, of course I don’t know her name” joke.

  17. DCMikeRotch

    Lohan looks like kissing her would taste like a leaking battery–sour and slightly burning.

  18. Sara

    she looks so rough and in her late twenties, that’s what a diet of cigs, booze and drugs does to yah.

  19. dirk

    What do you think her fingers/forearm smell like? I’m guessing it’s a cross between ass and a bagel with lox.

  20. dumpster in the background

    What is the gargoyle sex like? Lots of screaching and claw marks left afterwards? I’d imagine that it must occur on top of countertops and furniture, or even high atop the fridge.

  21. Susan

    Mayer is a douche bag who has the hots for Perez Hilton. This Famewhore wants the media’s attention again.

  22. Matthew

    I thought hohan broke up with her fake lover?

  23. 20. Very funny, and yet disturbing. I like the way you think.

  24. x

    Kissing leaking batteries may lead to tooth decay.

  25. Just as the garbage is a receptacle for rejected, the vagina is about sexually transmitted diseases in the deposit.

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