Elizabeth Banks: Crazed diva?

May 18th, 2009 // 21 Comments

- Elizabeth Banks is the new Sharon Stone? So, when do we get to see her vagina? Seriously, give me a date. I’ll make time. [Lainey Gossip]

- Britney Spears will perform on the season finale of American Idol – because God hates you. True story. [Allie is Wired]

- Evangeline Lilly needs to make love to me. It’s what Sawyer would want. Or Jack, I’m not picky either. [Jezebel]

- Penelope Cruz is currently battling food poisoning at Cannes. In case you were wondering about a marginally famous star’s digestive system, gotcha covered. [ICYDK]

- LeAnn Rimes photographed with her alleged other man Eddie Cibrian yesterday during halftime at a Lakers game. Are all country singers retarded? If so, why won’t they let Jessica Simpson in their club? [Just Jared]

- Chris Pine is the new Matthew McConaughey. Who doesn’t enjoy a shirtless Captain Kirk? Besides Sulu. [PopSugar]

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  1. JonnyMoney

    FIRST!! She is hot

  2. hi there

    SECOND!!! No she’s not hot!!

  3. Axel

    She is awesome. I would make time also

  4. Karri

    wow I looked at this 20 minutes ago and still only 3 comments? weird.

  5. john5

    “Who doesn’t enjoy a shirtless Captain Kirk? Besides Sulu.”

    So Sulu does not enjoy a shirtless Kirk. Is that a gay joke? You’re implying that since the actor who played the original Sulu is gay, his character does not like attractive, shirtless men? Zing.

  6. b

    I would bust a huge nut all over her face.

  7. lain

    Fuck those are a nice set of teeth!

  8. zognor: ruler of lizards

    By the way, what is up with all these ‘chicksdowntown’ having tongue sex with shoes in these ads? Some of those shoes might have been relatives of mine.

  9. bluecalypso

    Penelope Cruz is a “marginally famous” star. She’s an OSCAR winner. Who writes the Superficial blogs now??

  10. Yeah

    “Superficial” apparently describes your acquaintance with Hollywood, blogger. Penelope Cruz is not only one of the hottest women alive, but also one of the world’s most talented and well-known actresses. Also, food poisoning sucks, as does this Web site.

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    (I think this is the reason of LAZYNESS)

  12. Third she look hot in red

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  14. I likes me some Elizabeth Banks. That’s kinda mean calling her Sharon Insecure Hag Beast, though.

    @ 8 – chicksdowntown = unsanitary habits.

  15. She is beautiful, I love hair.

  16. I see no comparison to Stone looks wise, Stone is actually prettier now that she’s old than this woman is in her youth.

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  18. crazypants

    That Elizabeth Banks story boiled down to : she walked into a room, she looked at someone, then someone she knew greeted her at which she smiled and played w/ her friend’s hair.

    Wow, she’s evil.

  19. zuzuspetals

    I don’t know who Elizabeth Banks is, but she appears to be one of the most boring people on the planet. And apparently she bought off the rack because that dress looks like shit on her.

  20. M

    WTF is this? I prefer Hilary Banks.

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