Shanna Moakler resigns from Miss California organization

May 13th, 2009 // 41 Comments

- Shanna Moakler resigned in protest today from the Miss California USA organization. Is it because she wants to do more topless stuff? Say it’s the topless stuff. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Spencer Pratt literally calls himself the “White Jay-Z” after releasing a rap single. Everyone in hip-hop is a bitch if this kid doesn’t get shot TONIGHT. I said it. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Brooke Hogan banned her mom Linda Hogan from her 21st birthday party last week. Apparently, there was a one tranny limit. Understandable. [Celebslam]

- Wanda Sykes’ and her wife are the proud mothers of twins. The babies are only two weeks old and already want Rush Limbaugh to die. Aww… [Just Jared]

- Ewan McGregor stopped by Regis & Kelly this morning which raises the age-old question “Who would win in a fight: Obi-Wan, or the Penis Button?” [Lainey Gossip]

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  1. birdy



    She is the first loser up. FIRST !

  3. penis face


  4. denise

    Ha! That old washed-up roadwhore needs to step aside for the new hotness.

  5. wow, id like to see what wanda’s wife look like, but not important enough to google…ill see it when i see it!

  6. Amy

    nice boobs

    ***click on my name***

  7. sandra

    umm…whats up with her nails? do they not pay her enough?

  8. Kelley

    WHAT is with Carrie Prejean’s smile ? Jesus, phoney as hell and never matches her eyes …

  9. George

    Shanna Moakler is such a loser here she posed nude and that is ok but someone (who does not agree with her take on freak marriage) who is way hotter than she does semi-nude and “OH HELL NO SHE HAS TO GO!!” WTF girl grow up

  10. Da truth

    of course moakler resigned, She took a few looks at pics of her side by side with prejean and couldn’t take how much hotter prejean is.

  11. CompoundEyes


  12. Beauty

    Shanna is a disgusting old whore. How pathetic that she felt it necessary to reveal Carrie’s breast augmentation, as if that would somehow discredit her. How do two wrongs make a right. All Shanna ended up doing was demonstrating to the world her own lowlife hood rat side-street hooker origins; lack of taste, class, and tact . Old failed washed up has-been. Trump did right to force that expired skank into stepping down.

  13. Funeral Guy

    Shanna Moakler (Who!!??) appears to be a jealous skank because, “hey boys, there is a new hottie in town.” Carrie Prejean is smokin’ yo!!!

  14. truth

    Perez Hilton and Shanna Moakler vs. Carrie Prejean.

    Your eyes are telling you the truth.

  15. Valerie

    I like that dress! The makeup, although over-the-top, looks good with it in a Circusy kinda way. I approve!

  16. pete

    At least they’re pretty.

  17. Ant

    Shanna always looked cheap to me. I guess she just has a cheap face, you know what I mean? The slut face, the face that says ‘I’ll suck your dick for $20′

  18. d

    I thought Spencer would go away in the age of Obama. Instead he’s rapping.

  19. d

    I thought Spencer would go away in the age of Obama. Instead he’s rapping.

  20. justifiable

    Spencer, do a cover of “Popozao”. You can’t truly call yourself the white version of Jay-Z until you re-record that classic.

  21. Sport

    So Moakler is leaving because its not up to her classy standards? Makes sense. Pfft.

  22. Salty Bob

    #12: She may have “revealed” that boob job, but, really, admit it, even ol’ Ray Charles could have figured that out from the before and afters.

  23. Captain Slappy

    Seriously, this rates right up there with Down Syndrome kids doing a talent show…..

    Wait, that IS what Miss America/Universe/Republic of Congo is after all!

    My bad.

    “Class”… can’t buy it at K-Mart, so someone explain to Paris she will never own it……ever (not even if they freeze her for a million years).

    And for the love of God, don’t do articles like this unless you link Google Tit Images right in of Robotic Augments like that gal up there (that no one knows).

    Spencer Pratt- Who the fuck is this gimp?

    Brooke Hogan- See above (Reference- Spencer Prattard)

    Wanda Sykes- If I didn’t own a penis and couldn’t make babies because I am too stupid to understand how basic Human Biology/Physiology worked, I would buy up some underage kids like she did too.

    Then again, she is from California, so “stupid” really does come to mind….

    Ewan Mcrgregor- He will kill you all, Obi-Wan don’t fuck around, not even Syphillis stops him, and Chuck Norris can’t use the Force like he can either.
    He beat Darth Vader’s ass, not even Paris Hilton could stand a chance (or that autistic dog of hers…..wait, is Paris the dog and the dog her owner? NOW I understand, the dog tells HER what to do…..makes more sense of the stupid shit she does…….)

    I knew that skanky bitch liked Doggy Style for a reason!

  24. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Well, so Douchebag fancies himself as some sort of gangsta. If so, there’s now hope for a drive-by.

  25. She says she is a born again Christian yet she is posing nude, has breast implants, and earns her money by walking around in a bikini. What kind of person says she is a Christian yet does all this? Wasn’t she happy with the body God gave her? What kind of message is she sending to young Christian girls? Pose nude and change your body and you too will be saved? I think not! What a shame we cannot have a more positive role model for our young girls.
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  26. We must be thankful for that, folks!!

  27. Venom

    She had to resign.
    Her job is a professional rich baby daddy child support check collector.
    She has the one girl from De La Hoya and two children from Travis Barker so she probably needs to go get a few more rich baby daddies.
    White trash trailer tramp who poses for Playboy and then acts like she is some moral authority.

  28. puhleez

    I love the fact that Barack Obama has the same opinion as Prejean and nobody bats a fucking eye. Hysterical.

  29. jessie

    She is so sexy, and I saw her profile on
    ____T a l l h u b . c o m_____,she is welcomed by a lot of sexy tall singles and models there. I also met many sexy tall singles and models on it!!!!

  30. Eric

    Shanna Moakler, “‘I cannot with a clear CONSCIOUS move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it…”

    It’s CONSCIENCE you ignorant twit.

  31. Judge

    This isnt about Obama, you moron. This is about a pagenat contestant who signed a contract, then broke it by having posed for semi-nude photos. I guess it is ok to break rules. Trump is a flaming whore for attention, so he’ll do anything to get a spotlight.

  32. Eric

    Trump owns the pageant, therefore he owns the rules. If he is okay with it, then what the hell do you care?

    People keep coming up with different reasons for bashing this girl, she posed semi-nude, she lied, she broke a contract, blah blah blah. Be honest, the real reason is because she said she opposed gay marriage. This girl has more guts than all of her bashers combined.

    It doesn’t take courage to stand in the middle of a crowd and take a position. It takes true courage to stand alone on a stage and say something unpopular. You may not agree with what she said but at least be honest about the reason you don’t like her.

    And as for Obama, he said the same thing she said. There is a legitimate complaint that the people who are bashing Prejean are not saying anything about Obama.

  33. This is the USA folks…
    Last time I checked the first amendment was STILL in play…

  34. PunkA

    #25, go fuck yourself dude. Seriously, that shit is getting old. I understand that you are gay and don;t appreciate what Miss Cali said, but how about all the gay haters get take shots at you for your approach to your life, your opinions on same sex unions? That would kind of suck for you. So let it go already. We all have a right to our opinions, whether right or wrong. Try to take away or emasculate her right, and expect the same treatment in return.

    Oh, and Shanna Moakler is a fake bitch. Quit to set an example for her kids? I guess partying all night, sleeping in all day, geting divorced multiple times and posing for Playboy on numerous occasions is a great example. Yeah, Shanna, I get it. Take a stand here, because you don;t have the willpower to do it elsewhere.

  35. Tara

    A real Christian would not pose nude topless or whatever. I bet Rev. Billy Graham’s wife would not do it.

  36. Tara

    A real Christian would not pose nude topless or whatever. I bet Rev. Billy Graham’s wife would not do it.

  37. my comment

    A horse and a pig.

  38. JayBee

    Ruth Graham is dead. And couldn’t care less. Prejean is entitled to at least a few really bad decisions in her life, just like everyone else. I will be so glad when everyone who IS NOT a Christian quits judging Christians and deciding what is and is not acceptable for us to do. If you know it all so well, then you live it to a tee without screwing up and making mistakes. Let’s see how long you can pull that off. The central tenet of Christianity is FORGIVENESS for what you have done wrong. That’s the whole story of Christianity. If more people would PRACTICE forgiveness, regardless of their LABEL, then the world would be a better place. Now, could everyone please go back to your dogmatic corners and give this girl a break! Good grief!

  39. Old Man

    What’s up with Moaklers face. It has a shape that reminds of the “Joker” from the Batman movies. I think it kinda’ fits her character though. The is the ultimate in slimy hypocrisy.

    Sure hope Donald doesn’t try to rescue her from her well deserved fate. I know has already said he’d have Perez Hilton back and that’s about as foul as it gets.

    It wouldn’t surprise if Donald waits a few more days then stirs the pot again by bringing Muchler back. He loves this stuff…. free publicity.

  40. I still think Prejeans looks harsh. Not bland like Moakler, though. Distinguished.

  41. RtSS

    I’d do me a little tag team on them both. They could hike up those black skirts, bend over and stand side-by-side. I’d then have four hole access and would rotate playing hide the sausage with the exposed holes. I do believe that Prejeans is vastly better looking than Moakler. Moan for me babies, moan for me. They both like it in the dirt tunnel.

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