Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Donatella Versace?

May 11th, 2009 // 50 Comments

- Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Donatella Versace? How the fuck does that even hap- Oh, right, he has a drinking problem. In that case, now would be a good time not to sober up. [Lainey Gossip]

- Octomom’s upcoming surgery will actually make her more fertile instead of the opposite. Hopefully her surgeons are practicing their sincere “No, really, my hand slipped” faces. [Radar Online]

- Kevin Federline is flat broke despite receiving $20,000/month from Britney Spears. Really? Because K-Fed always had the look of a seasoned investor to me. Or am I thinking of Snuffleupagus again? [Celebslam]

- Beyonce fires somebody in the middle of a song while performing in the Netherlands. I’d say that’s gotta be humiliating, but who the fuck knows where the Netherlands are? Oklahoma, maybe? [Just Jared]

- Britney Spears and her agent/rumored boyfriend go on mysterious car ride together. Or at least it was mysterious until they pulled into Wendy’s and employees hosed Britney down with Frosty’s. Then it all made sense. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Tori Spelling’s husband buys her a new ring every year they’re married. It reminds her of the first time he proposed to her – in a seedy hotel so his wife couldn’t find them. Aww… [I’m Not Obsessed]

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  1. Sheena

    Remember Christina Onassis? This bitch is just as ugly.

    That ain’t right. Nope. It just ain’t right.

  2. Well its obvious where Donatella’s daughter gets her eating disorder from. Yikes.

  3. Joejam2845

    Good God, how Many plastic Surgeries does one need in a lifetime? She looks like a Fuckin Joan Rivers!

  4. Pilatunes

    If he wakes up beside her, he’d better start hitting the bottle even harder. A lot harder.

  5. MikeB

    there are 6 million people between okc/tulsa and innumerable international oil companies based there you dumb shit. newsflash. oklahoma has fucking whole foods and nordstrom’s too… maybe you should have gotten your ged and sort of finished 9th grade after all…

  6. Negotiator

    Her lips look like an ANUS WITH HEMAROIDS

    Bwah hahahahaha

  7. Negotiator

    Her lips look like an ANUS WITH HEMAROIDS

    Bwah hahahahaha

  8. Jennyjenjen

    Seriously MikeB.. Seriously??

  9. you may decide: WHO IS THE FAGGOT, folks?

  10. want more gorgeous gals
    click on my name

  11. quake

    He looks terrified.

  12. Ronan

    That’s not terror, that’s surprise. He just realized that he wasn’t finished shaving when that guy started taking photo’s. And we don’t know that it’s fake tan, he could just have gotten some windburn driving to the do in a convertible or somesuch.
    He’s probably just accompanying an older woman out, it’s a nice thing to do and doesn’t require banging the elderly. Y’all need to start learning the difference between reality and porn.

  13. mikeock

    Rhys-Meyers always looks like he’s walking around wearing a butt plug.

  14. She may well be the ugliest woman ever. Donatella Versace’s no prize either…

  15. callboy

    When did this guy become a male escort???

  16. She is so tall and hot.I know a place you can date with such girls.
    *** *** which I have joined. I think it is interesting and you will like it.

  17. dontlooknow

    Hard to tell which one has more lip collagen. Kissing must be like pushing marshmallows together.

  18. dontlooknow

    BTW, my theory is Gianni Versace didn’t die-it was all a stunt to cover up his sex-change operation. His surgeon could have done a better job.

  19. Mr. Jones

    Ever see that clip of the dog staring at the cupcakes in front of it?

    Seriously, this dude looks like he should always have a pan of cupcakes in front of his face.

  20. jane

    Would you people please grow up. This is a very successful fashion icon and Jonathan has very successfully modeled for her clothing line. He’s a gorgeous and fantastic actor and they went as friends to an important event.

  21. olga

    They both seem very nice people and they deserve nicer comments. That’s why celebs something do not like to face the public. This man is a great actor and people are always saying the wrong things about him. He is also very cute.

  22. Sheena

    Great actor? Great actor?!?!

    Sir Lawrence Olivier was a great actor. This idiot is just another talking fucking head. Geez.

  23. sam

    I’m with Natasha on this one. Donatella, who is 54, looks far less hideous than usual. Why? She isn’t orange, it looks like she has had some good facial treatments, her fake boobs are covered up, she has a side part instead of the usual center part that makes her nose look huge, the waves in her hair are working for her, and her lips look somewhat less bloated than the have in the past.

    Not to mention the dress is gorgeous.

  24. sash

    yeah i reckon she is looking better then usual.
    the hair, makeup, dress n boobs and colour she looks way better then usual.

    As soon as her lips deflate and she gets some restalyne for her nasal crevices she will be rockin.

  25. sim

    did you seriously just say she’d be rockin? wow.. get off the drugs dude.

    she’s a beast..
    how old is she? 140? she’s disgusting…..seriously dont try to say she looks good.

  26. obannion

    I’d hit it

  27. your Bedazzler (TM)

    #16, I laughed until I cried….

  28. Pilatunes

    JRM…don’t self medicate with horse tranquillizers.

  29. ishi-san

    EEEYYY you ignorant American blog writer! The Netherlands rock!! We might be small but wayyyy ahead of you!

  30. Remus

    Fish people do need to stick together.

  31. Rei Imnc

    She looks like the ugly girl from TV show ,Strangers with Candy

  32. jonathan ha tante donne lo so …. ma che cazzo ci fa con una vecchia come donatella si e’ messo con lei per i soldi vero???
    ahahaahahahahaha jonathan ci fai ridere!!!!!!!

  33. jonathan ha tante donne lo so …. ma che cazzo ci fa con una vecchia come donatella si e’ messo con lei per i soldi vero???
    ahahaahahahahaha jonathan ci fai ridere!!!!!!!

  34. ian

    she is so ugly i think the world ugly woman.she looks like a alien.

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