Julia Roberts is capable of profanity

April 28th, 2009 // 24 Comments

- Julia Roberts swears! And even more shockingly, is alive. Holy shit! [PopSugar]

- Fergie’s shoe line includes heels named after The Jonas Brothers? So are you not allowed to wear them until you’re married? I don’t get it. [MTV Buzzworthy]

- Courtney Love is opening up a lingerie store. Want to make your husband impotent? Your prayers have been answered. [ICYDK]

- Hugh Jackman isn’t fucking with swine flu and has canceled the Mexican leg of his Wolverine promotional tour. Fortunately, he waited for Heidi and Spencer to get down there before saying “Ha, you’re joking right? Pull the plug.” [Videogum]

- Gisele Bundchen takes her baby out to play. Even though it came of Bridget Moynahan’s vagina. Mere technicality. [Jezebel]

- Keria Knightley insists she eats. In fact, she loves food so much she’ll marry it right here then have food children. — I’ve gone too far, haven’t I? [Best Week Ever]

- Suri Cruise bolts from Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes, you should take notes. [Allie is Wired]

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  1. marrria


  2. agd

    Never been a fan…her face actually looks kinda attractive here.

  3. Meh

    ^ Douche.

  4. p0nk

    she’s got that same Anne Hathaway sized mouth built for RichPort sized manaconda.

  5. Fuck U

    God! Do I hate Fish and Randal!

  6. p0nk

    oh and TCLTC

  7. amanda

    She is so beyond gorgeous! I’m jealous i hope when I am her age I look as hot as her!

  8. assy

    Even though it come of Bridget Moynahan’s vagina.


  9. Randal

    Her smile is pure sunshine, like the parting of clouds on a stormy day and those soft brown eyes just warms the heart. Lovely.


  10. The last time i saw a mouth like that there was a hook attached to it…

  11. mexi flu

    so? she swore on letterman as well. she looks nice here i gotta admit.

  12. RichPort's Ghost

    #4 – yes, you mean like one of those cute little cocktail weiners.

    Manaconda? Holy fuck, please stop, you’re so goddamn fucking hilarious, I almost peed myself. Oh my God, you are just the fucking shit, call all the Comedy Clubs, a fucking star has escaped!

    Watch out for swine flu, your porcine sister might have it, you fuck. Sorry if I lost you with that vocabulary, I know your fucking weak mind couldn’t have finished 3rd grade, you mental midget.

  13. Who’s this old lady?

  14. …..but what about her arm-pits, folks?

  15. Julia R. rocks! She still looks hot at that era!!

  16. Kitty says

    #15 Agreed. Shes still gorgeous and her skin looks wonderful. Pamela A take note!

  17. Bosco

    I don’t blame Hugh Jacksoffmen, I’d avoid the pig flu areas too. I think I might have it, I’ve been pigging out all day. Isn’t that how it works feed a flu starve a herpes?

  18. Randal's evil left nut

    Her smile is pure crap, like the parting of two ass cheeks on a sewer darkened day and her soft brown eye sends a chill through the hearts of brave men. Ugly

  19. AlphaDrone

    That bizarrely wide mouth makes her look like she has a flip top head.

  20. She is not bad, I don’t understand why everyone is hating on her so much…jealousy?

  21. she is not bad, i won’t lie, but her time is over… there are too many young gems shining now… but if i’m not mistakes, up until a couple years ago she was the highest paid actress in hollywood… anyone know who it is currently?

  22. speaking about her acting alone, i must say, she is one of the best actresses of all time.

  23. i think she still has a lot of big things left to do before shes done. definitely a superb actress.

  24. watch out for julia roberts in 2010!

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