Katie Holmes smiling? What the…

April 27th, 2009 // 34 Comments

- Katie Holmes allowed in public without Tom?! Somewhere he just uppercut a cockroach. After getting a stool and jumping really high that is. [Just Jared]

- Kathleen Turner or Britney Spears in 15 years? Not even they know. [Celebslam]

- Guy Ritchie is a big fan of the Jesus/Madonna relationship. Better his penis than Guy’s. Am I right? High five! [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Meg Ryan is aging well? Maybe? Don’t quote me on that. [Lainey Gossip]

- Matthew McConaughey will challenge any dad to a diaper changing race. Right here, right now. I suddenly feel very sorry for Levi’s first little league game. “Mom, why is dad’s shirt off? And he keeps whipping beers at me to run faster.” [Pink is the New Blog]

- Octomom gets a tattoo to honor her Octo-babies. Hmm… who else do I know with lots of kids and tattoos? Don’t tell me. I know this one. [Radar Online]

Photos: WENN

  1. She is smiling because she is holding the dildo she fucks Tom with in her pocket.


  2. m.munroe

    she always looks so ugly. i barely recognized her here…. not saying she looks great, but its a start.

  3. Yeah

    Hey, is this site going to show those new upskirt pictures of Miley Cyrus, they’re pretty fucking hot. Or does this site not show underage shit.

  4. Zed

    Nice impression of Drew Barrymore.

  5. Mike

    Little boys smile, get over it.

  6. Randal

    Katie beams a warmth of confidence just as any happy mother would! Her smile captures her youth and sparkle we all saw first hand on Dawson’s Creek. Great to see you enjoying life Katie, keep it up!


  7. p0nk


  8. Randal, what the fuck are you smoking??

  9. What’s with the stupid smirk?

  10. Cherry

    I think she looks great!

  11. p0nk

    Jimbo, i realize you said it earlier, but it can never be said too often or by too many.

  12. Thats right. It should be said over and over again.


  13. Airmail56

    She looks stoned.

  14. Napoleon

    I love her youthfull look, beautiful smile, sparkling eyes. She’s one of few celebs i actually respect, and that’s only because she isn’t nown for being batshit insane and doing crazy stuff. (Spears, Montag, Winehouse, Lohan etc.)

  15. Napoleon

    She seems down-to-earth and capable in keeping her life private while being in the spotlight, mainly because of her husband. That’s worthy of respect if you ask me.

  16. she looks great there!

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  17. Thom Crooze

    #15 & #16 – Exactly, she conveys confidence, elegance and a style not seen in many young celebrities. Finally a woman that can serve as a role model to the impression teens and young ladies of this generation. That being said…I’d that so so hard she’d be screaming James Vanderbeeks name. Then I would make her paint my house…naked.

  18. Littl tommy was out of town, folks?

  19. Jordyn

    she has one of those faces that just annoys me every time i look at her pics. must be the squinty, downy eyes and smirk

  20. Galtacticus

    I don’t know what Katie Holmes’ intentions are on this pic.But that must be a pretty handsome photographer.

  21. Rhialto

    It wasn’t me who took this pic folks! I’m surprised as well!

  22. Darth

    Lol it was me who took these pics!

  23. Sauron

    He probably took these pics with the zoomlens! Any mouthspray?

  24. Gando

    I bet Guy Ritchie works out a bit as well.And i’m not talking about his girlfriends(s).

  25. Gando

    Oh my.I mean girlfriend(s) ofcourse.

  26. Meghanfish

    This look was hot in 1998. nice hair.

  27. Of course she’s smiling – she’s gotten away from the psychotic midget for a few minutes, who wouldn’t be happy about that?

  28. Gar

    This is more than an evidence she killed him, and bought one of these nifty robots.

    If you start liking Tom from now and forth that’s defintly what she did.

  29. J-Dizzle

    @6 Randal

    You’re a douche nozzle. Down a bottle of bleach and lock yourself in your basement.

  30. Lory

    I saw the octomom’s tattoo video…what a lame ass tattoo. It looked cheapy.

  31. Br00talChik


    You heard it here 1st.

  32. lambman

    I’m happy to see her looking so nice and put together, she is such a stunning beauty.

    I REALLY think she (and Britney) had postpartum depression. Katie looked freaking fantastic all during the time she dated Tom but once the baby came she spent the next few years looking like crap…I’m guessing if your “religion” forbids you from treating postpartum depression you’re not going to sparkle, but now she looks fantastic again (and like her actual pre-tom self)

  33. Rohit

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