New York’s fiancé loves her and picking up chicks

December 28th, 2007 // 81 Comments

George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber, the winner of VH1′s I Love New York 2, may love more than just his recent fiancé Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Tailor Made was seen making out and flirting with three different women at a company holiday party, according to spies for NY Daily News:

“He was a hot mess,” says the snitch. “He was dancing, and kissing a blond with curly hair, then holding hands with a girl with short straight brown hair.”
And when the third girl tried to help him up after he “fell on the floor of the bathroom,” he hit on her!

Can anyone blame the guy? If I were engaged to New York, I’d be hooking up with anything but her. There’d be paparazzi shots of me zapping my nads with a taser gun while screaming “This is so much better than sex with my fiancé!” Then I’d make out with a lit BBQ grill and cry tears of joy because, for once, I actually love where my face is.

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  1. RichPort

    As the time honored saying goes: I wouldn’t fuck this chick with Pink’s dick…

  2. JoBOO


  3. kirsten

    They are sooo not engaged. Just another publicity stunt. Those shows are all fake.

  4. blahbleh

    big surprise

  5. Conscience Found

    The outfit is scandalous

  6. reality whore

    Seriously. Who would marry this dirty bitch anyways….she was on television begging Flava Flave to “fuck me propa”. Gross.

  7. syn

    Does anyone really give a damn?

  8. sharpeidude

    Just goes to show you again and again. You need ZERO talent to make it in show business these days. I can’t stand this bitch or her mother, but I gotta take my hat off to them and the scam they have for a TV show.

  9. JoBOO

    What does that tatt across her boob say? “One ring to find them all, and in the darkness bind them”?

  10. E

    Does she have coke in and around her nose?

  11. Texas Tranny

    Looks like snot to me.

  12. George Best

    She makes Dog Chapmans wife look like Ms. America or Pam Anderson whichever one you prefer.

  13. I hate New York

    There is NO WAY this bitch is 25. She is AT LEAST 35. She looks like a man, and her mom IS a man.

  14. I think her ridiculously long left fake eyelash is falling off from the weight of it..TACKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. cheap extentions

    She smells like Vulva:

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Goddamnit, who cares about this skank? I want a fucking show about Midget Max. I got the pitch for VH1 all set. He should dress up as smurf, and try to get Paris to adopt him. That is the type of reality TV for me damnit!

  17. i had to say it

    so cruel–
    besides, it is clear that ‘the superficial’ does not think any black women are attractive by evidence of his posts…

  18. India74

    Is it me or does she look like Janice the muppet?

  19. Ript1&0

    Yeah… I don’t know who the fuck this is. Or why the hell someone would be engaged to someone they don’t even want to be with. It’s part of the show, you say?

    What some people will do with their spare time. Damn.

  20. lils

    Well, I’m sure Kermit will take her back anyway.

  21. veggi

    who? new york is her name? I’m confused…. but the thing is, I don’t want answers..

    next…. and PLEASE let it be the story of paris and smurfs..

  22. Ript1&0

    Ok, so I read about this show. So basically what we have is a woman attempting to marry herself off. And there are multiple suitors, almost bidding if you will, to win her. Like at an auction.

    Is there a stage for her to stand on? Maybe she should twirl around a bit, get someone who talks really rapidly to list her attributes to the crowd. I mean I think we should all know the goods we’re getting before we make the purchase right. Highest bidder wins. Isn’t it great to know that in this day and age slavery is optional?

    Shut up and be entertained…. god, man.

  23. Kirsten

    @18 I totally thought the same thing! Apparently we are not alone…see the link below:

  24. veggi

    @22- I said I DIDN’T want to know dammit!!!!! but, wow.

  25. ss

    didn’t this genius go to syracuse university?

  26. Ript1&0

    I hope you got that all th was sarcasm and meant to make the point that women shouldn’t subject themselves to such degrading things as having their lives purchased for a television show. Not that it’s real anyway. But it is still fucking disgusting. And this is what we use as our entertainment.

    What am I, a feminist today?

  27. Matthew

    I feel so sorry for him engaged to miss ugly 2007 and please VH1 don’t make another show from her

  28. D. Richards (Lover.)

    You remember that movie Planet of The Apes? Doesn’t this rhino-faced whore remind you of one of the gorillas? Could you imagine mounting that beast’s vagina? The mouth. Her mouth would envelope a man. Sucking not only his penis, but his pride as well. Nobody wants to fuck the pretty girl’s ugly friend’s friend that makes even the ugly girl seem attractive.

    Hell, I’d rather have intercourse with Tiffany instead of touch her with my mouth. Anywhere. Ugh..


  29. shallow val

    I jsut saw a pic of the dude she’s “engaged” to. He’s a fucking fag, man. YOu can’t hide that. Metrosexual my fucking culo, he’s gay.

  30. lopelus

    Anyone else hate the lip gloss that makes your lips look semen stained?

  31. lambman

    Not to defend these two, but this story seems made up. It is pretty clear that Tailor made loves ghetto ugly black chicks, so he wouldn’t be hitting on a blond at a company party. His ex-wife is also really ghetto black woman with fake breasts…the man has a type…and it aint blonds

  32. I have a confession to make.


    But I did NOT watch the I love New York one!!!!

  33. Jessica

    I don’t believe that…everyone carries a camera these days, where are the pictures?

  34. CJ

    Now THIS is butt-ugly!!! The only thing uglier is the mama!!!

  35. AssBigot

    fuck a duck!!!

    this creature can look you in the eyes and damn your soul straight to hell!!!

  36. Nanotyrnns

    It’s no surprise he’s flirting with other chicks. How can there be “I Love New York 3″ if she finds true love and marries? She’s gotta milk at least another season out of this. At least one more season. What the hell else is that Mother/ Daughter Duo supposed to do? Earn a living??

  37. Darwin's Nightmare

    Damn only out of Africa could come something like this. Please understand that this is the main branch from which other branches have been derived. I would like to keep this Simian Sally as close to roots as possible.

  38. Jessica

    tailor made was in my bartending class in Manhattan this summer.

  39. I don’t know whether you have watched her recent video? If you have, you will understand why so many people scold her at

  40. ixxy

    I would cheat on her too… I don’t know how the fuck she gets around, I would NEVER tap that. 1) she looks disgusting 2) she’s the dumbest bitch ever with the hugest mouth I have ever seen. Hideous.

  41. She is so charming. Do you know so many men are crazy to her and often share her videos at and there were always many men and women talking about her… you know it is a site where diversely ethnic singles meet new friends, make great dates, and build lasting interracial relationships.

  42. FromOutOfNoWhere

    ARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I thought Alien vs Predator was just a movie, Damn it’s real, damn serpent alien queen s loose. This dang hyper-bitch queen is even uglier then the ones previous alien queens. I don’t wanna diiieeeeeeeee.

  43. TruBlkQueen!!

    You know? She get wht she deserves, TIFFANY, makes us black women look bad!!! I am so tired of being represented by the wrong black women who choose to degrade themselves for material gain and notariety. Will the real women step up!!!!Please!!!

  44. TruBlkQueen!!

    You know? She get wht she deserves, TIFFANY, makes us black women look bad!!! I am so tired of being represented by the wrong black women who choose to degrade themselves for material gain and notariety. Will the real women step up!!!!Please!!!

  45. Whatchamacallit

    Tailor made apparently works for Ecko clothing, yes the urban clothing line in nyc. Ecko has huge problems going on itself as well. just read the comments here

  46. chrissy

    what a crock of bull…did any1 see Tailor Made on the show? He was practically dying when New York left the room. He’s always trembling and sweaty, and he never drank on the show. But nice try.

  47. This is a TEST Comment
    Salman Khan

  48. Unklejoe

    Id lic Newyawks azzhoe!

  49. kotenok

    Huh… She kind of looks like Shrek.

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