There’s Another Video of Chris Brown Threatening A Valet Over $10

TMZ got a hold of another video of Chris Brown threatening a valet at PINZ bowling alley last night, after the valet had the nerve to charge Chris the same $10 everyone else had to pay to park their cars. What that valet forgot is he’s dealing with Jesus and Jesus ain’t havin’ no money-changers:

The valet had asked for the $10 fee before handing Brown the keys — but Chris refused to pay because he was only at the event for a short time and didn’t feel it was fair.
Chris exploded in anger … getting right in the valet’s face and yelling, “Gimme my f*cking keys … f*ck ten dollars.”
Then comes the threat — “Gimme my keys … we gonna turn this whole spot up … I promise you.”

Apparently one of Chris’ entourage gave the valet $10 before spots got turned up which is good because at least we know Chris is surrounded by people who won’t enable his actions. Had somebody just paid the money so Chris could walk out of there without being arrested like he should’ve been, he might feel bold enough to go home and finally murder Riha- wait.

Video: TMZ