There’s Another Video of Chris Brown Threatening A Valet Over $10

March 7th, 2013 // 34 Comments
Chris Brown Valet Video Fight
WATCH: New Video of Chris Brown Threatening A Valet
A Changed Man
Chris Brown Valet Fight
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TMZ got a hold of another video of Chris Brown threatening a valet at PINZ bowling alley last night, after the valet had the nerve to charge Chris the same $10 everyone else had to pay to park their cars. What that valet forgot is he’s dealing with Jesus and Jesus ain’t havin’ no money-changers:

The valet had asked for the $10 fee before handing Brown the keys — but Chris refused to pay because he was only at the event for a short time and didn’t feel it was fair.
Chris exploded in anger … getting right in the valet’s face and yelling, “Gimme my f*cking keys … f*ck ten dollars.”
Then comes the threat — “Gimme my keys … we gonna turn this whole spot up … I promise you.”

Apparently one of Chris’ entourage gave the valet $10 before spots got turned up which is good because at least we know Chris is surrounded by people who won’t enable his actions. Had somebody just paid the money so Chris could walk out of there without being arrested like he should’ve been, he might feel bold enough to go home and finally murder Riha- wait.

Video: TMZ


  1. DontTurnTheSpotUp

    Damn man, he almost turned the spot up? Damn…

  2. IAmAGuest

    This is the first photo I’ve seen where he doesn’t look like an absolute clown.

  3. Chris Brown’s an asshole, nothing new there. I was more entertained by the video of Leo DiCaprio doing his Jack Nicholson eyebrow impression.

  4. vandinz

    I tell you, that Valet was lucky he wasn’t a woman, he’d be on his arse within seconds.

  5. DC

    How tiny is Chris Brown? He looked like a 6th grader surrounded by adults. He’s going to get pounded in the face again, for sure (when his protection is in the bathroom or something).

  6. I’m really at a loss for wor…oh, wait!…I know…Chris Brown is a fucking prick and someone ought to put a bullet in his skull (that’s just on the off chance there might be something in there to damage). Sorry, that’s the best I could do this time.

  7. Fishballs

    I don’t know what turning up a spot means, but I’m assuming it includes punching Rhianna.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Chris Brown talks like me when I mock him.

  9. Jade

    SissyChrissy being typical SissyChrissy. Poor little guy knows nothing beyond violence. I hope his music lasts, otherwise, he won’t have his hired muscle around to back him up when he tries to fight everyone.


    Call him SissyChrissy. He’s earned it.

    • D-chi

      Actually, using the term “sissy” could be viewed as misogynistic, so since we’re dealing with a woman-beater here, prooobably not the right word to go with.

  10. eatme

    cheap ass clown

  11. wilts easily

    team breezy is sleazy

  12. Hey, Brownie, here are three things real men don’t do:
    1.) Pick on guys trying to do their jobs
    2.) Act tough while lackeys from their entourage duly satisfy their legal obligations
    3.) Beat the living shit out of their girlfriends.
    I know 3.) isn’t strictly relevant to the above video, but you seem to need reminding.

    • what about ‘suck other guys’ dicks’ and ‘let other dudes put their cocks in your ass’? you should put those 2 on your list as well. and as far as CB, might as well throw ‘dye your hair blonde’ and ‘dress like a retarded teenaged girl’ on the list too.

  13. Juch

    Brown is frustrated that the tantalizing invitation to “stick his fingers up in some balls” turned out to be a bowling alley.

  14. ill advised

    classy guy would have given the valet $100.00 Chris tries to stiff the guy , which is what he does with every guy

  15. right

    Chris brown and all the tards he hangs with are a fukin embarrassment. One says, “make a hole”, like they own the parking lot

  16. Albert

    he’s a piece of crap and people who support him are filth!

  17. the wrecker

    What a pile of doosh. What do these b-holes think the world owes them. Celebrity is a giant looney bin and they should all make minimum wage.

  18. He needs to go out the way most violent rappers do – multiple warning shots in the back.

  19. oldfool

    I would pay to see him duke it out with Katt Williams. No bodyguards allowed in the ring.

  20. Sandoucheky

    *checks “turn up” on Urban Dictionary*… OHH I get it now. He was going to lick the valet’s asshole while giving him a handjob. These kids with their urban slang.

  21. CBNTD

    That there hasn’t been a bullet put in Chris Brown’s head is a miracle. That there hasn’t been three is a shame.

    He literally can’t die fast enough.

  22. oh c’mon you guys, he just misunderstood, no really, there’s been an update “it wasn’t the money, it was the principle of the thing”. said some mouthpiece whom will hopefully take one of the 1000 bullets fired at this FUCKING IDIOT. AND he’s so goddam ugly to boot.

  23. Chris Brown is a disgrace to ShowBiz.

    Oh. Wait. ShowBiz has had the lobotomy and can’t be disgraced.

    Never mind.

  24. reinhard heidrich

    not like the old days in LA. he would have disappeared after one encounter with one of the Metro teams a/k/a hit squad

  25. cc

    I’m not a violent man, but driving my fist into his face would fill my system with endorphins for a year.

    • I’m not a man, period, but pistol whipping him with my Ruger Mark III after I’ve unloaded it up his asshole would fill me with enough testosterone to legally change my gender. But I’m afraid that would make Sis Chris splooge and beg me to call him his bitch, so I’ll have to deny myself that pleasure.

  26. kat

    what a disgusting human being.

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