1. Kady

    Well right there is the problem…..Miley’s been hanging out with a moderately cleaned up Amy Winehouse. This is only going to end in meth teeth, herpes and tears.

  2. Nikki

    look at her eyes and how sweaty she is and tell me shes not on ecstasy

    • Robot

      OR maybe she is at a club which would explain the sweat and the eyes would be explained by some jackass paparazzi jumping out and taking a picture of her.

    • BallerJenWaller

      Oh my god, that was my first thought! I was like… This chick is at a RAVE!!! Her eyes are WIDE.

  3. Rikky

    Is this a teenager or a slut-whore aspiring to become like her mentor, Lindsay Lohan? Next thing you know Disney will be producing soft core porn with her as long as dollars come in to their coffers.

  4. Jeremy

    She has XTC eyes. She is for sure on it. I know friends err yeah friends that have done it in their day.

  5. You can throw stones, but doesn’t every 18-year-old goes through a “Making out with Mexican Trannies” phase?

  6. Ned

    All of her orifices are open for business, and that’s what I love about her. I’m sure she’s guzzled gallons of spunk.

  7. MrsUri

    WTF is wrong with her mouth?? Every damn picture!! It’s not a “cute pout” Miley…fucking idiot.

  8. suprgrl

    Let her be a fucking teenager for christ’ sake!

    • BB

      Right, and normal teenagers get punished when their parents find out that they’re misbehaving (the caveat being that there are good parents, not people who are willing to “let it slide” because let’s face it, she’s a cash cow). Little Miss Cyrus over here continues to make poor decisions. Do a lot of teens make them? Sure. But that doesn’t make it right.

      • suprgrl

        yeah well it’s up to her parents to decide her punishment if any. And how does she “continue to make bad decisions”? has she hurt anyone? driven drunk? killed someone? stabbed someone? had a baby? overdosed? NO, she is doing what almost every normal teenager in America does.

      • suprgrl

        Plus she is technically an adult now so she can do whatever the hell she wants.

    • BennyF0116

      It’s immature idiotic morons like “suprgrl” (c’mon ..grown ups don’t names like that!) that tolerate immoral behaviour and assist in the degrading and the decaying of our country with their idiotic tolerance and their “let her be a teenager for christ’ sake” stance. I guess we should wait until she does hurt or kills herself or someone before trrying to give her good advise? people like suprgrl are also the first kind of people to talk crap about Miley or Lohan when they finally end up in rehab or jail!!! Thanks for helping in making the country a crappier place!!!!

      • Rhoethbeort

        Benny, I can only assume the last three digits fo YOUR name indicate your IQ, if you think ANYONE here is really “trrying (sic) to give her good advise”. First of all, the word is ADVICE. Second, the vast majority of posters here and throughout the Internet are self-loathing, sociopathic trolls, whose deep-seated inferiority complexes compel them to post vitriolic and asinine rants in a desperate attempt to convince themselves that they are somehow morally, intellectually, physically and/or spiritually superior to those whom thet secretly envy. Advice suggests compassion, and they have none.

      • americasucks

        is it even possible to make America a crappier place?? seems to me americans do a pretty good job of making themselves look like complete fucking asses…..just like the american pictured above.

      • U.S.A

        Why do you think America sucks when the rest of the world suck on our Dick !!

      • Jasmine

        Hah.. all you stupid idoits care about this girl, even this picture. To tell the truth i was a little curoius to look at them, but how did countries come into this? Everyone has there opinion about America, but every teenager lives a diffrent life in America. Its so diverse that i can’t belive some people even have the nerve to judge it. Don’t listen to what media tells you. Its crap. Listen to the actual people that live in America, and see what they say. In my opinion as a 7th grader living in America, I quite like it. The people are nice, the education is good, its a beautiful place and i hope all the ignorant people learn a thing or too in there lifetime.

  9. Ismoss

    I knew that there was a reason she was keeping that big titted assistant around that had nothing to do with her assisting abilities.

  10. mrsdestinyhope

    I can now see why people get so annoyed with Miley. Every time she’s in the news, it’s always behind some photo she took or about something she wore on stage. There were more kids than adults that watch the American Music Awards this year and don’t u think they’ve seen worse than what Miley wears in her music videos and on stage? Gees people.

  11. James Dean

    Is that assistant is a man?

  12. The One

    It´s from her concert in London at G-A-Y Heaven Club!
    It´s in the Backstage-Area!
    It was allmost over a half year ago!
    The Pic is not new!
    Only having fun backstage!

  13. anon

    they are not racy photos! shes just havin fun! will you lot get ova urselves! gah!

  14. James Dean

    Miley’s into Transexuals? Predictable

  15. oh noes

    I can’t stop laughing at the first picture–when I try
    to stop laughing, I snort.

    Thanks for posting!

    Oh, lordy!

  16. bakismaki

    This bi$$h tries too hard. She’s so lame.

  17. brit boys are cool

    They are both fugly and butterfaces.

  18. Jim

    These aren’t racy…however, the “trout pout” in pic #2 tells you everything you need to know about what direction she’s heading in…Just a matter of time.

  19. Shocore

    ahahaha wont be long for the sex tape!

  20. Sue

    I don’t think her assistant is helping her reputation much. If you were a decent personal assistant you try to help your boss not look bad but look good. She doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass, joining in on the pictures. Miley will have to learn from her mistakes and lets hope she won’t be learning like Britney and Lindsay. Good Luck Miley!!!

  21. gluebomb

    disney makes get whores … cant wait when selena gomez finally comes out of the closet and finally admits she is a lesbian ..selena is as exciting as watching paint dry poor girl hasnt got a chance in hollywood being a good innocent girl…because hollywood and every person who posts here loves the attention seeking scandal whores like demi lovato – miley cyrus and all the other disney b.itches

  22. nikkers

    How can mom and dad do anything when she is paying their bills. Dad was a one hit wonder and who knew who mom was or is. This is what happens when the child foots the bills for the family

  23. midwestgal

    if this is the way american teenagers are supposed to act, then my daughters must be abnormal. They don’t have the time to go to act this way between school, work, volunteering and the charity work they do. I also don’t think that this is the NORM of the teenager, maybe the norm of the wealthy rich and spoiled brats that are working in the industry right now.

  24. motas

    How many times we have to remind disney to cancelled or stop airing that stupid show of Hannah Montana, But ahhw I just remeeember, the contract was signed for 2 more seasons!!, still we have to suffered when I see her name on my tv screen . She’s not a roll model for young girls, she never was, and never will be. She better make an appointment w/Dr Phill.

  25. milky

    The t-shirt is at sufficient height.

  26. Laura (:

    Mellow the fuck out guys. Maybe she’s posing? Or shocked by someone taking a picture with a bright flash? All across the globe people do far worse shit than this at a far younger age, so she’s at a party, maybe drinking, it begs the question, who cares? It’s her business, and people need to get their noses out of it.

  27. melissa

    I honistly dont see the big deal here. She is a grownish woman….Yes she was Hanna Montana “on TV” and while she was with disney she keept a clean image. Now shes older and wants to leave that behind. And as far as being a “BAD” romodel for the kids…(parents do you really let your young children surf the internet to find these kinds of scandals?) And as for the older teens do you really belive they are influinced more by Miley then their peers at school? I see more provacative outifts on normal teens than ive seen on Miley. I say quit focusing on making her the next Spears or Lohan. If you dissaprove and have young children that still watch her show dont allow it any more.

  28. Kenzie

    This is crazy, why don’t you think how you acted when you were 18? EVERYONE WAS A WHOLE BUNCH OF WHORES! GET A LIFE!

  29. AzureWolf

    You know what I find funny? Miley and Demi(but I am a Demi fan). Miley maybe more famous, but her body is as ugly as crap, and the girl looks like she has a long face. Demi on the other hand, may not be as famous, but her body is as sure as heck better than Miley’s. HA

  30. rodney bagley

    yall have no lives and who gives a fuck if someone wants to go out and have a good time.. seriously i have no clue where people like the mother fuckers on these gossip websites come from cuz ive never ran into anybody who acts like they have a bigger dick up their ass than perez hilton.. but apparently hes just the tip of the iceberg

  31. Nire

    Dear Miley Cyrus,


    The Entire US Population.

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