New Last Jedi Trailer Is The Biggest Bomb Drop We’ve Seen In Two Days

Just when you thought Trump had the biggest thing to fall on unsuspecting people this week, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer one-ups him. Sad!

Star Wars will remain the only big-budget formula franchise that I’ll blindly subscribe to. I don’t care if they’re just rehashing old plots or throwing Asian women in as characters to blatantly appease foreign markets- this is Star Wars. The Star Wars producers can literally walk into my house and put my cat in my microwave and dump its litter down all my drains and I’d still give them $14.50 every December.

It’s only been out for a couple of hours and people who hate everything obviously think it sucks, which is not surprising and barely worth mentioning. Watch out for these people, they are the ones who get all shifty-eyed while standing in line because the internet pureed their passive social-skills.

Star Wars is fun. We need this.