Good Morning, Angels

March 17th, 2011 // 50 Comments

Because on top of Horrible, Unholy Ass Week and Bitches Be Pregnant Week, it’s also Reboot Shows From the 70s Because Hollywood is Out of Ideas Week, so here’s Not Important, Minka Kelly, and Doesn’t Matter (It’s not racist if I say the same thing about the white chick.) on the set of the new Charlie’s Angels show yesterday. While some might be quick to point out the politically correct casting, at least they didn’t make one of the Angels have Down’s like the movies. “Oh, look, Drew Barrymore‘s character can fight just as good as the skinny ones. And have sex with Sam Rockwell! Oscar, OSCAR. I demand an Oscar!”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily, Splash News


  1. TomFrank

    Goddamn, you’re really writing off Rachael Taylor that quickly? Or will she be one of those actresses it will take you a while to notice and then you can’t shut up about her (like, say, Minka Kelly)?

  2. Pickled Patty

    Drew Barrymore Downs comment, fucking priceless.

  3. Deucepickle

    Looks more like a promo for a maxi-pad commercial.

  4. Dan

    I think Hollywood ran out of ideas a long time ago.

  5. Jimbob

    Where are the boobs? At least FF had nice implants in the original. And JS was one of the most beautiful faces of her decade.

  6. Zee Brat

    Why does this look like a yogurt commercial?

  7. One Ball Joe

    Didn’t realize till now that Minka has a fivehead (for those with the same chromosomal condition that Fish suggests Drew Barrymore has, a fivehead is a bit longer than a forehead).

  8. Just because Drew Barrymore has Down’s Syndrome doesn’t mean she’s not hot. . . there’s a lot to be said for a condition that doesn’t let her know when to say “no.”

  9. Wow. I think we better line them up by cup size and call them Agents A, B, and C.

  10. rican

    Want to make it exciting, replace one of those angels with Ke$a.

  11. Cock Dr

    This franchise is exhausted & needs to be put out of our misery.
    There must be other, more orginal ways to get pretty women in bikinis & men’s butts in the theater seats.

    • Fletch

      This will actually be on TV not in theaters. I give it 6 months because there isn’t any gays in it. I thought Glee would last maybe a year and it’s still clogging the tube.

      • Cock Dr

        No wonder this looks like an ad for feminine hygiene products…..because that what it will be used to sell on the tube.

    • TomFrank

      That’s right, kids… Before it was a movie, Charlie’s Angels was a show on the television…

    • eatme

      Me thinks that the only reason this show was green lighted was as a promotional vehicle for Minka Kelly. Fur sure the studio does not expect this show to last past a half season, they are just positioning their future star.

  12. Justin

    Skinny bitches ain’t solvin’ shit, until they solve the mystery of how to eat a fucking sandwich.

  13. LJ

    Couldn’t they find just one Victoria Secret Model or SI Swimsuit model who could look at the camera and recite lines at the same time?

  14. Funeral Guy

    Somebody take that bitch on the left out and load her up on some carbs.

  15. shandanger

    well, looks like they escaped auschwitz so the possibilities are limitless for this crime fighting trio!

  16. This should do at least as well as the new Bionic Woman.

  17. Torso

    This is going to be a flop. And why do they have to color-up every single movie and TV show?

  18. the old guy

    This pic reminds me of just how much I miss “She Spies”. Now THAT was a show!

  19. Please define “diminishing returns”. Oh, there it is.

  20. pissed

    is anyone else super pissed off about this? How could they remake charlies angels. AGAIN! The movies were alright because they were movies but how could thye do a charlies angel TV show for the 2nd time? NO one else has any ideas so now they need to do a remake of an awesome show. And i cant believe they have a black girl. I’m not racist I just cant believe they added someone who was black! When no charlies angel ever was. And the girls arent even hot or pretty. I really hope this show gets off the air as soon as the first episode airs.

  21. anonym

    minka’s face looks piggish in these pics.

  22. Charlie's Angels Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    at least none of them are chinese.. uugh that was just an unfair kung fu advantage

  23. Bishop

    Loved the original series, liked the movies, but will completely avoid this crap.
    (I know you were worried, so now you can sleep easy)

  24. Stephanie

    So from left to right: The power to reflect the sun, The power to absorb the sun, and the power to protrude collarbones while vacationing in the Hamptons? Oh, you mean they don’t have powers? There’s no way those waifs are fighting off anything. Someone call Suri, these girls need backup.

  25. Charlie's Angels Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    Charlie’s Angels, brought to you by Nuvaring.

  26. Rainbow

    Man hands.

  27. windimpaler

    Jeter may have all the millions and a huge house , but his chick has , (gasp), Cankles!

  28. poshicles

    This show defiantly isn’t going any where. Why are hollywood execs so retarded about bringing out shows that are never going to work. Hollywood already made money on this brand thru the movies and with A-list actors. You think the public cares about these C-list celebs in the same role on TV???????? Plus they really aren’t even that hot.

  29. annoying

    its really sad the origanal was sooo good. and they were all really pretty and hot. Well Kate Jackson was kind of pretty. But still. There just going to ruin it. And it will obviously stay on because look how popular the show was when it came out. Evrey teenage girl who doesnt know the show from the 70s will watch it. it jsut sucks. They have to remake everything that was an old TV show. Dukes of hazzard, charlies angels, wonder woman. I really cna not believe there not doing threes company.

  30. Charlie's Angels Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    The BLOND is a HOt mess in the face and way too skinny!!

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