New Bill Cosby Accuser Allegedly Raped During ‘Acting Lessons’

Former model/actress Heidi Thomas is the latest woman to come forward and accuse Bill Cosby of raping her in 1984 after offering to be her “acting coach.” In a detailed account to CNN, she explains how her modeling agency arranged the lessons – The former agency owner refused to comment. – and how she was driven to a house in Reno where Cosby allegedly went straight for a familiar trick. And why not? He’s never gone to jail once, so if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Thomas says Cosby greeted her at the door of the sprawling house, and later, the coaching began.
She says she performed a monologue, and when she finished, Cosby asked her to do a cold read of a person who was intoxicated.
According to Thomas, Cosby wasn’t impressed. Thomas wasn’t much of a drinker.
“How are you ever going play an intoxicated person … if you’ve never been drunk?” she says he told her.
She says Cosby wanted her to relax, and he gave her a glass of Chablis.
Thomas admits that her memory of the next few hours is “foggy,” but she says that at one point, he may have asked her something like, (Are you) “feeling the part now?” or “Feeling the lines now?”
Thomas says that when she woke up, Cosby was next to her in bed, naked and “forcing himself in my mouth.” She says she remembers feeling like she wanted to throw up.
Soon after, Thomas says, Cosby was getting on top of her again and referring to himself in the third person.
“I’m your friend … your friend is gonna (ejaculate) again,” Thomas remembers him saying.

And thanks to the culture of the time, Heidi immediately blamed herself and thought she was the one who did something wrong like so many of Cosby’s other alleged victims:

Rather than get angry with Cosby, Thomas says, she made excuses and asked herself, “What’s happened? Why am I here? Why is he naked? What did I say? What did I do?”

Thomas says that months after the incident in Reno, she learned Cosby was going to be in St. Louis. She says she traveled there and was able see him backstage after one of his shows, but never talked to him about what happened in Reno. She was never alone with him, she says.
“There’s another thing I wish I could explain,” she says of the trip. “[The] closest thing I can say here is I just wanted to make this right … I’m still not thinking I’ve been abused. I’m thinking this is all my fault.” Thomas says she wanted to see if Cosby really thought she had talent.
That was 1984 — and Thomas says that she’s been haunted in the years since, thinking that maybe she’d brought it on herself. She chose not to confide in anyone, including her agent or the talent agency.

Heidi Thomas eventually decided to come forward after speaking to her mother a few weeks ago and learning that she called her shortly after Cosby had allegedly raped her, but like her daughter, Heidi’s mother had no idea what to do because it’s 2015, and we’re still slut-shaming rape victims and making excuses for Bill Cosby, so imagine that shit in 1984:

Johnson says she decided not to mention the phone call — or let on that she knew in any way — because she just wanted “things get back to normal” for her daughter.
Thomas has never spoken publicly about this incident, until now. She says finding out that her mother knew all along was what freed her to speak.
“I finally find out that she knows, that Dad knows, that they are supporting me if I want to go public…Then it became full steam ahead, I want to empower people.”
“I was beginning to think though…that whole keeping-your-silence is a form of acceptance. It’s not supporting the women who are coming forward. It’s not helping … and if enough people make enough of a fuss, maybe we can get a culture that starts to listen,” Thomas says.

One of the last times I posted about a new batch of Cosby accusers, our resident shithead Cosby apologist asked what’s the point in even writing about these accusations anymore? That it’s as pointless as “listing missing women in the greater Los Angeles area” because nothing’s going to happen, so “who gives a fuck?” The point is we’re LISTENING, motherfucker. For the first time in these women’s lives, they’re finally sharing a god-awful nightmare they were too afraid to talk about because of a man’s powerful influence and a culture that taught them they’re the one to blame because of their icky vagina parts. Well, fuck that. That shit’s over. Slightly. I mean, we still have a somehow relevant political party that’s trying to pass laws based on a 2,000 year book that banishes women to the wilderness whenever they’re menstruating, but baby steps. Baby steps. We’ll get there. Or die from greenhouse gasses because climate science is devil magic. Either way, something’s ending.

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