Neve Campbell topless = Uh, cool? I think…

April 25th, 2008 // 173 Comments

Hey, remember when Neve Campbell and Denise Richards got naked in Wild Things and made out in a pool? But only Denise would show her boobs? Well, finally, ten years later and from her new movie I Really Hate My Job I present to you Neve Campbell’s boobies! Ta-da? … Yeesh, what happened here? I’ve seen some boobs in my day (Read: 7) and I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to look like that. Did Neve Campbell have some sort of freak rolling pin accident while baking? Because, ladies, let this be a cautionary tale: The kitchen is a very dangerous place. So, be careful in there and how ’bout some sandwiches?

Thanks to Matt – I think. I’ll get back to you when I stop crying.

Photos: The Sun

  1. onecritic

    Well I got a good laugh from some of your comments but feel I must weigh in as the voice of reason. You can take all the Hollywood fake boobs out of the equation. In the world of natural boobs, there are nice boobs and ugly boobs. Neve has ugly boobs. It’s not because they’re not fake. It’s just because they’re ugly. End of story.

  2. onecritic

    Well I got a good laugh from some of your comments but feel I must weigh in as the voice of reason. You can take all the Hollywood fake boobs out of the equation. In the world of natural boobs, there are nice boobs and ugly boobs. Neve has ugly boobs. It’s not because they’re not fake. It’s just because they’re ugly.

  3. onecritic

    Oops. I am sorry for the double posting.

  4. sharkattack

    Quite honestly, I am horrified at the lot of you saying these are “normal,” and what the “rest of the world has.” Fuck that…seriously. These are not at all normal and I know that mine sure as hell do not look like that. I’m not famous, mine aren’t fake, but they CERTAINLY are not droopy flapjacks and I would consider myself very normal. 153 is completely correct. Thank you for adding a sense of clarity. To 136 and 139, this is the standards sure as hell better be set incredibly high. If you are looking for words of encouragement that your fat and/or deformed bodies are accepted by society you won’t find it here.

  5. cavy

    #155: I am neither fat and/or deformed – I am super into health and fitness have no problem with getting compliments on my looks…it doesn’t take a “fat/ or deformed” person to have concern over the growing trend in “perfect/fake/photoshop” worship. I am on the thin side, but, due to the warping of body image thanks to anorexia worship in the media, sometimes think I could lose a few pounds, even though I am below BMI weight for my height. I love the and perez, but get sick of complete assholes that make, beyond inhumane and NOT funny comments (and I feel the need to speak up, like it or not). I still look because this site is entertaining and the 50% of very funny comments make my day. I know what I’m getting into expressing my opinions and I have every right to comment, as you do also.

  6. edgar suit

    her boobies look just fine…….for me to poop on…..ahahaha…,did ya see what I did there? ….I said they looked fine and then i said to poop on like that dog puppet?…..I’m friggin hillarious

  7. edgar suit

    …no but really I need to poop on them!

  8. Perhaps you’ve been seeing too many HOLLYWOOD TITS, but FYI those are how tits look when they haven’t been paid for. Cheers to her, you’re a sexist pig!

  9. gross


  10. Kari

    I can’t believe I just wasted precious moments of my life reading these comments. I am a female, I have a period, and I have imperfect boobs. BUT, I can still laugh at Neve for having man nipples- because I have a sense of humor. If you want to fight the feminist fight, pick a different forum, this isn’t your crowd.

  11. cavy

    #161, if your talking about some of my comments….I’m not a feminist – I’m just human – where did you get “feminist” out of the comments? You don’t have to have a label to have an opinion.

  12. abby


    that is all.

  13. and this is why my boobs are fake. because then they’ll NEVER look like these.

  14. goldensockpuppet

    Im sorry but those are the most useless tits I’ve EVER seen in my entire life.

  15. .....Ignorance is a bitch

    i agree w/: JohnnE, BEAM, and ginger_T

    she’s fucking natural
    and i praise her on that it’s
    about time someone was honest
    about their body and comfortable
    enough with their own to not go pay for another.
    it’s much cheaper.
    like they say, life is nothing like it is
    in the movies, and that goes for breasts too..
    i just can’t believe that people could be so DAMN ignorant..
    ^^^^^that is what a real non insecure woman looks like
    ^^^^^and that’s insecurity at it’s finest…..cover it all up with paint and silicone

  16. Welll. this pictures are definitely some kind of.. disappointing. At first I thought it must be fake. But after thinking about it – what I always loved about Neve was her total natural beauty. With or without cosmetics, she always looked totally astonishing. Her t*ts kinda fits. You surely have to give her credits for showing her body although knowing a lot of people would kinda laugh about it.

  17. Tammy

    I’ve seen a nude of Neve Campbell when she was younger & her boobs look nothing like that. I think it’s just age. I don’t know if she has children, but breastfeeding can radically change your boobs too.

  18. Human God

    Perfectly natural breasts.
    I have seen some similar to hers and other more perky.
    Still hers are all natural and that is something I appreciate
    in todays world of plastic surgery and airbrushing.
    If Neve was my woman I’d be caressing those as much as she would let me.
    She’s still attractive.

  19. sammy

    Neve i love you!!!,dont listen to them sweetheart(:

  20. I like natural tits just as much as the next guy, but these are terrible. She thought she didn’t need a bra, because her tits aren’t that big. She was wrong!

  21. t.i.t.s.master

    That is not how real tits look like. Not all tits look the same you retards that suggest those look like all real tits. I love real tits! I should know, I’m the tits Master!

    Everybody has the right to their opinion, and I agree with the majority. She has horrible looking tits and it’s probably always been that way. She is just plain unfortunate in the tits area. Other than that, she’s pretty – but a little on the dyke side too. To the idiot English guy, not my cup of tea!

  22. Jimbo Jones

    She had a breast reduction. On some of the photos you can see the scar. Probably had a keyhole lift also, thats why the areola look so strange.
    She didn’t have a very good surgeon, unfortunately.

  23. Looks like a lot of gay dudes weighing in here. Badass Neve Campbell gets naked and your dicks won’t work? I didn’t have a problem. Twice today even. Maybe you should check out some PPV wrestling and leave women for real men to look at.

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