Neve Campbell topless = Uh, cool? I think…

April 25th, 2008 // 173 Comments

Hey, remember when Neve Campbell and Denise Richards got naked in Wild Things and made out in a pool? But only Denise would show her boobs? Well, finally, ten years later and from her new movie I Really Hate My Job I present to you Neve Campbell’s boobies! Ta-da? … Yeesh, what happened here? I’ve seen some boobs in my day (Read: 7) and I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to look like that. Did Neve Campbell have some sort of freak rolling pin accident while baking? Because, ladies, let this be a cautionary tale: The kitchen is a very dangerous place. So, be careful in there and how ’bout some sandwiches?

Thanks to Matt – I think. I’ll get back to you when I stop crying.

Photos: The Sun

  1. Jen

    It looks to me like she has a scar from a reduction or something. Does anyone else see it coming from the bottom toward her areola?

  2. Gorestabb


    Shut the fuk up dick throat I don’t want everyone in the world thiking we’re fuck holsters.

  3. Alex



  4. Anal Fistula

    are those paste-on nipples?

  5. Somuchsoap

    Her tits have always looked like this.

  6. justtheobvious

    Oh my god, My dad has nicer boobs

  7. this post is cruel……intentions, but with way less attrcxtive witherspoon’s
    perhaps these :”wild things”: will remind me to “scream” the next time I see a nasty set of bosoms at a “Party of Five:.

  8. Sara

    Oh my god you people are pathetic! no wonder Hollywood is going down the hill. If you consider this actress old then you seriously need to have your head examined lol Her boobs aren’t great but how are they horrific? They’re not that saggy. Most grown-up women have slightly saggy boobs, unless they get them fixed.

  9. cavy

    Skippy McJonesy, sorry to burst your vanity bubble, but your breast feeding boobs do not look nice – I don’t care what you say…after a baby gets done ‘working it’s magic’ on your hooters, they are DONE! Ok, now you can go back to tooting your own horn…

  10. misery bunny

    actually, i think they’re kind of cute. strange nips but cute tit shape.

  11. Andy

    I think she looks beautiful.

  12. your mom

    I think it’s refreshing to see a woman in Hollywood with her natural breasts. This is what most women look like without implants which, by the way, are severely uncomfortable and strip women’s nipples of their sensitivity.

  13. anonymum

    I don’t see what the big deal is, really.

    She looks fine to me!

  14. Danielson

    Now we know why she didn’t get naked in Wild Things

  15. Bill Clinton

    She needs to cover up those wild things.

  16. twidget

    Natural boobies are one thing, but just because she is natural does not automatically mean they are nice to look at. I myself don’t like over-inflated circus boobs and appreciate nice natural ones, but these are not nice. I’m fairly sure she’s not had children, yet her boobs sag and droop as though she has, and the areolas are awfully small, giving her tiny nipples. Just not pretty.

  17. Meredith

    #37 is right… her nipples look inverted. And WTF? I don’t have fake boobs and mine don’t look like that. A lot of real boobs look better than that. Jesus Christ!

  18. Jaffo

    Question: What have we learned today, kids?
    Answer: A lot of the women who come here also appear to have nasty flapjack boobies.

    Don’t seat it, ladies. The World still has plenty of alcohol and all light switches still come with an ‘off’ position. Now go get the Mrs. Butterworth’s, the Country Crock, and a medium-sized spatula, and meet me at IHOP. We got tender ronis ta make, baby!

  19. Monstra

    Bosendorfer, you’re a pig.
    She’s not deformed, she’s not defected.
    Age didn’t “do that” to her breasts, that’s just what some look like, right from the start.
    They’re not saggy, they’re simply modest.
    The nips are totally normal, too. Just because they’re inverted or flat at that moment doesn’t mean they don’t perk up when stimulated.
    The comments on this post absolutely sicken me.

  20. Jaffo

    You know what sickens me, Monstra? The idea of a God who would curse you with a set of flapjack tits like this. Damn you, Jeebus!!!!

    P.S. We are still on for IHOP, right?

  21. check my link.

  22. JoeJr

    It looks like she had her implants removed. She used to have larger breasts. That would account for the deflated look.

  23. JoeJr

    They look like Demi Moore’s do now (after she had her large implants removed).

  24. Studentnt

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  25. zuzuspetals

    Her breasts are fine. Her haircut is disturbing.

  26. mofoghetto

    Here in Canada we frown upon boob jobs and actually appreciate natural beauty. But seriously girlfriend, the Canadian-dyke haircut? So 1989! I’m so embarrassed for her. She’s the new Jamie-Lee Curtis (minus some chest ampage).

  27. She should do Scream 4, Wes Craven was gonna do it, but she said no :(
    I loooove Scream!!! Doooo it Neve, please, its not like you have much else to do…

  28. bosendorfer


    It makes my day when you cry into The Void like this. Sadly, my comments are true and accurate. It’s nothing personal. Stay in control. You’re just passing through, too. (Maybe your nipples are birth-defected? I hope not.)


  29. GG1000

    Um, actually, that fits into the range of what boobs are supposed to look like! You’re just so used to the silicon-pumped Hollywood version that the real ones don’t look natural to you any more!

  30. JJ

    This is why all the girls on here are saying you guys have never seen “real boobs”:

    Looks like they’re right!

  31. pongo99

    Man, this looks fake. Fucking tits are totally out of scale.

  32. LOSERS

    Honestly she is so fucking UGLY!! No hot women would have tits like this mine are realy and do not fucking look like that NAST ASS NEVE CAMPBELL EWWWWWW!!!!!! Shes so old school should of stopped acting after party of five!!! Keep EYE RAPING us with her NASTY SELF GRR!! FUCK OFF

  33. Tinfoil Raccoon

    @ #133: “Honestly she is so fucking UGLY!! No hot women would have tits like this mine are realy and do not fucking look like that NAST ASS NEVE CAMPBELL EWWWWWW!!!!!! Shes so old school should of stopped acting after party of five!!! Keep EYE RAPING us with her NASTY SELF GRR!! FUCK OFF”

    “English motherf*cker, do you speak it?”

  34. Missy

    should have left your shirt on…

  35. ugh

    So, basically, unless a woman’s body is ‘perfect’(i.e. fake tits, liposuction, nose job, cheek implants, etc), you’re going to say horrible awful things about her and consider her unworthy of love or sexual attraction? I hate this fucking site. This site makes me want to kill myself. Please stop the negativity towards women. It is damaging for everybody.

  36. NICE JEWBS!!!

    or is it

    JEW JEW Bs?

  37. cavy

    #136 Ugh, I completely agree….I hate even looking on these sights anymore – we are turning into the most vain, superficial (.com) human beings and it makes me question humanity! I actually would hate to be a celebrity nowadays…I would hate to be scrutinized by the general public as viciously as they are…Celebrity has completely lost it’s Glamor! Bring back the days of Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe – although, the ignorant masses would lay waste to such talent now – so sad!

  38. Stuey

    DAYUM, thats some flapjack tittays

  39. Jimmy Brackish

    She was such a babe in the 90′s, the fuck happened? If it weren’t for the extremely disappointing haircut, that butch ‘cut ain’t helping, neither is the tired exhausted look on her face.

    Aah, at least we still have Denise Richards and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s…..tits.

  40. Jimmy Brackish

    She was such a babe in the 90′s, the fuck happened? If it weren’t for the extremely disappointing boobies*, that butch ‘cut ain’t helping, neither is the tired exhausted look on her face.

    Aah, at least we still have Denise Richards and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s…..tits.

  41. marla k

    it’s certainly not fake: i saw the film, she plays a whole scene this way.

    so, shock, horror: she looks like herself, with the breasts she got given.
    and i bet you anything the person who loves her loves her body and brain and soul as well as her breasts… and probably he gets it nightly, unlike lonely inadequate internet-posting wankers who have only seen the airbrushed version in Swank magazine.
    god bless beautiful women who don’t stuff their bodies with silicone.
    and hey, weirdie – have a fun night screwing the imaginary chick you imagined, the one with the full round natural tits and the hairless child-pussy and the big ass and the thin thighs and the Botox brow! Have fun in your lonely virgin imagination! Have fun all alone in your weird, fucked up, real-tit-hating life!

    oh and hey, word up: we have periods too!
    Those of us who are not blow-up dolls or children!

    Are you maybe all gay? what with the hating of real girls’ bodies and all?

  42. carpe diem

    Hey 143!

    Is that you Neve Campbell???

    Did you take it a little too personal???

    No worries — I will always remember you from Party of Five!

    I would still hook up with you!

  43. X

    She’s been naked before. Waaaaay more naked too.

    “When Will I Be Loved” like four years ago.

    So, wow man, nice scoop! LOL

  44. This what “they” call……………………………………..TEA-BAGS or COSY!!

  45. ebo

    how about everyone who has something nasty to say about neve campbell’s boobs post photos of your flawless tits, be they your own or your lady’s. i’m sure the vast majority of all of these boobs rely heavily on bras for the kind of perfection that ms. campell apparently lacks. she may have totally normal boobs, but she’s rich and ya’ll are just morons sitting at home on your computers picking on someone who totally does not give a fuck about you, or what you think of her boobs.

  46. cavy

    #147 – I agree, but unfortunately, I can tell a lot of haters are men/boys completely warped by images of airbrushed, genetically impossible women from men’s magazines (the same way, we women, are warped from phony fashion magazines). Basically, NO ONE is ever good enough….and if they are, it’s for only 1 or 2 years, when the public deems them too old after age 21….very sad!

  47. I thought they were nice, but nothing special. Being a boob man for most of my life. There are women in my neighborhood with a better looking rack.

  48. jenny

    I really wish that testicles were scrutinized as much as boobs are…or penises…or heck any part of the male body! That would be a nice change. You men suck, go back to watching porn and having only your hand to satisfy you. Ever wonder why you guys dont have meaningful relationships…it’s not the women’s fault!

  49. Thomas Tillman

    Neve actually had breast reduction surgery way back in the 90s, during PO5. Photos of her during her days in Toronto’s Phantom or the Canadian show Catwalk show a much shaplier Neve then even in her early PO5/Scream days.

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