Neve Campbell topless = Uh, cool? I think…

Hey, remember when Neve Campbell and Denise Richards got naked in Wild Things and made out in a pool? But only Denise would show her boobs? Well, finally, ten years later and from her new movie I Really Hate My Job I present to you Neve Campbell’s boobies! Ta-da? … Yeesh, what happened here? I’ve seen some boobs in my day (Read: 7) and I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to look like that. Did Neve Campbell have some sort of freak rolling pin accident while baking? Because, ladies, let this be a cautionary tale: The kitchen is a very dangerous place. So, be careful in there and how ’bout some sandwiches?

Thanks to Matt – I think. I’ll get back to you when I stop crying.

Photos: The Sun