Nereida Gallardo topless = I’m moving to Spain

August 1st, 2008 // 217 Comments

These are shots of Spanish model Nereida Gallardo topless in Ibiza. You may remember Nereida from the bikini shots a few weeks back when she was vacationing with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo – who just dumped her on her ass. Some say she’s prancing around topless to show him what he’s missing. While others say she’s just demonstrating Europeans less puritanical view of nudity. Allow me to provide my educated assessment: Whoopee!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. But, seriously, who needs a job when you can look at nipples? Words to live by, folks.

Photos: The Sun

  1. Trey

    @98 Well, my mom deceased, so that would just prove his poor taste, wouldn’t it?

  2. Trey

    @98 Well, my mom’s deceased, so that would just prove his poor taste, wouldn’t it?

  3. Drake

    Haha…yeah, if he’d bang a corpse he’d bang this troll. Still doesn’t mean she’s hot.

  4. Trey

    @99 Damn, if I am I hope I didn’t inherit your shitty spelling.

  5. me

    Trey, you are gay. kill yourself.

  6. the real deal

    @101 so what you are saying is that your mom is fugly. you should really what the mr.t treat your mother right video. you son of a bitch.

  7. Media Browski

    @66: you should really learn the difference between “no” and “know” and “pussy” and “garbage disposal” before commenting here.

  8. Trey

    @ 105 Ah, yes. Outwitted, therefore resorting back to the “gay” comments. Yeah, that really stung.

    I could be the gayest gay in the gayest place on the planet and kill myself in the gayest manner, that still wouldn’t change the fact this chick looks like a drag queen and you’re lashing out at everyone else because you won’t acknowledge the fact you’re attracted to a dude.

  9. the real deal

    @ 105 your mom didnt mind my shitty spelling when she was gurgling my my kids in her mouth

  10. Trey

    @106 I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have used big words, it was obvious you haven’t been near a dictionary in your entire life.

    Deceased means dead. Getting it on with a dead woman to me is poor taste. If you have other views, please resist the urge to share them. It’s a criminal offense.

  11. me

    @109 If we’re gonna conspire, at least try to type in the right number.

  12. BM

    funny…. if she were small chested everyone will be saying she looks like a “12 year old boy”… but because she has fake tits the only thing ppl can say is that other than her fake tits.. “the rest of her body is nice”… and without them ppl say she will look like a boy…. lol

  13. the real deal

    and the real reason why your mother died was do the the fact that she choked on my fucking dick.

  14. Joe



    Trey is my hero. (Yes, I must be gay).

  15. Trey

    Oh yes, the dick choke. Gosh, how offensive, creative and witty.

    Still doesn’t change the fact this isn’t really a chick and you guys are afraid to face your inner man love.


    @#54 – Tracy – re; “Gorgeous women are: Jessica Alba, Megan Ewing, Beyonce, Angelina, Megan Fox. ” You’re out of your fucking mind. Those women are complete bitch divas and whatever “pretty” they had left in their bodies soon drains away as soon as they open their mouths. Even fake is better than cunty.

  17. Ugly chicks go away

    All the jealous nasty looking women commenting should form their own group of angry spinsterhood. You can call yourself HEFFERS – Hateful Envious Flat Fat and Extremely Repulsive Skanks.

    Thank god some chicks care enough about themselves to get a boob job and stay away from the buffet table. MOOOOOO.

  18. Shane

    @113 It’s comments like this that prove what kind of guys skanks like this attract. Thus proving they’re skanks.

  19. Tracy

    @116 Oh yes, so a chick that slept with most of footballing Spain, had her picture taken tonguing girls in public toilets, had 3 guys come out to the press about how she was always after their money and flashes her tits at beaches months in a row is of course the epitome of attractiveness.

  20. Tina

    Don’t forget about the guy on the jetski she tongued just to prove how “over” Ronaldo she was. 2 days after he dumped her. Yes, it was real love.

  21. Shane

    And the webcam chat in which she told total strangers she had bagged him and was gonna marry him soon.

  22. the real deal

    dear homo shane,
    its homos like you that dont know a fine piece of ass when you see one.

  23. neptune

    There are hot women with implants whose boobs don’t look like perfect spheres… I mean, why would she want her boobs to be shaped like that? Not natural looking at all. They look like she pumps them full of air every morning.

  24. the real deal

    all womens tits are different fuck thats half the fun of looking at the damn things real or not.

  25. Uncle Eccoli

    @97 That’s airtight fucking logic, there.

    They get the implants because that’s what they *think* men like. If we were talking strictly about tits, I’d prefer Kate Hudson over this girl any day of the week. When I see a woman with implants I don’t think, “Woo, huge tits!” I think, “What a poor body image and lack of self-respect she must have.” Insecurity is NOT attractive. Now, this is what I *think* about women with breast implants, true or not, the same way these women *think* all men would rather a woman’s breasts be big than natural.

    Are you trying to convince us that you liked your wife’s implants? Why?

  26. britney's weave

    i miss randal.

  27. neptune

    @125 If you are telling the truth, I think it would be nice to meet more men who are turned off by huge implants. But what if you met a girl who had them, but they were a normal size and she had just done it for her own self-esteem? Like if someone with Kate Hudson’s chest got maybe a B or C would that be a turn off too? I just don’t think it’s fair to say that women with implants have no self-respect.

  28. Deacon Jones


    Ex-girlfriend, not wife.
    I’m sure you go “aww, what low self-respect she has” and frown and look away anytime you see a nice rack. Get real.

    Were you the guy that was speedwalking in the Mr T. commercial from yesterday?

  29. the real deal

    i dont think that it would be possible for kate hudson to ever get her flat chest done. i mean there is nothing there. i am not picky but i just want something there to play with or grab ahold of.

  30. Crappola

    Cristiano Ronaldo, my friend, there’s no where else to go but down my friend. Or maybe back to her bodacious bosoms. Either way, this shows the love lack of love you have for your penis.

  31. Uncle Eccoli


    Ex-girlfriend, excuse me.
    If they’re as obviously fake as this girl’s are, yeah, I do. I think it’s sad.

    No, but I would be quite upset about the lost royalties if I were. Actually, I was the guy who was offended by the term, “homophobe.”

  32. the real deal

    that is because you are a homo.

  33. Deacon Jones


    I’m going to happy hour. Peace, posters!

  34. Uncle Eccoli

    @132 Which part? ; P

    @133 Drive safely, Deac.

  35. FakeBoobHeaven

    Those boobs are fake. Everyone knows it even the sharks. That’s why she isn’t afraid to be in the ocean. Sharks won’t eat plastic.

  36. CJ

    Fake or real, they are attached to a beautiful woman so props to whom ever did them!!!

    To guys allowed to tag along side any woman who provokes death stares from 40 year old soccer moms staring down their husbands for looking at her nips you must understand…she doesn’t need you any more….no reason to get cocky….but enjoy yourself while she allows you the privilege.

  37. the real deal

    the part were you think that just because she got implants that is ugly. i mean really if you would ever leave your own sisters tit you might come to find that women with those kinda fun bags at fun to play with.

  38. Kayleigh C

    You know what bothers me the most about her? The fake NAILS. Gross.

  39. my comment

    Someone should have told her that getting a boob is not the time to bargain hunt.

    That with the cheesy tattoo and belly ring spell ……..T.R.A.S.H.

  40. the real deal

    what the fuck are you even talking about uncle homo and myself were in a deep conversation about TITS NOT NAILS. so please fuck off if you are not going to talk about the titties. thank and have a nice afternoon.

  41. Katt

    Holy Crap…I’ve been married for 15 years but I’d go lesbo for a day to get some of that!! Not too keen on the gigantic knockers, but way better than mine!!!

  42. bobbyj

    Uncle Eccoli – August 1, 2008 12:41 PM

    Breast implants are disgusting and pathetic. I could never respect any woman who would do that to herself.

    this coming from a man who is looking at celebrity gossip sites

  43. pat

    I wouldn’t move to Spain.
    But I’m thinking a vacation in Ibiza in the near future might be a good idea.

  44. Nicola

    The problem is you can’t really see her face in these pics. There’s no denying she has an amazing body, but us Brits have been exposed to pics of her face quite often and it looks quite old and leathery with some acne scars. Plus the drawn-on eyebrows are never a good look.

    Still, great body. Nice tone.

  45. wtafuc

    why don’t you just post random porn on here if you’re going to put up nobodies, who the fuck cares about a soccer player, much less his ex. the amount of relevant to america shit this site misses to put up 1 of 10000 hot italian bitches on a topless beach is staggering.

  46. nothing beats tasty elongated nipples …

  47. the real deal

    i am simply man i love all tities if the look good on the women. katt it brings a tear to my to hear you say that you would go lebo for a day just to tap that. it always nice to ourstanding women like yourself in this world.

  48. BaconRain

    #145 TITS are ALWAYS relevant.


  49. Vanessa

    Shes hot.
    Maybe Fake, yes ,but I think it looks great. At least she doesnt have some ridiculous breast size. And shes not skanky, nudity is a very natural thing in Europe. All women have tits and everyone knows’s nothing to hide. I wouldn’t do it because its not accepted here but if she can good for her.. no tan lines!!!

    And whoever calls this chick fat is way too stupid and doesnt know the first thing about being sexy.. Since when is anorexia hot? Last time i heard its a disease.

  50. Kathleen

    Fake or not, she’s totally hot. You can’t deny it.

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