Nereida Gallardo topless = I’m moving to Spain

August 1st, 2008 // 217 Comments

These are shots of Spanish model Nereida Gallardo topless in Ibiza. You may remember Nereida from the bikini shots a few weeks back when she was vacationing with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo – who just dumped her on her ass. Some say she’s prancing around topless to show him what he’s missing. While others say she’s just demonstrating Europeans less puritanical view of nudity. Allow me to provide my educated assessment: Whoopee!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. But, seriously, who needs a job when you can look at nipples? Words to live by, folks.

Photos: The Sun

  1. Chupacabra

    Nubile Nudity! She might as well be naked!

  2. Mo

    I like the ‘nude’ bottoms on that. She SHOULD have just gone naked.

  3. Jumpin_J

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m turning off my computer so these images will be burned into my brain and I can survive the weekend. Thank you, phish!!!

  4. zegabe


    vulgar, fake, trashy.

    boh. should you move to spain for that you’d be pleasantly suprised by the REAL beauty you’d find there.

  5. Behh

    Super fake looking, and possibly even lopsided. Nipples should never be that high on breasts!!

  6. Peter Bustanuty

    Another set of ugly plastic boobies-butt the rest looks good!

  7. @6, othere than your mother’s have you seen any boobs? You must be gay!!!

  8. venomhed

    Girl is fucking hot as hell. Nice to see a woman with out super gazonga fake American girl tits.

  9. steve

    I care not about the affairs of monkeys.

  10. bam

    Wowzers. She’s hot. Who is she?

  11. britney's weave



  12. Cat

    Um, totally fake. Yay for silicone. Gross.

  13. MrSatyre

    She’s disgusting. venomhed, she clearly has implants. Peter, Behh and zegabee saw it right away; what are you blind???

  14. jay

    Although there are comments before me, i am the first to say first.

    With that said, her horrible boob job makes her look like a post-op.

  15. Joe

    This is why we come to Superficial.

  16. Lizzzzzzz

    She is beautiful, but fake boobs are not natural so I guess she has a fake ass beautiful body

  17. @Behh, I have two words for you, Bai Ling. Her nipples are the size of male baby penis but their real. Sugery can give you bigger tits but the nipple is all them.

  18. pistola

    that’s a bad boob job, to say the least…

    but, she’s in awesome shape, so i’ll give her that!

  19. Authority on beauty

    She has a hot face. Her body is fat. Average lay at best.

  20. sadie

    I have to sigh a sigh of disappointment, yes she is hott, but its too bad it looks like someone jammed two half grape fruits into her chest, with her money, i bet she could have had them look more natural, although someone left a comment about how “its nice to see a natural woman without fake boobs” it must be opposite day for that guy.

  21. Trey

    Fake and skanky. Always at the beach, always half naked. I would appreciate that, were it not for the fact that she has a face like a Siamese cat fetus on acid.

  22. Ted Mosby

    Plastic makes perfect.

  23. Plastic Sturgeon

    Her boob job is not that bad. Yes, you can see some rippling at the sides, but that is what happens when you use saline instead of silicone.

    Still she is hot. She has the money to re-do her chest if she wants too.

    Good riddance to her ex Cristiano. He probably has more diseases than the CDC.

  24. Sam

    Definitely “half grape fruits” – a well done boob job leaves the girl with some type of natural-looking fullness at the bottom, compared to the top, instead of this upside-down bowl that screams “FAKE”. And all the low-class tattoos don’t help either.

  25. monkeyfightclub

    pay attention ladies. this is what you should look like

  26. norton

    Why, why, WHY do women feel the need to siliconize themselves?

  27. Erica

    You guys need to bring your standards up off the fuck-anything floor. This girl is in great shape, but she’s a total skank.

  28. fakeboobiesgood

    I wonder what her tramp tat translates to..

    Please make a deposit here?
    Exit only?
    I was dating a soccer player and all I got was a lame tramp tat?
    Yes my tits are fake?



  29. rell

    what the hell is wrong with all of you people, however fake she might be… she looks absolutly gorgeous… coming from an envious woman.

  30. Vanquish


    You’re an idiot. She’s not fat. It’s how women should look.

  31. Uncle Eccoli

    Breast implants are disgusting and pathetic. I could never respect any woman who would do that to herself.

  32. sRsLy

    Hot…if you like your lady to look like the blow up doll under your bed.

  33. zegabe


    yeah monkeyfightecc

    if what they’re aiming for is a low level primate unevolved piece of trash

    if on the other hand you have in mind a different kind of man, well… that’s NOT what you should look like.

    sorry eh, felt like it was correct to complement your advice by specifying what can be achieved by that look

    (of course, some will disagree with me citing ronaldo as an example of achievable man: please then take into consideration that
    1. the guy USED her, since that’s what she looks like she was made for
    2. the guy is not famous for his intellectual, esthetical or cultural achievements. the guy can play ball, that’s it. -Please note: the guy is actually an artist with the ball, but still.. – )

  34. dianne

    why r her nipples so big?

  35. Andy

    If she didn’t have the low-rent implants and the tramp tats, I’d say she was incredibly hot. But those things fuck things up in two ways – one, they look ugly, and two, a girl who works on her body like that has the type of personality that gives you headaches.

  36. rough daddy

    id enjoy her more it the breast were natural….

  37. sRsLy

    on another note…good thing Cristiano “dropped her on her ass” instead of on her tits. It would be like getting hit with a water balloon…only on the inside.

  38. Ray

    She’s been half naked at the beach for months now. I guess actually working for a living is just a myth to her.
    She’s been showing her tits even more since Ronaldo dumped her. Typical. He dumps her, she pretends to be soooo over him by showing everyone her tits every bloody day. (Speaking of STDs, she’s probably right up there with him, having screwed half of Spain’s football professionals. And some dude on a waterski, a week after she and her “big love”broke up). Wonder what she’s gonna do with that tattoo of his name on her wrist.

  39. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    BOING !!!!!

  40. veggi

    The only thing her type can do is create the best looking transsexuals in the world. As for the non-trannies, well, they’re cheap and loud, like this airbag-flaunting dunggirl.

  41. Gene


    May I ONCE AGAIN direct you people to this chick’s FACE:

    Then, if you contunie to call her “hot” or “gorgeous”, one can only assume you have a drag queen fetish.

    Have a nice day.

  42. Cynthia

    lmao@all the virgins getting their wee hardons over this aging whore.

  43. me

    i wonder what the comments section would look like if there were pictures of my wife up here…

  44. Chauncey Gardner

    The subcutaneous baseballs have got to go.

  45. T-O-P-L-E-S-S

    You’ll do it.

  46. rough daddy

    hey me? send me some pics of your wife

  47. Gary the retard

    Hell yeah. Ronnie Mund posts here !

  48. Gonzo

    I find it hilarious they keep calling her “the Spanish model”. She showed her tits in some pics and did a very scary photoshoot on a bike with grease smears on her face. That does not a model make.

  49. ishi-san

    ieeeeewwwww plastic boobs! *lol*

    …..and @ all who say she is ‘fat’ – shut up you bulimic bitches! no one wants to hear what you think about appearances!

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