Nereida Gallardo still wearing a bikini

June 30th, 2008 // 99 Comments

Nereida Gallardo continues her vacation in Italy with soccer star boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. At some angles, Nereida looks absolutely banging. While in others, Holy crap, cellulite. But I’m willing to look past all that because I’m a sensitive guy who drinks a lot and had sex with a a toaster last night. I’ve got nowhere to go but up. (Provided the coffeepot stops giving me “the eye.”) That said; Nereida, quit smoking and hit the treadmill. Otherwise you’ve got a future ahead of you filled with sarongs and choreographed butt-flexing like someone I know. Let’s just say her name rhymes with “Kim Kardashian” and leave it at that.


  1. ph7


    More Euro-Trash.

  2. At least it attractive Euro-trash! Better than another post about Amy Crackhouse.

  3. jooky

    She looks like a mouse. Body’s nice though. Not too skinny.

  4. surlywench

    Her legs are on the thick side, but the butt looks pretty spankable in the second pic.

  5. CoolSAiler


  6. Katie

    Women get cellulite from being women. There’s really no amount of exercise that will get rid of it and smoking has nothing to do with it. I saw it on the Mike and Juliet Show, so it has to be true :)

  7. Dear god, please spare us from another “us girls” debate about cellulite, complete with lots of personal info disclosure. Save it for Oprah’s show.

    Besides, whether or not this tattooed piece of trash can get rid of her cellulite is irrelevant, because she’ll be a mud person irregardless.

  8. surlywench


    Yes, most women have some degree of cellulite. While it can never be completly eliminated, the fat cells can shrink through diet and exercise, reducing it’s appearance.

  9. mrah

    Hey boyfriends a total douche

  10. mrah

    Her boyfriends a total douche

  11. LARA

    tatoos+ piercing+cigarrets= EURO-TRASH…

  12. Lola

    UGH gross… check out this site…. they have pictures of Britney Spears’ ass inshaven with hair sticking out her thong…. GROSS!!! Poor girl… I feel really bad for her

  13. tatoo

    I just translated her tramp stamp. It says enter here and I think there is an arrow point down.

  14. pete

    Here we go again…Fish getting hung up on a skank. Let’s do it this way – Fish does the stories about fashion and catfights, and a heterosexual does the stories about hot chicks.

  15. Willy

    Is she an NFL linebacker? She should be. Those legs are tree trunks. In 10 years, she’ll look like the Michelin man — if the Michelin man were made of cauliflower instead of, um, WTF is the michelin man made out of again?

  16. veggi

    If you guys think that’s a lot of cellulite, geez, I hope you never see me naked with my legs spread and my ass up in the air…

  17. Deacon Jones

    After looking at pic 2, I wish I was a roll of toilet paper…

    Those tits are fake btw

  18. cavy

    About ‘the tree trunk legs’……look people, those are beautiful muscular legs – not the stick thin anorexic, zero muscle tone garbage you’re used to looking at. This woman has a very low percentage of body fat and she is fit and healthy. She’s doing it right. And when muscle is on a woman it is feminine muscle – quit equating muscles with men only – how the fuck could a woman move without muscle?!!! Most (not all) of you are complete fucktards!

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  20. Onyx Blackman

    Her forehead in #5 freaks my shit.

  21. Stan

    #18 – that was a very beautiful ode…to homosexuality.

  22. Karma

    Nah, she’s got night toned legs and a good bum – I agree # 18

  23. Sportsdvl

    Hey Sports Douche Devil. Enough with the spam from you homosexual loving site. We don’t want to see your shameless self promotion. Who are you Spencer Shatt? You deserve a beatdown punk. Anyhow, this girl is gorgeous and all of you hypocritical punks should take pictures of the sasquatches at home you call women and post them for critique. I’m sure this yummy babe would top them in every catergory. Wait, all of you sh!t talkers are 15 year old virgins and have never been with a women, so never mind.

  24. Will

    Ugly old dark cottage cheese skank. Next.

  25. Nuncio

    #23 – how did you do that??? We stand revealed. Here I thought this was an anonymous comment board and nobody could know anything about me, so launching comments like that would only reveal something about yourself. But no, you have magic vision, and we are all defeated. Kudos!

    p.s. She’s not bad for a beat up/worn-out lookin’ tatted chunkster.

  26. Kim Lardassian

    Nice arse, shame about the revolting tramp stamps and the even more revolting boyfriend Ronaldo.

  27. blow me

    I gotta say, that’s the most tasteful boob job I’ve ever seen. Realistic, even modest.

  28. Nuncioisqueerbait

    Nuncio, how dare you refer to your mother like that! Now, get back to your gardening duties wetback!

  29. Nuncioisqueerbait

    Nuncio, how dare you refer to your mother like that! Now, get back to your gardening duties wetback!

  30. Thanks troll #23, as I’ve said before I don’t plug the site in the posts.

    This chick is looking pretty good for Euro-trash, though she’s not smoking so I’m doubting she is European. And while the tits may be fake – you can still motorboat ‘em!

  31. SpecialK

    Forget the girl, I’d like to see more pix of Christiano Ronaldo please!!!

  32. poscheat

    This chick is gross. She doesn’t belong here.

  33. Deacon Jones

    She’s hot. But if this dude settled for her (when he can have basically anything) she probably

    1. Sucks dick like a fucking shop vac

    2. Insists on anal sex

    Kudos to him, but Id be gunning for Jessica Biel

  34. Trover

    Hawt. Ronaldo is probably treating that like his personal off season pin cushion. And who could blame him. Bet she is wild, too. Great summer romping.

  35. Andy

    Muscular with tattoos and a mannish face…if this “chick” gets you hard, just make the full commitment and drive on over to Spencer Pratt’s house.

  36. Bill Clinton

    oBama-Sinclair, down -low sex tape right here!

  37. Shelby

    Dear Superficial Writer,

    Where are the Cristiano pics??!? There are girls who frequent your site, too!

    More CR7 PLEASE!

  38. lisa

    I want her ASS!!!!!! She’s got a great, healthy, soft body…curves and!

  39. lisa

    I want her ASS!!!!!! She’s got a great, healthy, soft body…curves and!

  40. lisa

    I want her ASS!!!!!! She’s got a great, healthy, soft body…curves and!

  41. nat

    any1 who knows ronaldo can tell u that girl is just her flavor of the month… i mean just google her and ull see how trashy she is!

  42. Dear Superficial Writer,
    Don’t listen to fucking Shelby.

    P.S. stop putting up marginal nobodies or to Durden I will go

  43. ble

    i m glad to see non fake boobs/ass in the site! thanks! … american womem are 90% trash!

  44. ble

    i m glad to see non fake boobs/ass in the site! thanks! … american women are 90% trash!

  45. french_guy

    Don’t be stupid guys … All people when they go on hollidays take some weight & when is it very warm outside our skin is a little “flask” (dunno how to say that).

    This chick is not really thin, but i rather prefer a chick like her than an ugly skinny chick with no muscle or “meat” on her …

  46. french_guy


    Don’t be stupid, she has fake boobs … U don’t see ??? o_O

  47. Barely Stearn

    Beefy with chipmunk teeth. ‘Nuff said.

  48. Tbone

    That girl is unbelievably hot, much more sexy than (as noted ealier) the stick figure-anorexic cadavers we get in the US celeb/whore matrix. Remember also that the camera has a flattening effect on the way a person really looks. I think I might have a heart attack if I saw her in person.


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