Nereida Gallardo is topless again

August 5th, 2008 // 120 Comments

Nereida Gallardo continues her epic quest to spend 90% of the summer totally topless in order to piss off ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. I wish my exes flashed their boobs to get back at me. Boy, would I learn my lesson.

UPDATE: Did it work? Shit…

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions unless you work in a factory that builds topless Spanish models with augmented breasts. In which case, are you hiring?

Photos: The Sun

  1. harriet

    i wish i had tits like that

  2. casper

    but you are BEAUTIFUL harriet.

  3. cherry

    NICE! My friend recommended me a very interesting place “”"”"”W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"” If you’ve ever been there you will know what I mean….

  4. Barely Stearn

    You batch of dumbasses: You idiots wouldn’t know an incision scar from a zipper and you delight in using the word ‘incision’ as if you’re Dr. Kildare scrubbing up for an operation. The only thing any of you is scrubbing up for is to stick your heads up each others’ asses so you can be self-congratulatory douchebags high-fiving one another as you all “speed date” or spend countless hours at eHarmony reconstructuring your profile in the hope that you’ll latch on to some desperate fat chick who “promises to lose the weight” when she gets the ring, or some 45 year old closet case who hasn’t found the “right gal” yet. And as for you dumbass #94: Sorry you never learned how to simply right click you f*cking moron. Oh and F YOU!

  5. Jules

    104…why so angry????? go back to googling!!! you’re wasting precious time on me, im a useless bag of lard…google and right-clicking awaits!!!!off with you!

  6. PlasticDollGirl

    @104 – dude you need a date. Your load is making you crazy.

  7. Toonkinstein

    …I want tits like that…..if I had spare change…or a can of pencils to sell…I’s get tits like that….* pulling up sofa cushions…..lookin’ for tit money*.

  8. Melissa

    I think she’s pretty in the face & her body is obviosuly off the chain! I feel sorry for her unfortunate boob-job though. The sexiest part about her is her lower tummy and that sexy tatt she has on her hip. MMM, Id lick it!

  9. Barely Stearn

    Jules (What the &*^# kind of name is that? Where’s your beret, you douche?!)

    It’s simple you simpleton: I am sick and tired of having to enjoy my great topless pics in the company of people who VOLUNTARILY come here and then bash the proceedings and the folks who DO like to oggle great racks (REAL OR OTHERWISE!) – you know YOU WANT TO PAW that rack but your latent homosexuality or born again bullshit-o-meter has you feeling guilty so you do the whole “fake breasts/incision” bullshit routine… I mean *yawn* man: It is just so freaking tiresome already. Either get over it or get your ass outta’ here. For chrissakes’, you’re the same guy who goes to a hockey game and is shocked and appalled that a fistfight breaks out on-ice. OR sits in the bleachers and then bellyaches when two drunks go at it…I mean WTF dude?! Were you born yesterday or is your browser only capable of getting ONE website…?

  10. Hombreantorcha

    Deberian filmarla…. quisiera ver un video de semejante delantera….

  11. Peter

    i wish my girfriend had tits like that… i would be happier

  12. Jules


    Jules = Julia….Im a girl. Girls do come visit this website. You know, the ones who are actually self-confident and dont really get offended at the hilariousness that ensues from the posts :)

    1. I dont care if she has fake boobs or not. I never looked close enough to check if they’re fugly or not, from afar they look great. 2. I said I love her body. 3. I said i dont care in general.

    I just love your intensely long, presumptuous comments about everything and everyone…The fact you thought I was a french homosexual guy says a lot..Wishful thinking perhaps? HA!

  13. yowillie

    Her friend better make sure she doesn’t get her eyes poked.

  14. Emma

    I think she has an amazing body! I’m a girl who likes her men, but I can admit when another girl is smoking. I also don’t see a scar (perhaps I didn’t look hard enough…) and I think her boobs look good. I didn’t know people were so picky about fake breasts!

  15. jessica

    @Barely Stearn – Ohhh, did i offend you?? Then you must be one of the pathetic losers I’m talking about. Go get a life, you’ll sound happier and btw, sorry for the late response I was traveling. hahah pathetic~

  16. brittny

    swoon! this is one smokin’ hot chick

  17. jubber

    In photo 1 you can see some scarring under the left boob. But who cares. It is quite obvious that Nereida is very pleased with her boobs and Nereida’s “bosom friend” seems to be enjoying the view too. Women can admire other women too without your psyco-analysis #99. I like photo 8 – very relaxed, lovely body, lovely smile and high bosom.

  18. joe

    I love this site, I love these boobies, and I love enlarging them to see without the stars in front… yippee

  19. i ove this website cause so i can stair at boobeis and kiss them and suck on them they are the best like i got to suck on my friends and i got to kiss her and got o see her naked and got to have sex and her booobs up top are so hot and smocken hot so i can suck on them l


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