Nereida Gallardo is topless again

August 5th, 2008 // 120 Comments

Nereida Gallardo continues her epic quest to spend 90% of the summer totally topless in order to piss off ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. I wish my exes flashed their boobs to get back at me. Boy, would I learn my lesson.

UPDATE: Did it work? Shit…

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions unless you work in a factory that builds topless Spanish models with augmented breasts. In which case, are you hiring?

Photos: The Sun

  1. Crappola

    mmm… my daily dose of boobs. It’s magically delicious!

  2. Poon


  3. hussein

    She looks just like my Uncle Freddy. I remember when he used to take me out fishing on his boat

  4. cheese


  5. mjtouchesboys

    the things i’d eat out of her ass

  6. adt

    Is it just me, or do her boobs look like two completely different sizes?

  7. rabido

    Hey #1, you must mean your daily dose of silicone —

  8. Dr. 90210

    Somebody tell her not to raise her arms when she’s topless. What hacks – they went in under her breasts and left big scars. Nice technique…if it were 1970…

  9. The nipples… they follow me around where ever I walk in the room… real fucking freaky…

  10. Crappola

    mmm… my daily dose of silicone. It’s scientifically delicious!

  11. Joe

    “Is it just me, or do her boobs look like two completely different sizes?”

    It’s not you, it’s the jacked up boob job.

  12. woodhorse

    Fuck you Nereida. I’m in fucking school full time and I work fucking full time and if I had any fucking free time I would fucking love to be on a yacht in some fucking hot spot but since I don’t have any fucking money I guess I will just eat some more fucking ice cream so fuck your physical fitness.. Fuck I bet she’s fucking stupid and lazy.

  13. rough daddy

    you can practically sees the outline of the silicone,,,she wouldve been way hotter natural…

  14. james

    As far as the speeks go, I’d take mommy-thong over walleyed-grapefruits. But I fear neither is good with the scrub brush, and my maid is so YOUNG and hot and grateful…

  15. bizqui


  16. havoc

    VERY NICE…….


  17. Dr. John Blackheart

    I’m super horny, I’d eat her ass, and then fuck it

  18. Do_FreeBird

    This Bimb would be smoking if she didn’t have those two grotesque fucking hard-ass mounds of silicone on her chest. Stupid fucking cunt.

  19. rrrrr

    @15, my god your right!!
    you’d think the dr. might have done something about that.

    i wonder if the dr. manufactured those nipple too….i think i wouldnt mind fake nipples

  20. Joe

    I think I can actually see the scars from the boob job. Sorry, but those things are not attractive. She’s damaged goods. Natural is the way to go and she’d be freakin’ hot that way.

  21. Dick LaDouche

    She looks just like my Aunt Bertha

  22. havoc

    Then your Aunt Bertha had nice tits…..


  23. veggi

    I hope she finds out she has advanced metastatic breast cancer, and that her fake boobs prevented early detection.

  24. Barely Stearn

    Thanks to the miracle of Viagra my penis was able to quickly recover from its Kim Kardashian workout and rebound for a dip with Nereida. Christ, what a Goddess.

    Bless you Fish – an All-Star day my friend – kudos to you!

  25. Andy

    Who beats off to pictures on the Superficial when you can watch – for free – video clips of a nice deepthroat-puke-deepthroat-facial porno?

  26. Barely Stearn

    … and to all you jealous bitches and your bitchy hairdresser BFFs who bash this hot hot babe with your ‘fake breasts bullshit”: Fuck you one and all!

  27. Tim

    You forgot to include “all you guys who have seen a hot young girl with great natural breasts, naked”

  28. nipolian

    I’m not saying that she is not hot……….because she is…….but if you look at her nipples in the last pic…….she could be one of those deadly “Femme Bots” from Austin Powers……….The left nip is aiming down and away….the right one is aiming up and in.

  29. Ronaldo McDonaldo

    What about her poor friend in the green bathing suit who has to wait patiently for Nereida to finish posing and preening for the paparazzi? She wants to see those boobs again about as much as she wants to sucked into the inboard motor.

  30. vieve

    Her nips are uneven.

  31. Deacon Jones


    Does anyone on here know their fucking tit jobs?

    Those puppies are saline. Since saline is less viscous than silicon, they have to pressurize the implant more so it holds it’s shape and doesnt ripple all the time.

    Silicon is much more natural looking, they have a nice teardrop effect when sitting upright. And they feel 10x better than saline.

    But who gives a fuck, she’s slammin’

  32. Janu

    Compared to a “normal” cellulite-packed American woman, Nereida is incredibly hot. Compared to European women, she’s cheap and unattractive. It all depends on your standards.

  33. HotMilli

    Those thumbs are big enough to be used as a sundial.

  34. Goony

    Hasn’t anyone told her it’s impolite to point?

  35. Karma

    She’d have a slaming body if not for the botched up boob job. Hard face though.

  36. Rogue Defecator Strikes Again

    Recently College custodians discovered human feces spread on the stalls and toilets of a South Mass bathroom. While possibly an unfortunate accident, it was likely another deliberate effort to defecate in a place not intended for feces. Previously such incidents had appeared limited to the East Wheelock cluster [see TDR 3/11/05] but the escalation to South Mass has alarmed many. As a shocked Elizabeth Kim ’07 told the Daily Dartmouth, “there’s poop everywhere, and we don’t know why.” Shreya Patel ’07, however, has had enough of the extra-toiletal feces, exclaiming that “I just want it to stop.” So do we, Shreya, so do we.

  37. cranky

    I’d eat a bucket of shit to get at her bunghole.

  38. scooby

    boo bees.

  39. Sam

    One boob looks bigger than the other..but I’d still hit that.

  40. mer

    Seeing nude pictures of someone with implants is strange. They are so blatantly fake – shouldn’t she be ashamed of her body, and the decision she’s made?

    I dunno, it just looks ridiculous to me.

  41. Dana

    Good idea. More women should do this as then breasts will become de-sexualized. If you see them everywhere and no big deal, then they won’t be nearly as much of a sex object..

  42. jonny

    yecchhh!!!! I hate fake boobs. They look ridiculous. Such a shame, she was a beautiful girl.

  43. greatful

    yesss…i’m gonna lay my head right down next to my computer, take out my dick and start stroking it to these pics. thank you superficial for getting my dick so hard with these pictures. ahhhhh, i am stroking it, stroking it thinking about these great tits in my mouth, with my fingrs in her hot little cunt. this is the best site ever, so many tits, so much stuff to fap to. all you stupid bitches get off this site and let me jack it IN PEACE.

  44. Jaysin

    Yeah fish, when are you going to show us REAL NSFW pics? How about some bare puss? I never turn down a freebie…Ladies?

  45. venomhed

    Fat, white, American girls take note:

    Thin is in and you haven’t convinced anyone that tramp stamps, big bellies and big mouths are desired over hot, thin, sexy, Latin women.

    Put down the twinkies, turn off the TV, get on a tread mill and learn what being a sexy woman is once again you fat lazy slobs.

  46. titsonsnack

    I’m not a guy or a gay girl, (and even if I was I’d still find this boring) so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. There are ten million billion sites on the internet that have pictures of tits. Who the fuck is Nereida Gallardo? How is this celebrity gossip? And why would anyone “jack it” to this when there’s real porn to be had?

  47. Shootit

    Can’t imagine that ANYONE would find those ugly fake boobs attractive. You think you’re cool drooling over this guinea pig? Naahhhh, you just come across as desperate.

    Time to go grab a handful of REAL breasts…….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  48. dani

    I love all the comments about fake boobs being gross… speaking as a woman, its nice to know that there are men who appreciate the real thing. Makes me feel better :) Thanks guys :) xo

  49. Jaysin

    @48 Shotit

    Well, I can imagine it because I would fuck her until her tits popped off…that’s how attractive I find her. I don’t like the feel or look of real breasts and I don’t give a shit if it’s celebrity gossip…THIS GIRL IS HOT! end of story. Now you all can go cry in your oatmeal or whatever fugly chicks like you do and leave grateful, venomhed and I to circle jerk.

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