Wow, @nerdslashgeek Has Some Familiar Tweets

September 23rd, 2013 // 93 Comments
David C nerdslashgeek

UPDATE 1/10/14: “David C.” is now back to his original handle @nerddad. To this day, he’s never acknowledged any of the plagiarism pointed out here, or any items he took from other sites. Fortunately, he has kids who he has to look in the eye, so no amounts of relinking this post will ever top that.

Above is “David C.” the Twitter user known as @nerdslashgeek with a growing audience who I’ve been repeatedly asked recently if he is myself or Photo Boy. He is not. As for why people would ask that, it appears his tweets are awfully similar to posts on The Superficial. And before I get into this, I’ve ignored plagiarists/joke stealers in the past because it’s not worth the time, and a former “contemporary” had a nasty habit of going to DEFCON 1 if another person had similar words in their sentences like “a,” “and,” and “the.” Also, this Patton Oswalt “closed letter” on joke theft is a great guideline to misunderstandings that can occur in the comedy field. That being said, what follows below is some dude literally just copying and pasting sentences, word for word, that were another writer’s creative output honed by years of hard work. Albeit in pajama pants, but I at least deserve a ball tickling when you’re back there. It’s what separates us from the apes.

First let’s establish that “David C.” follows The Superficial, and I’ll be using lots of screencaps from here on out for when all of these get deleted:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

And now let’s ease into a slightly innocent one from the point when I got tired of sifting through his timeline. I’m sure there are more further back but too much scrolling hurts my fing-fing.

Here’s The Superficial post from 9/11/13 at 1:06 PM EST titled “Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve Alice Eve” where I say “Alice Eve” the whole post. Not exactly groundbreaking comedy, and this @nerdslashgeek tweet when isolated seems harmless enough:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

That was sent four hours after The Superficial post at 5:10 PM EST. And just for the record, here’s The Superficial tweet generated from our RSS with a time stamp prior to the @nerdslashgeek tweet.

A couple days go by and no one’s noticed, so fuck it, let’s try it again. Here’s The Superficial post from 9/16/13 at 3:03 PM EST titled “Jaden Smith Told His 4 Million Twitter Followers To Drop Out of School.” Note the following excerpt:

“If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society”
Or the south. You’d have the south.

And now @nerdslashgeek’s tweet with no credit to The Superficial which will be a given from here on out:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

That was sent two hours after The Superficial post at 5:26 PM EST. And just for the record, here’s The Superficial tweet generated from our RSS with a time stamp prior to the @nerdslashgeek tweet.

And now there’s no turning back. Here’s The Superficial post from 9/16/13 at 9:36 AM EST titled “Calm Down, Justin Bieber Is The Perfect Robin.” Note the following text:

“I was actually on board with this because the movie’s supposed to be inspired by The Dark Knight Returns, and you know who the Robin was in The Dark Knight Returns? Carrie Kelley. A girl: [Photo of Frank Miller's Batman and Carrie Kelly Robin here.] They even have the same hair!”

And now @nerdslashgeek’s tweet:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

That was sent 12 hours after The Superficial post at 8:57 PM EST. And just for the record, here’s The Superficial tweet generated from our RSS with a time stamp prior to the @nerdslashgeek tweet.

This one is my personal favorite because it’s not even a joke. It’s literally just me pointing out the Red Hood looked great in a fanfilm which @nerdslashgeek could’ve easily said himself by going, “Hey, Red Hood looks awesome.” I didn’t know sentences were that hard. Here’s The Superficial post from 9/17/13 at 9:48 AM EST and note the following text:

“It’s supposed to be in the tone of Nolan‘s trilogy, but botches that right off the bat with The Penguin and The Ventriloquist. In fact, the only reason for watching any of this is for the Red Hood which they fucking nailed.”

And here’s @nerdslashgeek’s tweet:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

That was sent just under two hours after The Superficial post at 11:33 AM EST. And just for the record, here’s The Superficial tweet generated from our RSS with a time stamp prior to the @nerdslashgeek tweet.

Which brings us to today. Here’s The Superficial post from 9/23/13 at 2:33 PM titled “Here’s Christian Bale Wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit To Audition For ‘Batman Begins.’” Note the following text:

You’ll also notice Christopher Nolan taking a lot of care to find the right actor who can give off a certain energy while completely covered in rubber as opposed to the current strategy of, “Eh, just put Ben Affleck in it.”

And here’s @nerdslashgeek’s tweet:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

That was sent one hour after The Superficial post at 3:09 PM EST. And just for the record, here’s The Superficial tweet generated from our RSS with a time stamp prior to the @nerdslashgeek tweet.

And the latest/last one. Here’s The Superficial post from 9/22/13 at 11:01 PM EST titled “Miley Cyrus Pasties Nipple Crying Kardashians Midget Ass Bikini Twerk.” Note the following text:

So here’s Miley Cyrus doing all those things plus interacting with the Kardashians because there is no Hannah anymore. Only Zuul.

And here’s @nerdslashgeek’s tweet:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

That was sent 17 hours after The Superficial post at 4:39 PM EST. And just for the record, here’s The Superficial tweet generated from our RSS with a time stamp prior to the @nerdslashgeek tweet.

And now for the delicious irony part. Turns out “David C.” doesn’t like when he’s not credited:

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

nerdslashgeek plagiarism tweets

No, I did not just lick my lips. Shut up.

Now, if you’re wondering why I went through all that tedium for just some guy on Twitter, @nerdslashgeek here is trying to launch a website with his “Twitter cred” that I’ve been informed also allegedly includes jokes stolen from my sister sites I Watch Stuff and Geekologie. And probably others, too, so if you’re in the geek/film blogging business, you should probably take a peek over at “David C.”‘s Twitter and see if anything looks familiar. And if you do, maybe just sue him because this took way too much time that I could’ve used trying to bang strippers in GTA like a healthy, productive adult. I should seriously talk to somebody.

UPDATE: There was only one way for this to end (NSFW).

UPDATE UPDATE: “I recommend you try another sport, like knitting!” in the comments thought the link in the previous update was going to be Jesse Spano’s warbling vagina instead of @nerdslashgeek’s deleted Twitter account, and in retrospect, he/she’s right, it should’ve been. Fixed.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE 9/30/13: Somebody apparently felt he only needed to be grounded for a week, and reactivated his account. Say hello, won’t you?

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  1. JamesOrinIncandenza

    “I must admit iOS 7 is pretty sleek. I mean, ripping off Android? So that’s why those Apple guys call themselves Geniuses.”

    Oh, the irony.

  2. Yeah, LA Times. Sheesh.

    • Frank Burns

      The LA Times was also the first media source to report one of Fish’s captions as a quote from Jenny McCarthy. Hence the LA Times new motto, “Journalism Shmournalism”

  3. dche

    this saddens me. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery MY BOOB. KICK HIS ASS, SF!

  4. Really?

    What a twit.

  5. Jane

    I like to RT people who steal tweets. It confuses and angers them. I enjoy that.

  6. silkrodeo

    consider him called an asshole via tweeter

  7. Bob

    Maybe his retweet button is broken and he just copy/pastes.

  8. i don’t always agree with your religious or political outlook Fish, but I’ve come to have a platonic crush on you becuz you’re so damn funny, etc. So Im going to figure out how to send this guy a message that he is a vagina with a mangina and must cease and desist. WHAT AN ASSHOLE

  9. Someone should inform Rivers Cuomo that this guy stole his face, too

  10. Woooooow. I have no idea what the hell this inside baseball stuff is about. Bad person, I guess!?

  11. In his defense, I believe he said “Alice Eve” a different number of times than you did, thereby altering the fundamental meaning of the twit. Also, he went from “You’d have the South” to “We’d have the South,” making this more of a derivative work. OK, all joking aside, at least he apparently had the decency to not steal any dick jokes – that’s your bread and butter there.

  12. This is like the gay version of a slap fight.

  13. You should sue him simply because no living creature should be forced to spend time on Twitter.

  14. KC

    Perhaps his name is David Carstensen?

  15. (This missive is directed directly at this fucking tool)…First of all…those glasses are FAKE…like all of your posts and your stories about how you DIDNT like it when your neighbor Tommy diddled you under the porch (faint Jim Norton reference)….With that said you are also a common thief…what you do is NO DIFFERENT than any larcenous criminal does….except youre idol is Bob The Trainer from the Big Loser….Im sorry Mr NerdslashGeek….trouble walking with a boner now that ive mentioned your celebrity crush? Get a grip on yourself…do us all a favor….go away….fucking tool.

  16. Cock Dr

    The blogger has what some would refer to as a white people type problem here.

  17. argleblargle

    “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Aww I bet he’s running to his mom right now about how some jerk on the internet bullied him.

  18. KC

    He seems to have apologized:
    And then deleted his account?

  19. vaporized. the truth f***ing hurts, huh?

  20. Ann

    Boom. Roasted.

    This guy looks like a dicknose.

  21. The Zuul one was the one where you knew 100% for sure he was ripping you off. Pathetic.

  22. dude BETTER not have tried stealing my Farrah Abraham porn review…that’s my legacy for my children.

  23. Jenn

    You’re taught not to copy off other kids’ papers in kindergarten. Shame shame shame.

  24. Hugh Evers

    I’m guessing dude doesn’t even own a pair of pajama pants. If this squirrel bait dropped “arugula” even once in any of those tweets may Xenu bless his soul because his ass belongs to me.

  25. eatme

    Did this tool leave the interwebs?

  26. oh i know

    i’ll tickle your balls, Fish ;)

  27. ruckus

    he killed his facebook too.

    When you fuck with our admin, you sleep with the Fish.

  28. Fish has every right to be upset.

    Honestly? I’ve killed people for less than this.

    (RIP Grandma )

  29. Fuck this pathetic thieving asshole right in his chocolate starfish.

  30. shadyacres

    The guy doesn’t look hairy enough. Didn’t fool me!

  31. What a twat. He probably quotes someecards as his own, too.

  32. Hey now, guys. He’s probably a really talented dude whose done some questionable things like stealing jokes, plagiarizing shit, and yeah, that one time he got pissed that his gf peeped his phone so he had to chew her face off to make a point, ya feel me? No? People are still outraged? WELL JAY-Z STABBED A DUDE! *throws cloak over self, disappears*

  33. Poor guy. He is just like Trayvon Martin.

  34. [Not] David C.

    [Ed. Note: I'm just now seeing this around 8:30 am EST, and its definitely not from the "David C." in the post. Which should be obvious, but just in case. - SW]

    Hi, it’s me. I received a fuckton of messages telling me what an absolute piece of shit I am, and I must admit, you are all correct. I am a piece of shit. I have no social life, no job, no money, and no girlfriend. I pretty much have no things. I started that twitter account to connect with people and gain as many followers as I could because I’m starved for attention and interaction. I wanted people to know I exist. My original material wasn’t funny enough to entice people, so I started stealing one-liners from this website. I never thought I would gain as many followers as I did, honestly.

    Just remember that I’m no one. You have an awesome website and thousands of fans. People love what you have to say, and no one gives a shit about what I have to say. No matter how much you may hate me for stealing your jokes, I can guarantee you that I hate myself much more.

    I am sincerely sorry and deeply embarrassed, but this whole fiasco has actually helped me, believe it or not. I quit smoking weed today and have applied for at least 20 jobs. I want to get my life together and actually do something worthwhile, rather than sit on my computer all day beating off and smoking pot. I want to travel the world and meet people, gain experience and meet a woman with a tilted uterus for my small penis. I want to change. I really, really do.

    So thank you for showing me what a cunt I am, and thank you for The Superficial. In terms of gossip blogs, it’s by far the funniest and wittiest I’ve ever come across. Keep up the good work, Fish.

    - [Not] David C.

  35. BlinkyTheFish

    Well, this pretty much sums up the pointlessness of Twitter. A site where you post meaningless mundane stuff (Hey everyone! I had a bowl of cereal!) and this guy is so tapped out that he steals from The Superficial so he can keep up with the rest of the pointless masses. Rant over. Have to get back to posting pointless comments on here ;-)

  36. I like to picture photoBoy as a 1984 Michael Anthony Hall, with coke and scotch accessories.

  37. Twitter sucks. I hope their IPO tanks.

  38. The pussy already deleted his page.

  39. I was the one who started the Twitter campaign to point out his plagerism after Fish mentioned it, so you’re welcome. :P

    [For the record my @dbkspam account is just for junk purposes, I don't actually use it.]

  40. FrostyUSA1

    Excellent detective work Superficial. Rock on Brutha, rock on. Plagiarists suck!

  41. When I saw “There was only one way for this to end” I seriously thought it was going to be a link to the Elizabeth Berkley kick from Showgirls.

  42. Jill

    Yep, his page is as tanked as LiLo’s career.

  43. Tomahawk Holmes

    Eric Snowden has been located… he’s now a Superficial Troll

  44. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Now Fish knows how Madonna and 100s of others feel when they look at Lady Gaga.

  45. Brought It

    …but are you or Photo Boy as cute as @nerdslashgeek, hmm?

  46. Frank Burns

    Can I just point out here that the real victim is me? After all, he didn’t steal what I write, which means what I write isn’t worth stealing. Take this, all of you! [angrily deletes Miley Cyrus twerking joke, gets a fresh Zima, turns on "The View"]

    • Now Frank, don’t feel bad – if it’s any consolation, I write out some of your better comments on parchment paper in fancy calligraphy, make a decoupage from them, frame them, and sell them as my own original works at local craft fairs. Now buck up, get back to posting your world class witticisms, and hurry the fuck up about it – the fall apple fest is 3 weeks from now and I need some fucking shit to sell!

  47. No Zimmerman Referneces, WTF?

    Justice for Trayvon? Anyone? Hello?

  48. I even heard there’s some guy on his twitter feed named “Jim Brown” who is an alcoholic pervert that loves trashy women, smoking weed, and playing video games.

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