Conan O’Brien paid a shitload of money to not work

After lengthy negotiations, Conan O’Brien and NBC have finally reached a $44 million agreement that will pave the way for Jay Leno to return to The Tonight Show. People reports:

No details of the deal were immediately announced – though it is being reported that O’Brien may be clear to appear on another network as early as Sept. 1. The bad news: Triumph the Insult Dog will have to remain on NBC.

Last night Conan revealed ratings for The Tonight Show went up 50% since this ordeal started, so I can only assume NBC is already planning to replace Jay Leno three weeks into his return.

NBC: #1 in Running a Late-Night Line-Up Like That Episode of Lucy with the Conveyor Belt.

EDIT: Added video after the jump of what I can only assume is Jabba the Hutt on Heroin telling Conan to take the $40 mil and run back in 2008. (Thanks to edo Plasschaert.)